Monday, October 08, 2007

Musee Jacquemart Andre

A little tour today. I need to organize my million and one photos from the Saturday's macaron making class. These pretty macs were on exposition at the salon de the in the Musee Jacquemart-Andres.

Attempting to see a new exhibition in Paris as anywhere, is a challenge. But Sunday morning most people sleep in as anywhere, so arriving exactly at opening time - 10:00 AM the line was tres court/ short.

Built in 1870 by banker and art-lover Edouard Andre
and his wife, society portraitist Nelie Jacquemart, to hold their huge collection of mainly Italian artworks, the musee is open EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! And well worth the entry of 9.50 euros.


Up the grand stairway.
The entry fee includes an audio phone with details on everything in sight.

Facing the stairway, this magnificent fresco by Venetian painter Tiepolo. I loved Tiepolo's uniformly muted colors here - painting on wet white plaster will do that... This mural proved more inspiring than the Fragonard show for me.
The colors in all the rooms inspire too.

The perfect recipe of color, texture and pattern + Paris light streaming in the window in these rooms.

Of course no photos are allowed anywhere in the museum.

I know I could have been a spy, preferably for British MI5...

The early bird gets the worm.
Sunday brunch at the Musee Jacqumart
is an "in" Parisien thing to do.
I ordered the "Chardin" salad composee bien sur.

And a very swell salon de the it is too!

The museum gift shop has plenty of tresures
you can take home to feel like Marie-Antoinette.
I'm taking home these little porcelaine birds. I hope you'll see more of them in some watercolor still lifes soon.
Musee Jacquemart-Andre
158, Boulevard Haussemann
75008 Paris
Metro - Miromesnil
open 10am - 6 pm
If you arrive early you can wander the grand rooms and hallways and have the place to yourself. You feel like this is your place.


  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    I am walked past the musee yesterday but it was too late, I go there absolutely this week! your magnific post gives me wings!

  2. How absolutely beautiful... the colour everywhere is muted, subtle ans exquisite. I would LOVE to live amongst all this too, such gentle elegance :-)

  3. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Just loverly.
    How did we miss this one?
    Next time!

  4. Anonymous3:41 AM

    The ambiance and atmosphere is entrancing!

  5. what a wonderful adventure! you surely could have been a spy ;)

  6. Museum are not overcrowded on sunday morning, specially when France won a rugby game the day before !
    Anyway, you did not say much about the menu of the restaurant ? Is it good ? Does it worth it ?

  7. Thank you so much - it makes me feel like I'm THERE!

  8. you were indeed the early bird getting the worm...thanks for the can have a new calling...have more fun...blessings, rebecca

  9. Lovely. I like the Tiepolo too. What a gorgeous space to roam in.

  10. Carol, These are wonderful photos. You did very good undercover work here. :-) I love the little birds you got, they will enhance any of your new to be paintings.
    Excuse me but I have to go back thru for some more drooling.

  11. Hi Carol, I'm glad you are enjoying yourself and thanks so much for the museum visit! Love tiepolo,

  12. OMG I was in the J-A yesterday as well. We got there about 1:00 I think. We waited a bit in line, but it wasn't too bad. I din't take any pictures, though becuase I saw the sign saying it was not allowed. Did you get permission, or just sneak your pictures? We loved the museum. I am a docent in a house-museum in the States, so enjoy seeing other house-museums.

  13. I just love museum gift shops - sometimes almost more than the museum itself (should I admit this?). The brunch looks fabulous, too.

  14. You are having so much fun! And we're having so much fun reading about it. You're an inspiration!

  15. What a lovely Monday morning treat!

  16. Any chance you can go back and get that grey Louis chair in your bag? Fabulous post today - as always. I feel I am back there already.

  17. Anonymous11:31 AM

    LOVE the blog!
    We've been obsessed w/ making macarons here at home -
    where did you take your macaron making class?
    I'm planning on being in Paris next July....

  18. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Carol-I’m so appreciative of what you do; there’s no way I’d ever get to go where you go and do what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  19. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I loved this morning's blog . . . I felt completely transported. Stunning pictures and beautifully produced Carol!

  20. Maybe when you get home you will do a macaron-making post for us! I'd love to know how it's done in the home kitchen. This musee is another gem. I'm going to have to refer back to these posts before my next trip to Paris (unless you've written and illustrated a guide book by then!)

    Sarah B

  21. Anonymous3:54 PM

    We went last Saturday and the queue was super long, at least 30 minutes wait. Only one person at the ticket counter, that's the French system for you. Anyway, after the long queue the first thing we did was to have tea at the beautiful cafe, fabulous decor, gorgeous cakes, good mood restored. The museum was great too, and I agree, the Fragonard exhibition was a bit of a letdown. Still, it was a poster of the exhibition that led me to visit in the first place...

  22. you are a riot. and yes, yopu'd have made a fine MI5 agent. I love the unsuspecting people (perps?) in the photos.

    and good for you for going so arly. it's always best when we beat the crowds. fabulous

  23. lol! You would have made an excellent spy carol. The photos aren't even blurry either, as if you took them in a rush!
    I know all of your readers appreciate these great risk taking adventures you undertake for us!

  24. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Carol, I keep smiling, thinking that you're probably on some security cameras somewhere, where they have documentation of you taking a million pictures in there! Thanks for doing so! Love your little birds--they're charming--look forward to your paintings of them!

  25. As I'm reading your post about one of my favourite museums, I'm thinking, "How did she take those pictures? Did they change the policy?" And then I see that you've been sneaking them here and there. Naughty girl. But thank you! :)

  26. Have just been catching up on your posts since you arrived in Paris - such delight! Thanks for braving the vagaries of a new computer to bring all this to the rest of us . . . ah, wish I could have one of those chocolate tarts, and, and, and . . .

  27. What a great post! I love that place but have never dared to take photos there - these are great. And the Sunday brunch sounds wonderful, thanks for the tip!

  28. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing, what an amazing place!


  29. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Tres beau!

    Thank you so much for sharing, loved it!


  30. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Oh, c'est tres beau!

    Thank you so much for sharing, what a treat! It's so exciting seeing Paris through your eyes, feels like I'm really there.

    Estelle Powers

  31. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Your photos are just lovely, Carol! I love the one of ironwork especially, as well as the one of the water glass and carafe!


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