Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paris Stalker...

I don't know how Scott does it?
Well maybe if I looked like The Sartorialist I too could shoot people in Paris from the side, front or full on.Give me a back and I know what to do with it.
Very non-confrontational too. And a person's back reveals alot about them, like Paul Bocuse. I find it so much easier to shoot backs in Paris.

I wish I had the nerve to do otherwise but.
Give me a tarte any day and I can shoot it every which way, under any conditions. I'm fearless.
With the French, I'm sticking to backs.
Purple socks!
A purple hoodie and a scooter in Galeries Lafayette!
Chic Parisiens leave the Louvre on a rainy day.
Apartment browsers with turquoise boots and ballerinas.
Apartment ads are a good place to catch the unaware Parisien.
Shirt tails hanging out.
Are ever present on Paris streets.
A front shot of feet about to yell at me?
I run away vite, vite, vite!
I'm with French Girl, on the Metro. She notes this well-dressed Parisian. When she saw me take a shot as the door closed, she said,
"I don't know you!"
 Fr Girl says I should stake out one spot and shoot. And not run down street chasing after 'backs'.
I'll stick to what's inside. Even when the vendeuse puts her hand in front of my camera and says,
The tartes don't mind. They are happy to pose patiently
Laduree Bonaparte More Paris stalkings:


  1. ;))
    Probably easier if you have a long lens and they don't see you taking their photos. Backs are good, though, anyway! Fun, Carol. Or you pretend you're snapping away at some wonderful piece of architecture, and instead you're catching those purple tights! have fun!

  2. Lovely shots! Thank you for sharing a part of Paris. A great start for my day.

  3. Taylor9:06 AM

    Love the pics!
    All the clothes!
    Parisians always look chic!

  4. Love this post. Makes me miss Paris and my youngest daughter who is there going to university. I searched all the photos to see if perhaps you snapped her...what are the chances??!! crazy Mama! I have not visited you in a while and forgot how very much I enjoy your posts and your art.


  5. Macaroons and other pastries are not the only nice things to see around Paris! :-)

    I have a few photos for you on my post today (yesterday)!

  6. I too, LOVE taking pics of backs, they are so expressive, and your drawn to body language instead of just what their face is saying. I have many pics of my kids backs from babyhood to teenhood. Love them.

  7. I don't know if it was your intention, but this post was pretty funny...I enjoyed your shots of peoples backs and shoes...and of course your beautiful pastry shots too! So nice to start my day off with Paris.. Thanks!

  8. Backs are addictive and nobody really minds usually...
    well they don't know do they :)

  9. Always the best pastry shots! ;)

  10. I find that all the best candid shots I get in Paris are of people kissing. Because you know what? They're serious about kissing, and if they're in the midst of a romantic interlude, they do not notice you and your camera. Unfair advantage? Mabye. But it made for a beautiful photo essay.

  11. tu sais Carol,j'habite pas loin du tout de chez Paul Bocuse!!!



  12. Carol
    Have you ever see the square tart pans like the ones Fauchon makes their little lemon tarts in ?
    Ive been looking for a few years with no luck.
    Thank you so much for your Yummy pictures.
    Have a fantastic day and thanks to you I bought the book Sucree from Amazon Canada.
    Take care.

  13. I know we were supposed to be looking at the rear views - but the footwear.
    I need new boots!!!!!

  14. Laurie1:32 PM

    Dear Carol,
    I don't blame you for shooting backs, since I have found the Parisians to be less than friendly. We are in the States for the year and the level of friendliness is much higher. I wonder what accounts for the difference? Perhaps your readers have some clues? We will be back in Paris next year and I would love to be able to spread the good feelings I feel here to our Parisian "friends."

  15. It ain't easy Laurie
    Two very different cultures with very different values.
    And privacy factor is major with the French in my opinion
    I love my French friends and accept their ways.
    I don't think I'd want them to change.
    Have you read this blog?

  16. Love your post today. Very funny, but true about the ease of taking "rear view" photos. A photo taken of a subject walking away with a distinct backgound, can make for a very atmospheric or mysterious appearing photo.

  17. I love this series, Carol - great, colorful shots - and funny!

  18. Just curious.....????
    Has anyone ever confronted you about taking their picture....???
    Do you ask permission....????
    On average how many shots do you take while in Paris....????
    On my first trip to Paris, I filled up a couple digital cards and about 8 diposable cams (6 color and 2 black and white)... For the most part if I was taking pics in touristy areas everyone didn't mind and were sometimes helpful...
    But a few times in areas off the beaten path I got a few glares from locals.....

  19. Really enjoyed this post. I too am very reluctant to shoot photos of random people on the street here in Paris. I'm rather a private person too, so I understand - and also afraid of getting yelled at... Love those blue boots.

  20. SHould I ever meet you in person... PLEASE promise to NEVER take a photo of my backside!

  21. I'm with the last two. Especially Fifi! But ohhhh those blue boots! I did have a florist threaten to smash either my face or my camera in Aix en Pce for taking pictures of his lovely arrangements. But then Aix is another animal entirely. Even the French say that the Aixois are trop snob. I loved the older Baguettes post too! Heading back for more!

  22. I can totally relate! I only wish I had the nerve to ask people if I could photograph them.

  23. I love that photo of the Gal in the metro. Noticed lots of blue. blue jeans, blue tights, blue boots..teal blue anyway, and lots of black. not so crazy about the wine colored tights tho. LOL
    Thanks for your nice comment on my drawing.

  24. Lol! I am the same way- hopelessly shy! You inspired me to take a picture of my local dessert counter, so when I was in Whole Foods I pulled out my camera and took a picture. Everyone waiting for the deli gave me a funny look but I didn't mind too much- I got a great shot- you would highly approve! xo

  25. Love it! When we were in Paris, I would pretend to be taking a picture of my hubby or daughter who would stand by whom I really wanted to take the picture of...works like a charm! I will have to do a post about it sometime! lol

  26. From which ever side you took them,
    these images are interesting,
    boots and people and all!

  27. Thank you for continuing to share your snippits of Paris ~ front, back, whatever which way! It gives me a little much-needed dose of the city.

  28. Carol T.8:32 AM

    if you haven't already, you need to see the new film Paris with Juliet Binoche...a great film and you fall head over heels, again, in love with this City....

    Carol bis

  29. Isolde7:47 PM

    Oh Carol...

    I was chuckling through the entire thread... Delightful humour!

    Just discovered your blog, and have fallen in love with it. Do keep taking photos (front, back, stalker-mode... whichever you can muster up the courage for), and sharing la vie Parisienne through your eyes.

    Meilleures salutations,

  30. I've got it! You need to snap your shot then gently yell out "love your look" No one can be upset if you attach a compliment to the stalking, right? Just an idea.

  31. Please carry on shooting from whatever direction you will!

  32. I think you can give the Sartorialist a run for his money.


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