Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Le Gros Poulet...

As you walze around Paris.You're bound to bump into an awful lot of...Chickens! Have you noticed? Admittedly some of them are waiting to go into the pot like these poulet de Bresse...

FYI:The difference between "poule" and "poulet"
A "poule"is a hen while a "poulet" refers to chicken meat..cooked chicken.

As grace said previously the last time the French chicken came up- That's not a chicken in the window laying macarons, that's a ROOSTER (or coq), symbol of France! Cocorico is what it says (instead of cock-a-doodle-do)
Shall we rename Paris "Le Gros Poulet"?

After all they call New York the "La Grosse Pomme"

Here's another rooster in a St. Germain galerie vitrine...
Christian Claisse These could only be French chickens in my opinion.

Christian Claisse They're quite imposing and aristocratic no?

Remember Blog, the dog the painting assistant and constant critic...

We dined on blanquette de voie...


  1. I would go with the tulips personally. And the blanquette de veau. Christian has a nice blog too.

  2. Oh I love his work. I love chickens. Have them all over my kitchen/dining room as Sue will attest too after visiting me. lol
    I am going to check out his work further. LOVED that table setting.

  3. Great photos! I love looking at chickens! And the black fringed tulip piece is beautiful! Thanks for introducing us!

  4. Very nice post for a very nice friend. I like his paints, Christian is a great artist but he doubt himself.

    I do'nt know if I prefer tulips or chickens, may be silver tulip

  5. Ooh. I love those chicken paintings!
    I always think the chocolate ones are too pretty to eat--but then I seem to manage to eat them anyway!

  6. I like chickens but I'm not so sure about French people. Btw, I really enjoyed viewing this post on edible to artistically painted chicken.

  7. So funny...Love the chickens!

  8. Chickens, a cute dog, tulips, and good food - nice post!
    Looks like you had fun.
    Just read that NYC has a chocolate show coming up.

  9. hi--hope you're not disappointed in me for not caring a fig for
    macarons! i do enjoy your breakfasts very much. loved those blue boots, and the red day. looking forward to ny's choco fashions. that was fun in paris. and thanks for christian's coques & tulipes.
    i'm a fiber artist (wearables, including hats) and florist.
    i have 80 yellow french tulips coming in my shipment today. maybe i'll paint a few.
    thanks for the inspiration.
    keep the delights coming.
    love, katy

  10. love that chocolate chicken, how cute is he? I just wanna bit his lil' head off!

    and the tulips? Mmmm, not so much. I always wanted to do my kitchen in chickens, but sadly my kitchen is the size of most Parisien apt kitchens, with VERY little room for decor. Just functional. But cute nonetheless.

    Hey I drew yesterday. No really. Didn't even know I could. Absolutely amazing. Sure it took me three bloody hours, but still...

    Happy Hump Day!

  11. Such a lovely post & always such a pleasure. Christian's work is amazing ~ xx

  12. merci de nous montrer les peintures de Christian, il les cache!
    nice collection of chickens here...
    bonjour du Val de Loire

  13. I love Christian's paintings--they're fabulous, Carol! Wonderful chickens.

  14. Hi there. Thanks for your post on SPICE OF LIFE the other day. :-)

    Kudos for your "poulet" piece! I love how you bring the streets and shop windows of Paris onto your pages here; great stuff. (Request: a feature on Paris shop windows all dressed up for the holidays! You'd do a fab job, no doubt. Paris is wonderful in early December.)

    See you again soon.

  15. Send me back to Paris and I will happily do that for you Michael...
    I did it last year here.

  16. i really appreciate your aesthetic, macarons aside, tho they do come in such lovely colors. keep your lovely breakfasts coming!
    i love it when i can name the street in your photos!

  17. Tamsen5:18 AM

    When I was in Paris last Spring, I found a cute store in the Marais -- Lollipops. I was just looking on their website today,and saw this travel wallet.
    It reminded me of you and your delish watercolors.

  18. I have noticed over the years that the French do seem to love a good chicken. Especially in art, wall hangings, statuettes, etc.

  19. Wow, those are beautiful paintings Christian! I love the tulips!!!

    I also love that adorable Blog.

  20. Again, just beautiful!

  21. I am definetely a rooster fan. In paintings, not in my plate !

  22. I am bowled over by Christian's paintings and hospitality and especially by Blog!

  23. oh just fabulous!!! i am a web newbie and it's such a treat to come across your blog- now im hooked. you have beautiful posts- i almost feel like im smelling and tasting what you got in the pictures. merci.

  24. Our next door neighbours have Gros Poulet or great big chickens as I call them. Needless to say I am scared stiff of them. I need therapy


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