Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paris Greys

GREY Staying with Paris fashion for another moment,
I felt I have to tell you that GREY is the color for Fall.
AUDREY HEPBURN in grey Audrey Hepburn is always all over Paris in many forms, but this is an innovative version in these grey handbags..non?

You wouldn't think grey rubber rain boots would be a fashion statement but you'd be wrong in Paris...
GREY Grey flannel flats will do very nicely too...GREY is big at HELLO KITTY The windows at HELLO KITTY were full of grey... HELLO KITTY! Are you kidding me? Hey! do not turn up your nose. This shop is on Place Vandome down from THE RITZ. I admit I was a bit surprised too...ahemGREY is the fashion color in Paris The layered look toute en grisGREY is the colorIt's all over this town up the whazoo. The KEY accessory is a metalic leather bag/sac...GREY is the colorNote this gold number with the grey stripped scarf flung over it...
Just stitch on a few odd buttons (grey of course) and you've got a fashion statement par excellance.
GREY is the color this Fall in Paris Or you could mix your metalics...plenty of flats are still out there.GREY is the color in Paris this Fall Should I buy this one? Pas cher either - maybe 45 or 65 Euros. I forget which. I also forget where I took this picture :(GREY is the color in Paris this FallThis was the piece de resistance of my GREY research and a "stolen shot" on the Metro too! A bag made entirely of pop can openers!
Tres chic non?
I had Sunday tea with another blogger
at Dalloyau.
She's lived in Paris a few years, put forth an interesting point:
Americans come to Paris and desperately want to dress like the French. And Americans desperately want to pass as French. I was of course, wearing my correctly knotted French scarf + a ton of grey/gris, while she was wearing a white cable knit V-neck "tennis" sweater = very AMERICAN! Naturally the whole world wants to dress "FRENCH" but what do you think of this phenomenon?


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I wear GREY ALL THE TIME, so I guess I could pass as a Parisienne...
    I can't find a thing wrong with that!

  2. I love grey and wear it a lot and it looks great with black.
    Everyone has always wanted to dress like the French they have that innate sense of style like no other race. Though sometimes they take the way they look a little too seriously which makes them stiff and unapproachable.
    Hey that was a very serious comment I left there - are you impressed?

  3. Serious or silly, DI The Frenchies will ALWAYS have IT IMO!
    Watch the video.
    I LOVE the "INKY EYE" shown. I bought some silver eye shadow the other day for Gawd know's why but now I know what to do with it!

  4. Anonymous4:46 AM

    i love the Audrey Hepburn bags and the metallic red and silver flats! :)

  5. Audrey Happy on her Roman Holidays on an Italian Vespa (grey, I suppose). :-)
    I was looking forward to the Grey Season, having grey in my wardrobe plus it wears well with black (I like the "warmer" greys though). I will try to wear some color with it, I like the dark magento/cherry to violet shades they are showing here in the shop windows. Nice combination.
    I have had a "grey folder" for some time, have to check what I put there.

  6. wow a bag made from the top of pop cans!! very nice! I better get myself some grey and metallic accessories!!

  7. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Sometimes I feel Americans can't win for losing when it comes to
    fashion. If we go looking like what people expect Americans to look
    like, we are ridiculed. Sweat pants and gym shoes is how we are
    portrayed by Europeans. My friends have been back and forth to Milan
    over the past couple of years and their greatest fear is that they
    would be identified as American tourists-meaning backpacks,
    sweatpants, and unfashionable and oversized gym shoes.

    On the other hand, many American women follow Vogue, Elle, and In-
    Style magazined for fashion direction. Grey has been "the color" touted by Vogue since last Spring. I picked up several grey pieces.
    Where do these style makers get their ideas? Yep, those trends and fashions come fromParis, Milan an New York runways!

    However, that is not why I admire the French. French women are NOT
    victims of fly-by-night trends and unrealistic standards of youth and beauty. They possess the ability to choose carefully, spend wisely, and make the most of what they have. They surround themselves with beauty and culture and this is reflected in their lifestyle choices.
    All women will try to emulate what they admire.
    I admire French style.

