Monday, October 29, 2007

My Dimanche...

I thought you might like to tag along with me on Sunday/Dimanche for a tour around Paris... A friend said you MUST see the new Branly Museum so I arrived at opening time - 11 - the line didn't look so bad...After a 30 minute wait I got a real view of the line - there's a whole S-curve curling off to the left you can't see here. Not for me!I headed over to the Galliera museum in the 16th for an exposition of French Twenties fashionAt the Musee de la Mode et du Costume de la Ville de Paris just accross the Seine.Inside yours truly, the photo thief went to work! Unfortunately it was very dark inside... Unfortunately a guard spotted me...Twenties makeup at Galliera Not that that deterred me in the least...Twenties perfume bottles at Galliera From taking you along. More French parfum bottles...
Papaya salade dejeuner at Musee GuimetNo cafe in the Galliera so I stopped in the Musee Guimet for a quick bite of green papaya salade and a very strange duck dish...hmmm
SALON CUISINEZ cooking demos Next stop - the SALON CUISINEZ! sponsored by Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Krups and Elle a Table and held at the Carrousel du Louvre.
French kids cooking at SALON CUISINEZSALON CUISINEZ! is a 3-day cooking demo marathon with classes for kids,
Salon CuisinezAs well as adults. Yours truly gets to attend as "presse" since Salon du Chocolat. THANKS Paris Breakfasts readers! Please note the sardine action going on -very crowded it was indeed.
Chocolate bars at Salon Cuisinez Of course there were chocolate bars lined up like sardines on sale as well as other goodies...
Foie Gras - the French snack of choiceThe classic French snack - a huge slab of Foie Gras on country bread...
Piscine in Las HallesFairly exhausted by this time, I headed back to the Marais. Inside the Les Halles metro station I discovered a fabulous public swimming pool/piscine - something I forgot to do this trip and could certainly use to fight off all those macarons :(
Gelato at DelzieFollieNever mind. I ended off the day with a gelato from Delziefollie on rue Montorgueil. It's impossible to pass a gelato shop without testing their pistachio. Here an excellent pistache + a little-too-sweet canella cornetto at 3 euros for a petite. I hope you enjoyed tagging along. I've begun to pack up for my return to the real world -> New York. But there is a little problem of a strike/greve at AirFrance..ahem It's supposed to end tonight but there are no guarantees (a Fr. word!) in France of anything. Please cross all your fingers and toes and say a prayer that I make it to seat 29D on Wednesday!
A bientot!


  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    The makeup box looks like a palette of macarons!
    What a time you have had in Paris, a lovely tour you have given us too.

    Two of my friends were caught up in the Air France Strike. They had to go to Holland to fly back to the States. They waited two days with no end in sight.
    Paris might want you to stay longer???

  2. Love and hugs and fabulous as always.
    Love Jeanne

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Always something new to chew on at PB!
    Big Merci

  4. Quite enjoyed your post! So enjoy finding them in the morning and taking a stroll vicariously with you en Paris! That duck must have been a real shrimp, eh? 8^)

  5. has a month passes already?! too fast! enjoyed your adventures, thanks for taking me along.

  6. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Oooh - thank you for posting about the twenties fashion exhitibion! We will definitely be going along. Wonderful pictures!

  7. always stay off rue Montorgueil, love that neighborhood.

  8. Thank you so much for this little tour. Looks fascinating and I always enjoy your perspective.

  9. I cant believe a month has gone by already. With you being so busy I bet it FLEW by.
    I felt like I was there too with all your photos you posted. I'll bet you're saving the best for when you get home. and lots of lovely paintings.
    IF you get home. Lets hope the Greve ends tonight. But hey what a place to be stuck in. ;-)

  10. @tongue in cheek : I thought the same thing about the make-up box! lol! It does look like a box of macarons.

    Carol, this Sunday tour of Paris was nothing short of delightful, and the risks you take for us in getting those photos! lol!

    I sure hope this Air France strike ends soon. The airport looks like a real mess!

  11. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Oh no~ it seems like you just arrived in Paris and now it's time to pack to come home, how terrible. You've done so much, a lesser person would be frazzled, but I don't see it in you. You are very energetic and energizing! You've put every moment to good use.
    p.s. Was the duck, shrimp? Or was the shrimp, duck?

  12. I like that you're sneaking around taking photos!

  13. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Carol, you've had a marvelous trip and I, for one, appreciate your taking us all along for the ride. Bonne chance on the trip home--safe travels! You can dream about all your wonderful escapades. (If you do have to go to Holland before you get home, Holland's a great place to visit, too!) That gelato looked fabulous. a bientot!
    (The outfits in the museum reminded me of things you told us about your mom.)

  14. Great post...I can never pass up a gelato either. Especially pistachio!
    Sounds like you had a delightful Sunday.
    By the way, was the duck dish something you didn't photograph, or were the shrimp supposed to be duck? Can't wait to hear about it! :)

  15. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Way to go you little photo warrior.
    Nice job.
    thanks for the nice walk and tour.
    I am in my new place now since the housefire and back to my normal schedule of daily going to Paris with your pics.

  16. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Bonjour--it is now 41F and cold--be prepared--a nice coat from Paris might be good to have!

  17. Anonymous3:18 PM

    No good coats.
    But plenty of macarons, chocolate bars and GREY sweaters should do me. Anyway as long as I get there, who cares what I'm wearing!

  18. Hey, you are leaving already?
    I enjoyed so much to see my country through your eyes.
    But I know that we will have watercolor of colored macarons and I hope that we will also have some indsight into Newyorker's fashion.

  19. Safe travels! I adore Paris... I must return soon... thanks for letting me tag along.

  20. Anonymous6:01 PM

    What a delightful tour of Paris. I have really enjoyed it. I particularly love the black and white sweater vest from the 20's fashion museum ... the white bow is lovely.

    I thought you were going to ask us to keep our fingers crossed so that the strike would NOT end sand you could remain in Paris. I'm afraid that is what I might wish for.

  21. I am so sad that you are coming home. I feel as if I have been on vacation with you. Thank you for sharing to much. I look forward to what the next couple of days has in store before your departure.

  22. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Keep them coming !! You run the most amazing Paris blog !!

    Merci mille fois

  23. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I have had a great time looking at your Paris adventures. Sad that they are coming to an end - then again with the strike?????

  24. Are you quite sure that the strike isn't a rumor started by you to cover your stay in a French jail cell? I admit you are still publishing wonderful photos.... so perhaps you are still free to roam and shoot at will. Please be careful trying to get through customs with all those contraband pictures!

  25. Anonymous11:21 PM


    At stay in Paris longer and eat more MACARONS :) Life should be so bad....

    Bon Voyage!!!!! NY welcomes you home!!!

  26. It's true LONGEARS
    that I am under surveillance and have been required to wear an anklet gizmo. I am off limits to most museums but have managed to gain enterance anyway!
    Customs has been alerted regarding a certain MACARON robbery...
    Keep all digits crossed PLEASE thta I even get to the customs bit!


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