Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Dinner with Parisien Blog

Last night I was honored to have dinner a with true Parisien, Blog, the dog.For an apero, Blog insists upon drinking only Vranken Pommery Champagne.Blog ate all of these before we had a chance...ahemWhen not busy downing his champagne, Blog is very occupied with his plastic milk bottle.
Blog insists on being surrounded by the best brocante and exquisite nature morte are everywhere waiting to be painted.
Pink roses are de rigeur bien sur.
For the poivre (pepper) un petit ange - Blog is very particular about all the petit details.
A table.
The entre was a verrine of mousse chevre chantilly et concumbre.Très Délicieux!
Blog has le bon goût (very good taste)
Vin de Bordeaux is a must.

For the very traditional blanquette de veau.
Blog is an excellent cook as well as an excellent eater.

Yesterday I spotted these beautiful "calissons roses" de chez Fauchon. - Karmic Destiny.
For dessert Blog prepared a verrine of glace "dragee" from Lenotre with framboises (raspberries) and a raspberry macaron.
After dinner Blog likes to read Le Monde to catch up on the news - in this case on a Converse "basket" (running shoe)
Blog is bien elevee (well brought up). He does not chew on shoes ever.



  1. Marie-Paule4:56 AM

    I think not "pink dragees" but "CALISSONS" (speciality of Aix-en-Provence)
    Best regards

  2. Marie-Paule5:11 AM

    Calissons = on the little boxes from Fauchon (melon, sugar, almonds)

    Dragées = "sugar almonds" you had in Lenôtre's sorbet.

    Two very different things.

  3. How lucky you are ! Christian is really a good friend and I know HE IS "l'art de recevoir", I hope that you were "sous le charme" ! Enjoy your stay in Paris and your friendship with Christian and Blog....with all my kindness regards....

    sorry for my english !!!

  4. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I think that Carol is more parisian than many parisian! she know all best places and all best cookers in France! She's THE "new-york's adress" to know where to buy the best speciality in paris... so! all on parisbreakfast, for news posts

    best regards

  5. Two of my favorite things: all things French and a darling Jack Russell :)


  6. You are now one of the very hapy fews who know Christian !!! lucky you are !!! have a nice stay in Paris...

  7. ton post est parfait comme la soirée je suis certaine.



  8. I love reading your blog and so jealous! I want to go back to Paris...this time with you! The girl I went with was a drag...Enjoy keep up the great blog posts! Grace

  9. Hello Carol, I hope you get big black glasses, because you're a star in Paris, now!

  10. positively green with envy !! everything is so delightful and surely very tasty...
    Lucky you !!

    ps: yes, Marie-Paule is right, it is "calissons roses" de chez Fauchon. I was born in Aix-en-Provence and ate those every sunday!

  11. Cute dog! Lovely photos of appealing objets...merveilleux!

  12. Never mind Blog his owner looks as good as the food he cooks.

  13. I love the first photo of the pooch!
    It looks like you had a great time, I hope that everything is going well.

  14. I ADORE Blog and every little thing about him!!! He also has wonderful taste and charm. You MUST visit with him and his most adored papa often. Have a delightful time :D

  15. Oh la la! How chic! I'm jealous!

  16. Oh la la! How chic! I'm jealous!

  17. Stef in Chicago2:19 PM

    Good morning Carol
    Good to see and read of your Paris pleasures and adventures.

  18. Brian GE2:42 PM

    Pardon- do you pehaps have a recipe for the verrine of mousse chevre chantilly et concumbre? that sound absolutely TDF!

  19. très chouette le repas à la française, et les macarons à la framboises, je viens de la part du banc moussu bisous du soir

  20. Anonymous4:35 PM

    SO!'re "up and running" again in your very favorite place to be.
    Thinking of you,
    and envious, too.

  21. Champagne is the best way to start an evening!
    And, macaron is the best way to finish it!!!!!!

  22. Oh, il est mignon...(le chien:)


    Susan & Julie le Chat

  23. Wow! Very impressive.. Looks like Christian and blog have fine-tuned taste in décor and cuisine! What a perfect soirée entre blogeurs et Blog!!
    Enjoy your time in Paris and EXCEPTIONALLY FINE weather we are still enjoying!!!
    Take care,

  24. Sounds like you were having a wonderful time. The food looks fantastic!

  25. It looks indeed like a very fine time in Paris. I did look at
    Christian of Le Banc Moussu. His photos are wonderful. Any chance
    his text is translated in English? So glad you spent such good time together. Thank you again. Have a wonderful time!


  26. Yum, blanquette de veau?!!! One of my favorites!!! What a treasure of an evening. Blog is such a good host and indeed has exquisite taste.

    Nice trip, yes?

  27. Yum, blanquette de veau?!!! One of my favorites!!! What a treasure of an evening. Blog is such a good host and indeed has exquisite taste.

    Nice trip, yes?

  28. It is my pleasure to read your article! What a vivid photo it is! Thank you for sharing! good luck!

  29. Beautiful and fashionable young people theme of the times!It is my pleasure to read your article!I hope your readers become more and more!

  30. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.


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