Thursday, October 25, 2007

MAX Homage

Photo of MAX by Merisi of Photo of MAX by Merisi of
Did you ever fall madly in love and the object of your desire has no idea you exist?
Naturally you begin to see your loved one everywhere. And how endearing is it that your adored one is literate and likes sugar!
Every window beckons with images of the superb Maxie...
Multi-Maxes drive you even crazier with mad love!!!
And after a bit, any dog makes you think of MAX!
Find the MAX lurking here!
Not Max...
But certainly just as adored... Wait. Is that possible?
Another dear hound seen at the Jacques-Mart Andres musee but it's not dear Maxie...
You leave town, hoping to leave your obsession behind. No such luck. You see double Maxes at the puce in Provence :(
Daschunt You think you see Max at the best antique show in Marseilles...wrong again!
Daschunt Back in Paris you're haunted by the spector of Max, Max, Max in black and white...
not MAXNot Max, but you follow any hound in sight like a love sick fool.
Dear Maxie,
To think I had the chance to meet you in Vienna and passed it up. But then I didn't know of your existence. Next time I will be there like a shot loaded with the best dogbones.
Je pense a toi, Maxie...


  1. SO SO cute . I love this post

  2. Anonymous3:02 AM

    What a sweetie
    makes me think of our darling boy...

  3. what a sweet post!

  4. Maxie is at the American Consulate right now, applying for a passport (he's a native Pennsylvanian).

    You really did it, Carol!

  5. I especially love the picture of the lady with the dog. I can almost imagine her scent, her living room...Loved it.

  6. Oh this is so dear! Love love love it! Woof, woof adoré, All best, Jan

  7. What fun to read this post this a.m.! Max is a cutie and do you notice that where Max "appears" en was generally in or avec the current hip color of gris! non? oui? (like those antique "Maxes" aussi!)

  8. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I know Max will be delighted by your post! He's a star!

    One of the best dogs I ever met was Porter, who looked like Max. So smart and sweet, just an incredible dog!

    Have a delicious day Carol!
    (and I don't mean dog biscuits)!

  9. First a fashion post, now a doggie post! I'm very excited by this latest direction of yours!

  10. As a dog lover and owner I adore this post today! You keep us interested in tuning in daily wondering whats next. You never disappoint us either.

  11. Anonymous11:10 AM

    You touch my heartstrings~ I've always wanted a wired hair dachshund. Twins would be even better!
    Wonderful "breakfast" this morning.


  12. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I subscribe to Paris Breakfasts and one of my favorite things to do in the morning is check your daily emails for wonderful things. But I must say, Max Homage is over the top for me! I just loved it.
    Dogs really are my favorite thing in the world and I often photograph them when we travel. It somehow helps me not miss my little shih-tzu as much. Once in Paris I followed a woman down the street to tell her that I had a Boston Terrier just like hers! OK, so she thought I was a bit crazy but that's just the way dog lovers are. In Buenos Aires our tour director stopped the bus and let me get out to photograph and talk to a dog walker who had at least 20 pooches in his care.
    Thanks for the great photography. I really enjoy it.

  13. I loved, loved, loved this post. When I travel, I look for Border Collies everywhere, as I adore my two. As you might imagine, New Zealand was HEAVEN.
    I actually worked my darlin's into a food post this week.

  14. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. I think your energies would be better directed toward a dog of some stature --say 30 inches tall, 60 pounds - one who posesses the strength, determination and wit to be of real assistance, not just a hairy lap dog. One who has no bad habits, like SITTING ON THE FURNITURE!!! Quelles horeurs- what was Max thinking? Was he raised in a barn?
    As one intimately acquainted with Belgians (or do I mis-remember?) you of all poeple should appreciate the charms of a larger, more mature gentleman, one with the wherewithal to defend you from not only rabbit infestation, but from squirrel, chipmunk and bird attack. I can proudly say tht during my reign at Longears, my Mistress has NOT ONCE been surprised by a rodent or bird of any kind! I ALWAYS give prompt anticipatory notice of their arrival.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ozymandius "Ozzy" Rex Quantum

  15. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Oh you know I love this doggy post!!!
    MORE dogs of PARIS please - you can throw in a macaroon here and there too.

  16. Paris Breakfasts, you must look at my "restaurant review", it's a cafe on the pier for DOGS, it has sea view to die for and the pooches are fed restaurant quality dog food, cooked freshly on the premises... very pampered!!! Vida

  17. I must confess and clome clean. When I saw Maxie I too was smitten by his handsome self. I adored him completely. But alas now I come to find that you are also in love with the dear Maxie.

    Oh well, I shall not be jealous but shall continue my admiration of the dear boy from afar.

    Lol @ ozzy. :-D

  18. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Your dogs are all very sweet! They have such character, don't they! Like the Mistress, I have only had larger dogs--yellow labs, to be specific--Calvin and Bert. But our family has also had a Guido (Bassett Hound,) a Bubba (Corgi) and now a Tucker, (Corgi) and they're all loveable as all get out. They truly become family. ;) sweet post

  19. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Calvin, although 80 lbs, and quite large, did indeed think he was a lap dog when I was pregnant with Eric--he would leap up onto my lap and rest his head on my stomach. Never did that before I was pregnant, and never after Eric was born, but it was very sweet! Such a sweet, docile, protective cutie...I miss him.

  20. I have been a Max-fan from day one. In fact, it was me who talked my parents into taking this irresistable little guy home with us. Lucky they had me to knock some sense into them, don't you think? ;)

    Great post! I want the shirt with millions little Maxies on it...

  21. As usual, I love reading your blog!


  22. Ah, my heart is pierced! You have found my greatness weakness: the dachshund. Wonderful pictures - I crave every item of clothing in this post :)

  23. Oh I just love this post with all the dackel's!!! (dachshunds!!!) I have three, or should I say, they own me!!!


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