  8. I happen to love grey! I tend to wear it anyway and my sisters give me grief for not wearing brighter colors like she does! (so I can feel a bit vindiated here). I also love browns, and other more muted colors too. Metallic purses..hmm...I love the ones I have already..may pass on that one, I think. I love Audrey Hepburn too (don't we all?). The same sister who bemoans my lack of bright colors bought me an Audrey Hepburn purse (somewhat like what was pictured) a couple birthdays ago! I don't really use it , but I appreciate it (keep it)....just because it IS Audrey! ha!

  9. Gris is good. Terrific post! Oh dear, my purse is red! And my shoes are black and brown. I must be Americaine....will purchase some new gris.And practice some hauteur. Love the grey flannel flats!As for California, the help they'll need will come after...the golden rule applies...the shock, the assessment ,the enormity will unfold. Then they will need a friend.

  10. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Ladies with straight hair get permanents, those with curly hair get it straightened, ladies with a big bust get reduction, those without, get enhancement. The grass is always greener on the other side, even if the other side is a whole other continent! lol
    All we can do for CA? Pray for rain and that the winds will stop.

  11. (a) Ooh, I like to see clothes. (b) Send water? I don't know what there is to do right now, unfortunately.

  12. Great post today. Yes Attitude goes along way, Culture and CARING what you look like. not like here where alot just dont care.
    Having come from Southern CA with friends and family still there I am sadened by these horrible fires. This is the worst one ever. Until the Santa ana winds, AKA devil winds, die down there isnt much to be done but afterwards donations of money or whatever they need to help out those that lost everything will be something everyone can do.

  13. Grey! Love it, full of to do a grey still life, just to prove it, (or to prove just how difficult grey is) Love wearing it, great with a splash of maybe red shoes!
    (PB...get your paints out, thats an order!)

  14. So true about French style! It really is amazing. I love grey and black. When I was in Paris, people kept coming up to me asking for directions, so maybe that was something...

    Anyway, I was watching the morning news on CBS and they interviewed a woman who lost her home. It was so sad. They have a link which gives other links to resources and to offer help. Here it is.

  15. A new book - "Parisiennes - a celebration of women" - by ex Chanel model and actress Carole Bouquet - gorgeous black and white (and gray) photography pays loving tribute to the eternal style of, well, Parisiennes.

    High point of my last visit was being asked, en francais bien sur, how to get to such and such a place. twice on the same morning.

    I think the beauty of "looking French" is in a studied casualness about it all.

    weather in new york is tres chic today - tout gris. Wish we could send some of this rain west.

  16. First the scarves--now a wonderful post on grey. I cannot tell you how much I lust for those grey flannel flats.
    Almost as much as I lust to be in Paris.

  17. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I've always loved grey sweaters.

  18. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Yes the fires are severe and the worst in California history. Being an ex-San Diegan myself, all our family is down there and many of them have been evacuated. We are waiting for news from them after last night. We are watching the news 24/7. This is just horrible.

  19. I love the pop-top bag! So great. I agree that a lot of us American women would love to dress "French" (I make a conscious effort to do so, in fact). And there's good reason! The writer David Sedaris said that Americans are the only people who come to Paris dressed like they're there to mow the lawns. We have to break that stereotype!

    As for the fires, my husband is a U.S. Forest Service firefighter here in SoCal. Needless to say, he's been hard at work. It's really terrible. The smoke seems lighter today, though. Mother Nature and the firefighters are in charge right now. I also heard today that the Red Cross is accepting donations for fire victims. Thanks for asking, Carol.

    Sarah B

  20. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Does anyone know where I could find those adorable grey flannel ballet flats? They are just darling.

    As for the people in San Diego, I pray that everyone stays as safe as they can, and that the wind dies down. They could really use some hard rain too.

  21. I am French, and some of you ladies are sooo sweeeet. Thanks for this nice Parisian post today Carol.
    I am sure that some French are not so well dressed, and plenty of Americans are very elegant and classy.
    I closely follow what happens in Ca, it is awful, scary, to night they said on TV that the rain will drop soon.

  22. By the way Carol, I fogot to say earier that I LOVE that pop top purse. It is sooo cool. A good way of recycling on top of looking Tres chic. ;-)

  23. LOVE the grey happening right now, adorable on my daughters!

    As for SoCAL, our #1 is a fire fighter, and as with Sarah's hubby, working very hard, very long shifts. We ask for prayers for success and safety.

