Friday, October 30, 2009


I just came back from the New York Chocolate Show!!!
I think I may be all chocolated out. I lost all restraint.
They are imploring you at every table and booth to EAT CHOCOLATE!!!
You can not let these people down! It would not be fair to them after all.
At E.Guittard there are enough tastes to keep you extremely happy and at the same time learn about every source of chocolate's origin.
Le Chef Patissier pate de fruit and caramels au beurre de sel and truffes and, and, and...
At Cotton Tree Lodge you can go off to Belize for a Mayan chocolate week....
And learn how to make your very own chocolate bars from the bean...
Through roasting and grinding and sorting and finally conching for 2 days and then dip a pretzel into molten chocolate you made yourself. Does it get any better than this?
Ecuador was there too with their bars...
The same french spice company that shows up at the Paris Salon du Chocolat has a ton of chocolatey teas and ginger and cinnamon sticks and....
There are just as many books on chocolate as at the Paris show too...
Bacon is showing up everywhere it seems as the hot new flavor (not in Paris though)...
This was an absolute first - Camel's milk chocolate from Dubai by Al Nassma!!!
Wildly creative pastry chef Martin Howard always knocks your socks off as with this green witch number!
Hello Paris chocolate fashion designers? Fait attention!
Not scary at all gals serving Love Potion#9 dressed as Aunt Sam...
Designer Vedika Webb was creating her chocolate Marie-Antoinette gown on the spot...
Chefs are doing demos on the hour for all 3 days...
All kinds of chocolate spa stuff to put on your skin as well as in your tum..even Hershey is into the spa biz now...
It's hard work covering the Chocolate Show for you all ya know.. You better show up after all my efforts.
At least your trick or treat bag will be very full!


  1. Roving reporter beats deadline!
    Good for you, Carol - great post. I love "Uncle" Sam :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. OH gawd!!!!!
    Boy was it a tough assignment too..

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    From one extreme to the other:
    Just came back from Wal-Mart...where they had a GREAT deal on (ahem)
    bags of Halloween candy.
    Not quite what you experienced, Carol, at this deeelish show, for sure.

  4. Choco Addict5:50 PM

    O M G ! ! !
    Soooooooooo many free samples!!!
    And BIG ones too!
    Not like the Paris show it seems...ahem

  5. Love the chocolate site - gastro porn!!

  6. Susanne8:41 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Loved the chocolate show. Wouldn't you say there are exponentially more samples here than in France??
    I don't even remember any samples in France (ok maybe one or two tiny crumbs...)
    I love the US because they always give out samples!!!!!!!!!!
    Yum yum yum.

  7. You have found a way to be very busy in all the best ways. Have I said it before, I think I have...NICE LIFE! Rushing to the frig again where my chocolate bar lurks.

  8. Oh my, you must have been in heaven. What a great event!

  9. I would have thought I died and went to heaven. Lucky you!

  10. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for your fascinating pictures! My friend and I were wondering how one gets to go to these chocolate shows in NY or Paris.
    Is it for the trade only?

  11. Anyone can go! ! !
    You just buy a ticket ahead or onsite and go!!
    Easy as pie.

  12. Kathy in Utah5:08 AM

    Fabulous, fabulous work at the chocolate show! Thank you SO much for the lovely pics, upbeat commentary, and general uplifting info you always give us, Carol! The chocolaty tea sounds divine, the bacon stuff not so much. Thanks for making my day yet again.
    Kathy in Utah.

  13. ...then definitely "worth the price of admission"!

  14. glad that you went, i hope that you had a great time!

  15. Bonjour! What a lucky girl! First all that chocolat in Paris, now in NY. What do they say - you can't get too much of a good thing!

  16. So, from one chocolate show to the other! You are corageous!! :-)

  17. This is a chocolate world!
    Hope you don't eat too much in each chocolate salon!
    happy chocolate sunday.
    Trick or treat!

  18. Christian4:57 AM

    Hi Carol,
    Cool info in your blog, thank you, I just have a few questions.
    Did they have the runway models at this show or is that another
    Chocolate shows?
    I was thinking of going this Sunday do you think they will have that runway show?
    How much time do you think it takes to see everything at a normal pace?
    Thanks so much for the info!

  19. Thanks Christian
    If you get there when the show opens = more free samples
    By the the close = more end-of-show bargains
    No runway fashion show..
    How long to spend? that depends on you

  20. I wish I knew about this, I would have come down. Looks amazing

  21. J'AIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    marcela d e patagonia

  22. Very tough assignment!
    I can imagine you had to stop at a hot dog stand after all that sweet chocolate. ;-)

    If I am not mistken, that Cocoa Body Butter looks like the same I used to get at People's. i loved it, chocolate without calories!

  23. I am proud of your sacrifice in supporting those very pushy chocolatiers! And I am glad I didn't get to this till the day after Halloween, when I am sated with all things least till tomorrow.

  24. I immediately immersed myself in a green salad bar post chocolate show - an antidote to the power of the bean

  25. Such creativity! Did you try the camel's milk chocolate, Carol? Wonderful!

  26. You know Carol you deserve a medal the size of a frying pan for doing this for us thank You


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