Friday, October 05, 2007

Visiting Gerard Mulot

Gerard Mulot OK! More torture and a peek behind the scenes. Yesterday I did a visit to GERARD MULOT's kitchen in the 13th, where they make all of his treats. If only MTF had given exact directions or a Google "map it". Then I would not have missed 30 minutes while wandering off in the opposite direction.
Gerard Mulot Still the visit was a delightful opportunity and thank goodness I did not give up in dispair and return home. I arrived in time to see them making the macarons.
The chocolate-making is another story. You'll just HAVE to be patient!
Gerard Mulot Here the macarons are resting before them go in the oven.

Gerard MulotPatrick Leclerc, the head pastry chef in charge. Ooops he moved...Gerard Mulot There are 3 sizes of macarons. Here, the individual BIG MACS for 3.50 euros each.Gerard Mulot The medium size you buy by the kilo...
The smallest size are used for decorative gateaux

like the tower in the 1st picture.Gerard Mulot Gerard Mulot even sells this adorable macaron bougie (candle). I bought 2.Gerard MulotAnd I bought this box of 9 for I think 8-9 euros.
I'm glad there's a ribbon on it to protect the maccies inside from any
snack attacks that may overcome me...
Also we got a sweet little gift box of chocolates!
Next Friday I'll get to visit DEL MONTEL patisserie.

DO IT if you come!
Tomorrow at this time I will be in class at Lenotre
making macarons myself. Well not exactly by myself, ahem
Gerard Mulot

You can watch them baking and turning through the glass oven door here.

Gerard Mulot
The lids or coques (shells) are being filled with chocolate ganache.YUM!


  1. wow! all those colorful macs! can't wait to hear about your mac class too. exciting!

  2. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Did you feel like stepping into heaven out there?

    Now I wish I could join you on your class... not to take pictures of macarons, no, no ...
    to take pictures of YOU making macarons... !!!

    Oh oh I have just browsed Delmontel's site you 've linked us to... and his box of macarons looks like a real painting box...
    You CAN'T miss it, Carol !!!
    so eye-and-camera-and-brush appealing !!!

    Thank you for the "meet-the-French" tip! I have spotted a visit to la Comédie Française!
    Only ONE date ! I must focus on this not to miss it!!! Must get ready to meet the French there...
    MANY THANKS !!! (You need a prize for that !!!)

  3. Anonymous3:42 AM

    First is that man married?
    Second what a piece of art, not the man, the macarons! If he makes that tower of beauty I want him ;)

  4. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Oh I've always wanted to see how the miracle is performed.
    And soon you will be making them for all of us!
    Lucky you!

  5. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Soon you will be turning into a MACARON!
    STOP before it's too late!
    I'll miss my moring sweet fix

  6. This is such beautiful eye candy~enjoy your visit and this class you are taking!Once again, beautiful photos!

  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Love the tree--that's wonderful, and the macaron bougie--that had your name on it for sure, Carol. Have fun in that class. You'll be making your own at home soon. I bet the smells are fabulous coming out of that place.

  8. Ooh I am going to this Meeting the French tour next week! I can't wait!
    I hope you are having fun in Paris, I will send my questions over to you soon.
    Catharine :)

  9. Anonymous9:24 AM

    That gorgeous box its self is worth the money. No boring plain utilitarian white or pink generic boxes like we Americans have.
    I agree with the other post. I want pictures of you making macarons!

  10. Wow, Macaron Heaven. Just don't confuse the candle with the real thing and eat them. ;-) It looks so real.
    Cant wait for tomrrows macaron class pix. You have to have a photo of YOU making them!

  11. oh lucky you, you're having a grand old time! don't worry, no one gets fat in paris for some reason, no matter how many macaroons you eat! i just got back and am missing my breakfasts, bon appetite!

  12. OMG Carol!!!! These posts are wonderful! Keep them coming. I'm just gobbling them up!!! ; )

  13. Sounds like you're in macaron heaven there! Lucky you!

  14. How wonderful...Keep them coming..glorious pictures..I want to go and see them for myself!! Maybe one day..Off to Italy for ten days next month. I will have to plan another trip!!

  15. And don't these look well with new header! I am still drooling over the tarts and cakes from yesterday, and here we have more treats! What delicious smells must waft through the early morning streets. And what fun to see them open up. Like jewel boxes revealing hidden treasures when the shutters are rolled up.
    Yum- MEEE.

