Saturday, October 20, 2007

Salon du Chocolat 2007

Salon du Chocolat stuff YAY! I made it to the Salon du Chocolat yesterday!
And I'm going back for MORE goodies today!
It lasts through Monday so hop on a plane and get over here, Toute a suite. and take the #4 line to the Porte d'Orleans terminus and then the free tramway 3 to Porte de Versaille. ET VOILA! easy as chocolate pie

cocoa bean Now ALL Paris Breakfast readers..What is this?
A cocoa bean or cabosse made of chocolate of course...sigh & YUM!LA MAISON DU CHOCOLATE Everyone is here. Chocolate makers from all over France. Including La Maison du Chocolat

Sadaharu Aoki offers a Macaron AND you get to meet and chat with your favorite chocolate makers, like Sadaharu Aoki here feeding me a macaron! Does it get any better than this?Jean-Charles Rochoux Here Jean-Charles Rochoux shares all his chocolate secrets with a visitor

Christolph Michalak gives Macaron lessonsAnd Christophe Michalak of Le Plaza Athenee demonstrates making macarons.Chocolate demosIn fact they're making chocolate all over the Salon...Chocolate DressAnd you say you're not that wild about chocolate? OK there's plenty of French fashion to take in...Lupin LapinAnd chocolate jewelry, here by Lupin Lapin. I bought the ring with the cherry on top! :)Chocolate Books And you can always read about chocolate...Confiture de Le Jardins des Gourmandises Or get some home-made jam from Le Jardin des Gourmandises...Foie Gras Groliere Foie gras sandwiches seem to be the thing to eat with your chocolate.

Pralus Noisette Pralus has a new paste of noisettes...much yummier than tooth paste.
Nougaterie des Fumades And bar after bar of nougat

Guimauves You could build a nice cabin with all the logs of guimauve lying around.

Le Grenier a Pain I saw the most fabulous fruity cakes at Le Grenier a Pain.

Tea & CieAnd of course you must have tea with your fruity cake.
And bien sur there are a gazillion macarons waiting for you. So it ain't just chocolate! What it's really about is, enterprising people following their dream to make something they're passionate about, whether it be chocolate, macarons or tea etc. They all have wonderful stories to tell and delicious things for you to taste. Some of the big global guys are here too, but this show is really about the small artisanal producer of food, who love they're craft and want to share it. So y'all come on down.
And if you can't make it this year, start planning to show up at next year's Salon du Chocolat. Meanwhile I'll have lots more to tell this week so stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Sounds out of this world!
    And such fun!
    Thanks for including us on your chocolate adventures!!!

  2. arrggg ouhhh
    can't resist anymore...
    unfortunatelly strikes are still a huge problem to move to Paris when you live in the surburb (like me)

    but I guess I'm gonna ciik this week end !
    thanks for the post !

  3. OMG! I'm so jealous! Enjoy!

  4. Can I swallow that paste made of noisettes? :-)
    It takes the French, of course, to fashion a fruitcake into something desirable. You should try to get a taste of us. Please. :-)

  5. Ok, next year maybe I could manage. I should manage actually. If I sound snarky and sour it's because I'm so damned envious!

  6. .. a taste FOR us.
    Sorry. :-)

  7. I feel like you've transported me to the show. Wow. All those goodies. How do you contain yourself not to go home sick from eating to much chocolate? How much swimming are you doing??? ;)
    Love the ring. Good choice.
    Best trip I've ever tagged along on. ;-)

  8. OH!!!! I think i'm addicted to your blog!!!
    So beautiful photos and what a delicious chocolates!!!
    Arrivederci from Tuscany.

  9. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Chocolate heaven is surely called Salon de Chocolate! Heavenly! Why oh why didn't i fit into your suitcase?

  10. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Any chocolate trains, Métro ...or
    marzipan buses... to get there?
    Even a macaron balloon would do !
    Ask RATP for us - thank you !!!

  11. Anonymous9:41 AM


    You are making us hungry ;) I would gladly dive head first into that choclate fountain!

  12. A big wall of paper to draw on and the Salon du Chocolate!!!!...Have you no Mercy????? :) Wow oh double wow!!!!!! Excellent shopping skills aussi. Isn't that just wonderful to get to visit with the makers? A whole exhibit hall full of dreams...realized. Toute sweet.Drooling here. All best, Jan

  13. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Well,that was fun! Looks like it must be quite a show, Carol. Enjoy! You're really making the most out of your trip--glad to hear you're having such a good time!

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  15. Oooohhh La LA! Such delights and pleasures and sooooooooo much chocolate. No it really doesn't get uch better, food-wise, than this does it! Lucky, lucky you.

    Glad you are enjoying your Paris trip to the fullest. Are you watching the Rugby too??

  16. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I have dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back because, reading about your intention to visit the Salon du Chocolat, I PREPARED! I turned to Dorie Greenspan's "French Desserts" (your recommendation is proving extremely well made!) and put together the dough for her chocolate sables. Thank heaven, I was able to munch on them while reading your chocolate post! Otherwise, I believe I might have walked out the door with nothing but a passport and credit card.
    You're doing a marvelous job! Carry on!!!

  17. OMG, if I sign over my house to you, can I come on your next trip??? What a paradise!!! Paste of noisettes, could there be anything better in life??? Chocolate and pastries are the soul of my world... Vida x

  18. Now that's my idea of Heaven.......mmmmmmmm yummy! You lucky, lucky lady!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  19. Anonymous12:17 AM

    I'm going to try to go the the Salon du Chocolat in Tokyo come January. :)

  20. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I've been dying to go here ever since my friend (who lives in Paris) went and sent photos! I'll have to email her and see if she went this weekend!
    I need to log off and go find some chocolat now...good thing I have a jar of Nutella in the pantry!

  21. Now thanks to you and this delicious blog, I've been on a quest for macaroon in this country, Singapore. I discovered a shop at Paragon - Canele - that sells the most delicious ones. Wish I took a pix but I devoured them before I even thought of my camera. I got one each of violet, bergamot and pistachio. But I'm going to try the black sesame seeds, black cherry and green tea ones next. They even have a macaroon high-tea buffet!! Yum!!

  22. A feats for the stomach is growling with eny now.

    You took a pic of the foie gras sandwiches...The Fench Room here in Dallas had a fabulous appetizer of foie gras with chocolate. It was heavenly. Who would have thought those flavours would complement each other so well.

    Thank you for the journey this morning. It is qute inspriring seeing dreams realized.

  23. Anonymous12:32 PM

    This is so much better then the Chocolate Fair in Vienna I went to. Ah chocolate...Thank you for sharing this amazingness with us!! :))

  24. I am so jealous that you got to see Christophe Michalek...I recently saw a TV show all about this amazing guy. I would have eaten myself silly.

  25. Anonymous8:02 PM

    If I couldn't go, I'm certainly glad that you did! I'm repressing a deep sigh, though; I admit it.

    I'm glad to know about that cherry ring. Now I'll recognize you when we pass.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  26. WONDERFUL!!! Looove the rings!

  27. So many fabulous posts... Yummm. What, though praytell, is a guimauve? That is new to me.

  28. I came back from lunch wanting a bit of chocolate...and now I am drooling all over my keyboard. I can get to Paris in 1.5 hours by plane...see you soon! :)


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