    Serve where and when you can, even if you are not in CA. Keep positive thoughts and prepare for these things in your own families.

    Thank you.

  24. wow, totally droolworthy wear! Love it all, you've got the fab eye!

  25. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I hope I'm in time to dispense a word of advice: The boots! The rubber boots! You MUST have the rubber boots! They are indispensable in the garden--protect your feet from dew-dropped foliage, keep your tootsies warm on those brisk autumn mornings and best of all they give great TRACTION when chasing les lapins! If they happen to be gray...well be a slave to fashion! Someone has to do it!

  26. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I almost forgot: I, too bought the silver's been 6 months and I;'ve never worn it out of the house...

  27. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Those gray boots are like British wellies. Love 'em. I used to have a pair of bright red ones--I got tons of compliments on 'em and they kept me so dry.

    It's interesting that you're hearing about the southern California fires there in France. I've been a nervous wreck as I'll be heading down there soon, but I think by then it will be clear of the immediate trouble those poor folks have been facing. Those people have had such devastating news--my heart goes out to them, and it's not the first time. In 2003, when I traveled from No Cal to So Cal, I saw ashes on my rental car mid-state! It was scary. I hope they get assistance quickly--it is so sad to think of their enormous losses...I think everyone's heart goes out to them.

  28. Anonymous1:34 PM

    love reading your blog,even more so right now since i live in an area of san diego that is being devastated by the fires.
    if people would like to help,the best thing to do is donate to the red cross and also the salvation army. be sure to specify that your donation goes toward helping fire victims here in california,thanks.

  29. There are some marvelous pages on greys, mixing greys and color interraction with grey in Jeanne Dobie's watercolor book "Making Color Sing", esp. pp. 14-19.

    Off the grey theme... I remember writing to you last year about the Barnes Foundation - did you hear that the collection is moving into a new building downtown Philadelphia?

    We love your blog!

  30. It's true. We do want to look French and not American when we are in Paris. I don't think getting a grey sweater and a metalic purse will do it, though. The French woman has a certain Je ne sais pas ce qui. (That's French for scarf.) They all have a scarf and scarves sell like hotcakes on the street in Paris because they know we are dying to look like them and are hoping a scarf will do the trick. But, seriously, French women really know how to put together an outfit and have style rather than being fashion victims. Your lady in the metro with the pop can purse is a perfect example.

  31. Anonymous11:17 PM

    absolutely adore your blog! Having lived in Europe several years ago, I just cannot understand why Americans have not taken to macarons as the Japanese have! Thank you so much for such a great reporting job.

    I am emailing you because I am obsessed with the boots you posted in your "gris-gray" section ~ if it's not too much trouble, can you please tell me the designer/maker of those wellington boots (w/ the thick ribbed fabric on the top):

    i am going to paris this winter and I would love to have them! Thanks so much and I look forward to reading your future blogs =)

    PS ~ San Francisco, I've discovered, has a few places that has macarons that remind me of Parisian macarons. Los Angeles, unfortunately, has only one place that has passed muster, in my humble opinion. I've tried almost everything! I made it a personal mission to find delicious Parisian macarons after returning from Europe.

  32. Anonymous5:49 AM


    I have a question for you concerning the post on your "paris breakfast" blog about french scarves.
    On that post you had a photo of a pair of boots.... your boots? they had a beautiful salmon colored lining.
    Do you remember?

    My question is - if I sent you money ( I live in the USA) could you send me 2 pairs? both size 8 (usa size 8)
    My mother and I both would love to have a pair.

    Please let me know.
    Thank You!
    PS: BTW we love your blog !!

  33. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Well I am gobsmacked but whilst you are still there could you get me a giant box of Macarons in every single flavour and colour known to man, carefully wrap them and send them to me?

  34. Anonymous1:30 PM

    The main thing the French woman has is self confidence and the art of flirting.
    Someone gave me a beautiful book. My French Life, and the author agrees with my theoty.

  35. I'm going to run right out and put all of my savings on grey and silver fabrics!!
    Wow, thanks for getting me in at the beginning of this new craze :)


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