Thursday, October 29, 2009

Row upon row

My niece popped in on me for 3 days while in Paris and mentioned in passing that I shoot an awful lot of things in rows...Patisserie Delmontel Out of the mouths of babes... It's true I often shoot things in rows...galeries LafayetteBut it's not my doing. Like these balcons at Galeries Lafayette, a great purveyor of rows.Stohrer Another obsessed row-liner-upper is Patisserie Stohrer, with some very nice entrees (starters) for your meal.A few steps away on the same unpronounceable rue Montorgueil you'll find rows of roast chicken.
haricot vert And haricots verts from across the rue.
Pick up a bottle of vin rouge further down. You could line up in a row quite a nice din-din with these items.
We went instead to Rose Bakery, where they line up their tea tins in a row. I'd never noticed before...
Rose BakeryOur plate of mixed veggies was a tad disorderly, but delicious none the less.
French LinesParisiens line up in rows all the time. Marty asked if they sometimes glare at me when I shoot them. *Note small dog on the lower right doesn't mind a bit.
Sadaharu Aoki macarons Parisian macarons - always neatly lined up in rows. Must be genetic.
New from Sadaharu Aoki - piles of rusk macarons and addictive.
I demand my ice cream lined up in rows!
 Chocolates too - which I hope to see a ton of at tomorrow's New York Chocolate Show. Just 3 days to immerse yourself in chocolate - will you be there?
French Library of BostonNext Monday I will be hanging row upon row of Paris Facade watercolors at the Boston French Library.
The opening (vernissage:) is next Thursday, November 5
6:00 to 8:00 PM,
featuring row upon row of Franck Deville macarons direct from France!
RSVP appreciated
Will you be there?


  1. Incredible usual! I would love some "haricots verts et aux poulet aux herbes" !

  2. Magnifique comme toujours, Carol!
    Bonne chance with the gallery opening. How exciting!! Wish I could be there.

  3. I love all your wonderful rows! Congratulations on the Boston Library show and bonne chance!

  4. Ah, Carol! We will come as close to meeting as we are likely to at the Chocolate Show, by proxy, where our local chocolatier, Chocolate Springs (Josh Needleman) has a booth. How I wish I could be there! Josh trained at La Maison du Chocolat, among other places, so he is a link between us and Paris Breakfasts.
    Know that we are wishing you happy grazing! And a splendid vernissage in Boston to follow.
    (Spouse, also your fan) and the Berkshire Tsarina!

  5. That was clever and cute. It's true the French like a certain regimentation don't they? Except where it comes to parking! Those Franck Deville macarons!!!! Happy Selling in Boston!

  6. great shots - the bottles of perfume are sooo beautiful. Loved visiting the Galeries Lafayette - your photo brings back fond memories.

    The food photos make me hungry. I'd love to find a nice restaurant like that near my office for daily lunch.


  7. Congratulations on the Boston exhibit!

  8. I like the theme!
    Next time please include a row of trees, which the French so love...

  9. Oh Mon Dieu! Bright Orange Macarons!!!
    Do you suppose they make black ones?
    Perfect for Halloween. ;-0

  10. Hello,
    I live in Sunny Miami, Florida and I plan to spend 1 month in Paris next June and am looking for an apartment/accommodations/etc.
    I would really appreciate suggestions from fellow “Francophiles”.

  11. Pat M.2:42 PM

    Thanks for Rose Bakery pics!!

  12. Fabulous shots, Carol. The tea tins look a bit precarious on that shelf!

  13. Carol,
    Will you be at the Boston opening of your exhibit?
    PS Very yummy photos!

  14. Hi Carol - I came across your blog recently - and I love your idea - One little touch of Paris every day.
    Elizabeth Bard

  15. Keep up your rows, you orderly person! *heart it*

  16. Hi Carol,
    I am a huge fan of your blog!
    I was wondering if you ever did commissioned work for people.

  17. Janean, I am the exact opposite of orderly..
    Maybe that's why I'm drawn to other's orderliness
    How I wish I was orderly...sigh

  18. I've been wondering where your wonderful little watercolors were hiding out.
    I've missed them.

  19. Hello your pictures so inspire me that I went to Paris last year and this year---all because of you. Thank you for unforgettable experiences I must comment when I first started going to Paris twenty years ago we all had to dress up wear black and of course absolutely no jeans. This year I am amazed by the all black and white attire and now even waiters in nicer restaurants come dressed in jeans. I miss the old days.

  20. Salut !
    Ah ces incroyables macarons, quel succès !
    Bises, Béatrice

  21. We were going to arrive in NYC tomorrow and the Chocolate Show was top of my list (if not my husband's). Now we have had to postpone our plans for a week. Quelle tristesse!

  22. Yes, I think I will be at the art opening in Boston. Will definitely try to make it.

  23. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Wow! Your blog is mouthwatering...

  24. Hello,
    I live in Sunny Miami, Florida and I plan to spend 1 month in Paris next June and am looking for an apartment/accommodations/etc.

    My goal is to spend time there and learn the French Language. Can you or anyone make recommendations on the best way to approach this? ….By “this”, I mean learning the language and finding an apartment/accommodations…. perhaps someone interested in “swapping” places.

    I would really appreciate suggestions from fellow “Francophiles”.

    Cindy Rodriguez

  25. Those macarons "rusk" will haunt my dreams for a long, long time....who knew something so elegant, so perfectly formed, so delicately flavored...could meet so dire a fate???? When you can't count on your macs, what can you count on?

  26. PS I hope those macarons rusk are not what people have to settle for when they fall behind in reading your posts! Quelles horreurs!

  27. I LOVE your rows!


  28. French Rows how clever are YOU?

  29. Your subject is truly delightful, novel, & delectable.


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