Friday, October 19, 2007

Giacometti at Pompidou

empty streets in the Marais The GREVE/strike took effect on Thursday. The streets of the Marais are vide/empty except for a bike or two...
I call M. and suggest we go to the brand new Giacometti exhibit at Centre Pompidou - the crowds should be minimal.
Up the escalators..up..up..up!
there's a lot of escalators and no signs.
Enfin - the exposition Giacometti! The art thief surfaces and can't resist sneaking stealing a shot of the sculptures sillouetted against the Paris skyline...Viewers + sculptures against the skyline...dramatique!
My major "steal" is this shot of a Giacometti sketchbook doodle...
Looks like a Moleskine! Can I make a macaron doodle look this good?

I shot this from an art journal...cheating.
This one too is from the journal. Don't you love the way Giacometti did his sketches on the walls of his studio/atelier? I would love to do that...
Back in the museum's arcades...
The views of surrounding Paris are...
Spectacular! Worth the visit to the Pompidou. This is my fourth museum this trip - a record for me. Of late I only visit pastry museums...hmmm
Looking down - at all the people but it's sparse today. Many have stayed home from work... My apartment is around the corner from the Pompidou so we go back for tea. I decide to walk M. partway home.
It's rush hour so the streets are full...
Motorcyclists and...
Tons of bikers, many using the new Velib system...
Workers walking home As well as walkers...
L'As du Falaful has no line A sure sign of something unusual going on is:
There's no line at L'As du Falafel!
Still the falafel tastes just as good as ever.
Friday the "museum" of Salon du Chocolat opens and the GREVE continues...
Uh Oh!
(to be cont.)


  1. everyone talking about falafel these days, looks delicious! what a great art exhibit you went to.

  2. Anonymous3:53 AM

    I saw this exhibition was on... I had it on mind... But my car wanted Fontainebleau yesterday !?!?!

    Giacometti was my son's famous artist when he was a little kid.
    When we visited Beaubourg, YEARS AGO, he loved his sculptures and bought himself a postcard of one of them (the dog)...

    Would you recommend this exhibition?
    Did your friend M. have your macaron-test?!?

  3. Anonymous3:57 AM

    PS -
    Update ...
    NOWADAYS my son would do with the last part of your "trip" only !
    He LOVES food !!!

  4. A beautiful day in the neighborhood (Mr. Rogers would agree *smile*)! Even the sky was smiling at you, sending out just enough clouds for visual interest.
    Your camera caught it all splendidly. Am I right when I feel this new camera gives you more creative freedom?

  5. MERISI I'm not using my newest camera (the Canon S3 stayed home) just the 2nd newest Canon A570 escaped the box at last and came along to Paris! And a very good friend it's been too :)

    Marie-Noelle The Giacometti exhibit is excellent but seen best with not too many people. The creative process from sketch to maquet to painting to sculpture is exciting and inspiring!

  6. Anonymous4:37 AM

    You keep us on our toes!
    Everyday I never know what to expect. I like this trip :)

  7. The falafels look great, can I ask what they are topped with?? Vida x

  8. Oh Carol , you really share the right Parisian life !!!
    L'as du Falafel is one of my favorite restaurant . I also love another one but I forgot its name.

  9. Anonymous8:58 AM

    great shots! the view from the pompidou makes me cry every time.

    tu es à paris pour combien de temps? moi je suis à ny jusqu'à décembre, faut qu'on se voit!


  10. Beautiful shots looking over the City. Is this the famous blue you keep talking about showing in the high views? In the one photos the Grays of the City and clouds makes the sky cast a lovely blue over everything and you captured it. I hope you get to the solon du chocolate with no problems. and I hope your getting lots of lovely paintings with Paris water. ;)

  11. Anonymous9:32 AM

    CAROL, HAVE YOU ASKED ABOUT TAKING PICTURES? In many museums you are permitted to take pictures as long as you don't use flash. I have taken them in the Louvre and Carnavalet without a problem except once when my flash went off because of low light. The guard was in my face in a "flash" saying loudly something that sounded like "pas de flish."

    Thanks for your continuing journal of lust of the eyes.


  12. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Carol, I am sooo excited that you are venturing out of the box exploring and into museums etc on this trip. You're doing my heart such good! I really enjoyed your foray into the Giacometti museum and am forever indebted that you snapped those photos--aren't they wonderful! Wow! Thanks for making my day. Your trip this time is one I would really enjoy. Of course all the others are fabulous, too, but this one touches my soul. ;)) Thanks!!!

  13. Look at that first photo and your header!! Fabulous. A wonderful breath of fresh air this museum visite. I have envy of the sketchbooks.. was mad about Giacometti in college...must put very large paper up on a wall just to draw on. Thanks for taking us along with you. Those views....ahhhh. And the streets. MERCI. Next Salon du chocolate? Oh my goodness. All best, Jan

  14. Oh, Carol, thanks so much for putting the effort and time to post to your blog while you are feasting on Paris. Merci!
    Loved all the information and detail a few days ago about your trip to Lausanne and including the photos of the paintings of Fantin-Latour. I loved that tiny white highlight on the front corner of the table in the painting for the poster of the show. Lord, the guy knew his craft and was observant. Also enjoyed the photos of the shop signs. Having a background in graphic design (studied at the Institute of Design) and photography I am alway grabbing shots of them, in my travels.
    The falafel shop shot brought back memories! My wife and I stayed in a 5th floor walk up around the corner.
    I love Giacometti, like the others. Talking about painting on the studio walls: In the 70's I had a huge loft and used one wall to just do what ever I felt like on it It was like a giant canvas for drawing an altering photographs. I used used 9 foot wide seamless to draw on. My 8 year old daughter painted a rainbow on her skirt of a life sized silhouette I drew of her. We still have it hanging in the living room across from a David Roth rainbow string painting.
    Steve in overcast Chcicago

  15. i heard about the strike on TV
    and had to visit over here
    to find your special view
    of the situation.


    i am so smart sometime!

    i was correct
    as here you are on top of it.

    my paris news
    with my paris breakfast.

    carry on...

  16. Anonymous5:41 PM

    You are the BEST gift every morning to open. Thank you for your art talent and all the sensual things you share- esp. the macarons and the displays of chocolat, etc-
    Thank you!

  17. And the divorce? Are people talking about the divorce?

  18. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Quelle bonnne chance for you! The Pompidou experience is one I long for. As for Giacommetti drawing on his studio walls, did you know that the Greeks built their temples from drawings they made on the foundations? No paper plans at all! Just building from the ground up!
    By the way, I am preparing giant "FREE PARIS BREAKFAST" posters just in case you get nabbed photgraphing something forbidden! Perhaps there is a tee shirt in the offing....

  19. Sigh...what a nice post not just on Giacometti but Paris! It actually made me slightly nostalgic:)

  20. My cherie, JEANETTE of LongEars Farms
    When will you be offering this petit dejeuner extravaganza,
    ? ? ?
    Shall I bring the croissants or the confiture?

  21. Blame It on Paris
    Les Francaises dont make a fuss about things like that.
    He AIN'T Amerikan after all :)
    Though they are singing,
    "Cecilia, you're breaking my heart
    You're shaking my confidence daily
    Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
    I'm begging you please to come home...

  22. Parisbreakfasts ... one thing admirable is your appreciation of the savory AND the sweet. L'as du Fallafel is a wonderful spot, family run, very "neighborhood." Did you get the yellow t-shirt this time?

  23. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Simply Shine

  24. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Bravo, is simply excellent phrase :)


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