Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bonjour Everybody!

I finally got my %$#@!*BRAND NEW laptop up and running = MIRACLE!
Considering I'm used to a 9-year old DELL desk top...erm
Please put your self in my very wobbly shoes :(
OK Back to Paris!
Weather report 'cos I know you wanna know- lots of rain and ciel gris and occasional burst of sunshine & humidity, so it's impossible to know what to wear when you go outside except to bring an umbrella!
BEA, I hope you brought your umbrella!!!
The first morning I stepped outside a French woman came running over and asked ME! directions in French!
So that set the day on the right foot. 5 minutes later another woman asked me directions in French, this time Danoise..a theater director and we went to a cafe for a coffee and then spent 5 hours chatting and marching around - to rue Montegruile(sp) and then to dejeuner at Cafe Mistral..
Then I went on a macaron hunt to Gerard Mulot, PAUL and Pierre Herme.
The booty is sitting in the Frigo waiting patiently to be painted and tasted.
Natch I've taken TONS of pictures to show YOU!
And hopefully by this weekend I'll know how to get a few uploaded.
Just be a little patient with moi...but I am doing all the things promised and more.
First thing a beautiful POMEGRANATE.
It's great to be finally hooked up on the NET enfin!
AND I have NO JETLAG because of taking the ever so delightful AirFrance DAY FLIGHT!!!
That's for all you nay-sayers out there.
I've got this very shaky little travel mouse that DOES have JetLag though, so I'll sign off and try to figure out this new gizmo and hopefully...
Qui sait..?
A bientot ma cheries
Bon nuit!
(It's 23:23 here) or 11:23 PM to you :)
All the Blogger cues are in FRENSH!
I'm gonna go "Publier le message" NOW and pray...
I got the Paris haricut today! YAY


  1. Carol, so glad you had a safe a nd pleasant flight. Can't wait to see all your photos and new paintings! Oh, and happy laptopping!!! Let me know if you need help toting your things.

  2. Ahhh, we have contact Houston....yay for you! All best thoughts and wishes for techno genie to appear and aid your cause. Bon nuit!

  3. AirFrance tickets are waiting at the check-in desk for any techno genie assistants who wish to be fed macarons nonstop while doing techie stuff.
    So there!

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Sounds like you're off to a rollicking good start, Carol. Send some of that rain our way, incidentally. You're going to love having the laptop with you, (and we will love your having it with you, too!) Good for you, you French-Geek-Squad woman. Look forward to your posts. A bientot!

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  6. Carol! I was so happy to see your post. Wow! you've done so much already! I'm there with you in spirit.

    Sarah B

  7. Its good to hear you made it and are having fun with a minor glitz of the lap top. Dont you know you need to test drive those things BEFORE taking them with you!!?!! Grin.. Anyway you're just in time as I was going thru major withdrawal pains having no new PB blog to read. I bet you got off that plane racing. Hit everything you could the first day.. making a speed record. ;)
    Looking forward to Paris updates and new pictures.

  8. Anonymous9:53 PM

    If the mouse gives you fits, it really only takes a few hours of laptop use to make that little pad area seem like second nature.
    And apropos of nothing in particular, do you realize that if we travelled together, we would be called (rather pedestrian, I know) PB and J? Please don't ask where these thoughts come from; they are simply a gift. Or is it a curse?????

  9. Anonymous10:19 PM

    and, I am responsible for turning you on to PAUL! (My daughter and I love our watercolor souvenirs of our week of breakfasts at PAUL.) Have a great trip! Melissa in El Cajon, CA

  10. Anonymous10:24 PM

    You are such a joy! Take heart! You will conquer "le souris".
    Oh, to walk the wonderful streets of Paris and enjoy its treasures vicariously through you.
    We are so happy you have "connected" with us. Don't worry about the details; a bit a day.
    See if there is a "translate" link on your blog spot.
    (I am not anonymous. Just can't remember my password.Duh and double Duh!)

  11. Hi Carol!! So glad you got your computer up and we can read your posts!! Have fun exporing Paris!! We can meet up next week sometime... Looking forward to meeting you!!! Ciao, Leesa

  12. Anonymous3:38 AM

    If lost, you can try "SURCOUF" and their "village des techniciens". Only computers' magicians there.


    Two Surcouf shops in Paris- in 12e and 9e:


    We (should say "my husband" actually !)know the one in 9e. Efficient staff. Popular place (endless queues).

    I'm afraid that macarons won't help you to reward any technician there (either in baskets or waggons) ... still, Air-France tickets to the USA could do !!!

    Ask them to read the "mode d'emploi" for you and to show you how it works !!!

  13. help I am trying to call you and the phone keeps going to a french message. Are you free for breakfast tomorrow?
    By the way I bought a rubber pomegranite yesterday - beat that

  14. Nice begin of this return to Paris! See you soon!

  15. Happy to see you back on the net, and well settled in Pareess, too bad I live so far away I would have been delighted to invite you for a tea and apple pie. Looking forward to see your pictures.

  16. Anonymous10:15 AM

    What a wonderful first day! Isn't that just the best when a person on the street addresses you in French? And a spontaneous new friend is a wonderful portent for the trip. I just knew you would figure out the laptop once you got there! Can't wait for pictures from the new camera. I'm so excited for you -- and living vicariously. Enjoy!

  17. You're having a great time already..I'm jealous!

  18. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Carol(e), how utterly fantastique~ I feel like we are all there with you. Paris! Yum!


  19. Oh, how much fun it is to be enjoying Paris vicariously through you! I'm in the midst of planning my own trip, so yours is really perfect timing for me! haha Laissez les bon temps roulez! A bientot. xx (one for each cheek)


    I haven't looked at your blog in weeks since I was in Italy and OMG I come and you leave for the city of deliciousness and argahra oh my god, looking at your photos makes my belly writhe with glee.

    I wondered about the macaron yogurt too. :)

    As for buying a new camera, I did that right before I went to Norway! Hehe. Yaay new camera!

    GUESS WHAT, I have to blog about macarons next week! I have to eat a lot of them. Hah. But the best are in Paris and I can't get those. :( But I'll try to remember...your photos and descriptions will help, I'm sure.


    I want to know about the lego cake.

    Can't wait to hear all about your Parisian escapades. :)

  21. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I want to see this fabulous Parisian haircut, that's what!!


  22. Anonymous11:51 AM

    YAY Carol! Sounds like your adventure is off to a wonderful start! I kept checking your blog, waiting to see how it is going. Have a fabulous time, looking forward to all the Paris photos and watercolors!

  23. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Oh yay! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. I wish I could be in Paris right now instead of about to go to Bio101 ;)

  24. Hi Carol, Bonjouuuuuuuuuur, Bonsoir, so you made it!!!!! I'll follow your Paris adventures on the net but reaaaaaally would love to see toi in person! I give you the address again, in case you can't find it on your blog; Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique, 37 rue Chanzy in the 11ème arrondissement, métro rue des Boulets, I'm there in the afternoon from 1 to 5!
    We can have tea together:)

  25. I am so happy for you that you landed well and even got your new companion going (I would have bet this was the reason for you being off-line for what seemed like an eternity for those of us waiting for the goodies from Pareee!).
    Enjoy, enjoy!


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