Monday, October 12, 2009

Paris Hair

Along with not bringing Boots to Paris I got a haircut before I arrived.
Big mistake! Everywhere I turn I see ponytails.
And top knots.

Straight out of a Toulouse-Lautrec painting
Like here at the Marie Bishara - Spring 2010 fashion show
If only I'd left a few scraggly hairs to pull up into tiny ponytail...sob...sob
A few more washer woman top knots

My Fr. friend, Anne pooh-poohed my insights. She does this updo every night at home after work and it's nothing new.
But to my extra-terrestrial eyes it looks like a tendance.
If you live in a place you don't notice what's right in front of your nez. What do you think?
Here's a top knot nuzzle
And a ponytail hug
Even guys are wearing it! His and her updos at the show - does this not say tendance/trend?
This guy is badly in need of a ponytail...non?


Marie-Paule said...

Classical french starter.
Bonne journée à Paris Carol!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Marie-Paule, you are my chef consultant de cuisine until Bocuse comes on board.
merci encore

M-P said...

To old now our dear Bocuse...
I prefer to be "your" (much more sexy)Guy Savoy

Melena said...

you are hilarious! Thanks for a good start to the week!

chezgraceparis said...

Adorable. I love how you use lautrec's drawings as a counterpoint to today's hair! I live near a ballet school and see the 12 year old girls with their very severe chignons, de rigeur for ballerinas, and also notice that this is the look for all Air France publicity!

Liz said...

I like Paris hair! I see Paris leggings below. Can you do more on them?


Joie said...

Carol, I have put on 173 pounds just READING your posts!
Your sketches are as delicious as your photos...
Bless and your talent!!

le banc moussu said...

Hello Carol,
thank you, I now know I've to let my hair be much longer to be a perfect parisian man. Hope you had a nice week end. May be we'll meet during the week. You're already leaving Paris next monday. Times go too fast!
nb:only seven armorino coffee-pistaccio left!

IRENE said...

You always amaze me with your penetrating look.I don't think I'd write such a post, thank you!
Have a great week ahead!
(perhaps you could have a haircut with the classic French fringes?)
Best Regards,

Parisbreakfasts said...

The hard truth is, much as I may twist my scarf in knots and squeeze into tight jeans, I ain't French..ahem
Though everyone does wannabe French me included.

vicki archer said...

I would love that book and to eat my way through each and every delicious recipe. Off to search for an elastic band....xv

Cynthia said...

Great are too funny!
I must say the "up-do" is all the thing in Munich too....Paris, Munich,,, is spreading...

Bridget said...

Your eye upon Paris is so sharp, I'm feeling trendy with my old pony-tail!Ohhh, the pink religieuse, a pure beauty!
See you soon?

Mary said...

Nothing new at all. American girls can do it in their sleep, and do.

Amy said...

It's a puff pastry...looks like it is filled with a mousse of foie or marron...

annechovie said...

Turns out that my laziness in not blow-drying my hair and putting it up instead has made me slightly more Parisian by accident! LOL. Great post, Carol! xo

Cybee said...

This is excellent news indeed! My last haircut was in Paris and now I don't know who to cut my hair why not just put it up!? Apparently it is the thing to do! (until I figure out who will cut my hair next! (as I am now spoiled by my last hair cut..and won't be in Paris anytime soon)).

Charmingdesigns said...

Its funny to see top knots from your point of

Karen said...

Hello Carol,
I think Anne is right. Every French girl or woman I know does exactly that. Puts the hair up at night, in the morning etc. Also the chignons, the little or largish bumps on all areas of the head, sometimes toward the side.
Enjoying your news from 'the streets'.

Nancy in Savannah said...

Oh, Carol, why didn't you wait to get to Paris to have a Parisienne haircut! The best hair cuts of my life were when I lived there. Very chic, severe, blunt bob. Not any more costly than what I pay in Atlanta (where I have to go to get a good cut).
I'm so envious of your trips to Paris!
Nancy in Savannah

Paige said...

Carol, Fake 'em out with a hair piece. Voilà!

Jan said...

My only objection is the propensity of women with longer hair to be fussing with it all the time, pulling it back, redoing the top knot; in a restaraunt, especially. I just want to slap them and say, "Stop fussing!" Short hair is good, it's fuss free!

Nikon said...

I love this photo essay! Great shots. I love the fabulous shots of the pastries, too - I hope that you are enjoying your vacation!

WendyB said...

Nice shots. Though I get bored when everyone has the same 'do. In other words, I think the sheepdog rocks.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love this look! Am wearing my hair in a high knot today in your honor xo :)

Paula said...

I wear a pony tail almost everyday just because I want my hair out of my face. Yay! I might actually look fashionable instead of lazy!

P.S. I LOVE your blog! I always am excited to see you have a new post. Yours is one of my absolute favorites!!!

Janice Cartier said...

LOL I just went into the powder room and played with putting my way too long hair up in a Parisian top knot... really I did..LOL. I have been thinking, " Oh the FIRST thing PB will do is get a Parisian haircut. Hahaha. Silly me.
Hm, more please, some perhaps top knot-less chic do's you see, s'il vous plait. :)

And have one of those rose religieuses for moi.


Jill said...

Well, at least something about me is in style. I wear my hair like that all the time-- not because I'm trying to be in style though. I'm just lazy!
Love the dog-- reminds me of my Hagrid. :)

Giulia said...

Ah, Carol. You should know this by now, but as you are in throes of 'ohmygod'... it's better to go against the "fashion" if you wish & it suits you. I'll bet your haircut is adorable...& very you...I have a contrary streak, what can Isay?lol



Jann said...

I guess I won't be cutting my hair before I head back to Paris on Friday~

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who lived in France for awhile said true beauty of a woman there is known if she can pull all of her hair off her face and she is still gorgeous.

Linda said...

In your posting from Sunday, the Rose-water Sweets listing has a great sidebar on Laduree and its miscellany from the store. They have e-cards you can send, and they have square beautiful new cookbook called "Sugar".

M C said...

Fantastic post,

Barbara said...

Loved reading about the new hairdo's in Paris!!

I enjoy your blog and love when you include fashion trends!
Thank you so much!!

michelle said...

Yes! I got a haircut just before moving to Paris, and now everyone I see has long hair, ponytails, etc. ARgh!

I have tried the rose religieuse at Ladurée, and I am not a fan. Too perfumy for me.

Di Overton said...

I wear my hair up all the time and stick paintbrushes in it when I am working - fatal when I forget to wash them first