Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Merci, Merci, Merci!

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for your responses to the macaron research request yesterday. As a reward for your effortsTheir windows were filled with it. And you might even pick up how to make financiers pistache from gazing here a bit. I went inside for a closer look and maybe a bite.
The book just sitting there waiting to be appreciated.
All is not is your French?
A peek inside my bag (for all of 3+ euros). I now have my Fall fashion statement to bring home.
Oooop-in my eagerness to munch, the contents fell on rue Saint-Honore.
This shopper holds her bag up protectively - not a crumb will escape.

I know there are more guys out there who did not speak up yesterday on their macaron obsession.
I'm off to the Salon du Chocolat today and will report back later on.
BONJOUR et MERCI encore!


Anonymous said...

I've lived in Paris 16 months and have yet to go to Laudrée. Criminal, I know, lol. I have been so inspired by your posts, though! I think I am going to have to go soon and try the macarons.

What gorgeous work you do! I have been sitting here all morning, clicking about your site, wondering why I have not discovered your blog sooner. It's beautiful, though, and I am inspired.

Be well! :) Enjoy the chocolate show! (Hmmm, going to check out that Métro poster and see what it is about. I might have to join you there...)

manon 21 said...

j'ai bien sur acheté ce livre!


Brenda said...

My husband and I arrived home from Paris last evening. What a wonderful experience! The macarons and Laduree' were a delight! The macaron cocktails at the Laduree Bar are not to be missed either. I had rose and violette ~ yum!
Unfortunately, I did not see the cookbook. I surely would have purchased one.

I would have loved to go to Salon du Chocolat! I will be anxiously awaiting your photos!

astheroshe said...

I want that book! How can i get a copy in the States??

Anonymous said...

I brought home gifts from salon du chocolat on my trip to Paris---they were thoroughlyy appreciated! have fun!

Grace said...

I am soooooooo jealous! I wonder if we can purchase the cookbook here in the US? I "Need" it! LOL Hugs Grace

sue said...

Cracks me up how you spend your days there, M'lle. Enjoy the chocolat!!

Sophia T. said...

Thanks for the tip—I just bought the book on—the US site didn’t have it.

Ron said...

I too wonder how many of us guys are out there following your every move, snapshot, color, fragrance, taste of Paris and New York??
Talk to us more often; some may come out from cover! Looking forward to your debut at Alliance Francais Boston.

Nikon said...

I love the photo of the girl eating while holding the bag to catch the crumbs!
Great indoor photos, too, in the shop - nice lighting.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

i loved the shop, it was packed out, lots to see , and very colourful too!

Foodwalker said...

oooo can't wait for the chocolate post so I just ate one...
xx Annie

Janice said...

I wish I had macaron experience in depth, but the one ( yes one time) here that I had was not so much to talk about ..
Is the dream of tasting real macarons enough? Of searching out the flavor that would become forever a Proustian trigger, the quintessential macaron of my dreams? :)

Laura said...

I mourn the loss of your treat. That had to hurt!