  16. I just love the French style of food presentation. There's something so great, so kind of funky about it. Thanks for telling us about Meet the French! I will definitely do this the next time I go to Paris. And taking a macaron class? Does it just keep getting better and better?

    Sarah B

  17. How exciting that you get to see and do such interesting and yummy things!! Enjoy! I hope I can do the same next time I'm in Paris.
    Bisous !

  18. Dear l'embrouillamini
    Be sure and turn sharp left when you come out of the Glaciere Metro.
    And then right. The shop is on the left side of the street down a bit.
    don't go off wandering as I did to nowhere's land!
    The blocks are miles long out in the 13th!

    I really love your response to the posts!
    You help me notice even more :)
    Big Merci !

  19. Anonymous5:33 PM

    How do you say YUM en francais?
    What an utterly delightful confection your blog is!
    I happened upon it by one
    of those fortuitous internet leaps and have been devouring the archives ever since.
    I adore Paris and your particular take on it but I mostly love your
    watercolors, seeing glimpses of your sketchbook and reading your odd little asides about life in Paris and color and so on.
    I’ve subscribed so as not to
    miss a word or photo.

  20. Anonymous10:07 PM

    After your class, you must promise to tell ALL! We deprived stay-at-homes MUST learn to make les macarons!
    One curiousity: In the photo where the macaron "dough" is coming out of the nozzles, they are shoulder-to-shoulder, but when they are resting, they are set apart from each other, not touching. Did they slither apart when your back was turned?

  21. These photos are just spectacular! Such a feast for the eyes!

  22. passing through...LOVE your posts and you have gorgeous watercolors! i can't wait to get to Paris next month and see (and eat!) all these beautiful treats up close!

    You have very sharp eyes!
    You must have been a RABBIT in a former life...
    The mac nozzels are resting and the dough is piling up there fore. Since I was tardy, I missed the actual performance of this machine malheureuesement :( Many places still do this by hand with a flick of the wrist. Today at Lenotre I am sure this will be the case. It's a bit like the 1-2-3 Sabrina clip to get all the macarons uniform in size and shape ans spaced evenly on the baking tray.
    I will know much more by this afternoon! :)

  24. HOLY MOLY!!! Am I in HEAVEN?!! I had NOOO idea that this was going on in France, and I've been here over a year now!! YUMMMMMM!!!!

  25. Your website is a real torture, specially if you look at it in the morning, without having breakfast yet !! Your picture are great.
    Ca donne envie de manger de bons macarons :) miam.
    Toujours aussi chouette ce site, bravo !

  26. How glorious!

  27. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Thank you very much for taking me. I learned some things. Hope you keep having fun and that you will continue to be filled with inspiration and macaroons!

  28. Ooh, yummy. My friend Gabrielle's husband is a manager at Lenotre's head office. She is always bringing us delectable desserts. Sigh.

  29. Oh how fun this was!! :) I'm so enjoying your vacation in Paris! lol :-D

  30. My fellow Americans have been trying to convince me not to visit are convicing me otherwise!

  31. Wow!!! My mouth started watering so much that I thought I was going to drown! What a treat this must have been!


  32. Anonymous2:16 AM

    What colours! Hell I would love one right NOW! LOL

  33. i really want to create a tower like tat one...then i could eat my way into some holiday or birthday...something don't you think have fun in class...blessings, rebecca

  34. Anonymous9:21 PM

    How I wish we could buy these in the states! Even the color is delicious. Marvelous post since I have always wanted to see how macaroons/macarons are made.

  35. Oh what fun to see! Love the tree!!!

  36. I went on your advice and tried to find some Macarons the day I left Paris. Carrefour are not reknowned for their Macaron they look like bird droppings.
    Never mind your post is delicious enough to eat today. Still pissed that we couldn't meet up, better luck next time eh?

  37. I don't even care for sweets that much and you're delighting my senses. LOL!

    And I love the shot of the pastry maker...the fact that he moved makes him look a bit like an apparition. Always a bit funny.

  38. Carol,

    Yummmy! I am so there in 17 days. I will be hitting Gerard to get a nice sandwich to take on my train to Brussels.

    Please, if you have time, go pick up a box of their rochers. The best in town.


  39. Anonymous10:26 AM

    You must be stepping on macaron cloud 9. I'm addicted to these adorable sweets. Can't wait to read about your class!

  40. Wow, that looks fun. Carol, I want to hear all about your class!

  41. oh my your posts are just beautiful! and those macarons...

  42. Next time, let's do Paris together...the ribbon on the box would ever had existed!!!


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