Thursday, October 04, 2007

Le Musee du Gateaux...

I thought I'd start off with a bang!
Wreck your day with TOTAL longing for Paree...
Why can you not take 3 steps in this town
without les gateaux calling out to you?
Come in and try me...
At the very least LOOK at me!
I'm a DIVA and don't pay attention to the other divas in this vitrine!
Pick me!!!
You have to wonder where they come up with ALL this variety!?
I see masses of research assistents in white coats sitting in labs
surrounded by crumpled up pieces of paper on the floor...
Non..non..pas encore../not yet
Pas bon/not good....
Aieeeeeeee/help me Mama!

Who eats these fabulous gateaux?
Are they real?

Do you want to come over to find out?
I invite you :)
Same day...later
I went into La Maison du Chocolat with M.
We decided we deserved a little sweet after our lunch of salad composee...
I had ordered the caramel eclair..
We went back to M.'s house to have tea and chat...
But my "CARAMEL" eclair turned out to be CAFE!
What can you do?
S--- happens.
It still tasted pretty damn good
After tea and eclairs we went to see the new Arcimbaldi exhibit.
Walking back from the show I saw a man eating an ice cream in the street. where did he get that I asked M.?
Never one to pass up an ice cream cone I availed myself of their
Dark Chocolate sorbet with Whiskey-soaked raisons.
Life is tough in Paris :)


  1. very interested site and thank you!

  2. mmm everything looks delish! enjoy!

  3. This is so good - I will be in Paris this time next week with my camera. Inspired by you and picking up whatever weather hints I can!!

  4. Mmmmmm....
    This is too much to resist!
    Some of the images are reversed... is it intentional? Anyway, I think they look good by any angle!

  5. My computer screen is now a leche vitrine. :)

  6. Mon Dieu! Those pears ! And frambois and all the rest!!!! They intentionally tease us all. Will be back encore and encore today.

  7. I'm glad you're having such a good time, but you know what, I don't know where Christian Constant's boutique is, and I live around here!! Oh and I do make fesenjoun, but not very often.

  8. dark Chocolate sorbet
    with Whiskey-soaked raisons

    all i can say is this:

    You must have REALLY been good
    to someone
    in another life time, missy
    to have THIS life!


    *good for you*

  9. OMG I just got up and already I am craving sweets. How can you do this to us.
    Send me the top chocolate morsel please...It looks to die for.
    I see you got the lap top mastered.. Yeaaaaaa
    Keep em coming.

  10. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I am pretty sure all the "gâteaux" in all "pâtisseries" in Paris put on their best "habits de gala" to show up and to parade in the "vitrines" only for you !!!

    Your "musée du gâteau" is a living and loving one !!!

  11. This complete torture- how delicious!!!!! Gasp! Raspberries, red currants and chocolate!

  12. Anonymous10:04 AM

    They look soooo delicieux!! I'll take the tarte aux figues. Merci!

  13. Ice Cream! You scream, we all scream for Amorino. Will you stand in line and send a picture of some silky hazelnut! Great pics today!

  14. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Carol - that was torture, indeed :)
    Keep it coming!

  15. HILDA - here is the address
    Christian Constant (37 rue d'Assas, 6e

    BLUEMOUNTAIN the weather is highly changable..bring a brolly but it can be warm & humid too. Not that cold IMO. YAY!

    JOAN- some images are reveresed because of the tiny new laptop screen I'm working on
    Stuff happens and you realize it too the screen is way too shiny for me.

    SOME PINK FLOWERS YOU are one BIG sweetie :)

    MARIE-NOELLE Please email me. I can't find yr address :(

  16. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Oh my, I do so love those rasphberry tartes!
    Your photos are lovely and it looks like the weather is being good to you.

  17. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Gorgeous post this am... it is already your afternoon though.
    On you go to more excursions!

  18. Carol,

    It sounds like you are having an absolutely lovely time! I love that you have friends there with whom you can have tea and eclairs. I've been to paris many times, but never to anyone's Paris apartment for tea.

    Keep 'em coming!

  19. SARAH B.
    It's a recent change that I meet people on trains, in the street, on planes etc.
    Having Paris Breakfasts has opened all sorts of new and lovely doors for me :)

  20. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Fantastic that you are up and running with the blog.
    Drooled over today's cakes big time....

  21. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I just again found your blog and was most pleasantly surprised that you're now in my most loved Paris!!! I am having so much fun looking at all the eye candy and reading your fun descriptions of what you're doing.

    We Paris addicts are a needy bunch, so don't let us down!!! Don't leave out the smallest detail.

    Love this!


  22. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Thank you. I feel much better now that I've stopped by. Yum. And delicious in such a non-caloric way.

    Thanks. I needed that. Have as much fun as possible!

  23. oh my goodness...i gained 5 pounds reading this...have so much fun my sweet...blessings, rebecca

  24. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Oh, man, first I thought I'd take the 3rd one down with the strawberries, then I saw the mixed raspberries and the apples...I'll have one of each, s'il vous plait! I'm so psyched for you, toots--I can tell you're having great fun. ;))

  25. You realize that cafe eclair is my absolute favorite dessert of all time.

    Please buy a box of christian constant chocolates just for their amazing job of wrapping.

    Oh, their chocolat chaud is pretty darn good too.


  26. Lovely & luscious! Thanks for sharing the sites! I love the gateau with dried pears on it and...of course...all those smooth chocolate tartes.

  27. Sharing the sights. I obviously spend too much time on the web.

  28. I LOVE la Maison du Chocolat... it's always a stop for me in Paris. :)

  29. Carol, you are, without one doubt in my mind a very, very wicked woman! LOL! I'm so grateful that I didn't see this post before today!
    I surely would not have lasted out the week.

    Who eats these cakes you wonder? Well,my dear girl, if I had the fortune to live in Paris I dare say that I would not be able to resist them at all. They all look so good! The better question is: How on earth do you decide what to get?!

    *sigh* Paris is tough indeed...dark chocolate and whiskey soaked raisins. Oh my!

    LOL!!! :-b


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