Friday, September 28, 2007

Parting Shots...

Here's a few parting shots of goodies I'd like to possibly buy, paint and or taste..
These macs at La Grande Epicerie -
well the brilliant colors turned me off initially, but I'm feeling more accepting.
Especially since next Saturday I'll be taking a 3-hour macaron class
This green Lego gateau of Dalloyau on the left has always fascinated me.
Time to belly up to the bar and try it.
Will it taste like a real Lego?
Qui sait ?
Orange chocolate bars at La Mere de Famille...
Well if you're a foodie expert you've got to be ready
to taste cow's whatsits and dog's tail.
Hey, not this foodie expert!
But orange chocolate? I can give that a whirl.
As an early toaster of marshmallows over the pilot flame
when I was home alone,
this French version has me curious - Guimauve.
I won't be toasting any in my rented Paris apartment though...Tee-hee :)
This caught my eye at Lafayette Gourmet.
These lemon meringue I have no hesitation about!
Apple tarts from Poilane.
This window shot is for Asuncion in Spain!
Do I have to eat it too?
I can't eat EVERYTHING
I'll have to take a tanker home :(
Caramels from La Mere de Famille...
I'm going to sign on for a cooking class called,
Caramel Délicieux at Atelier des Sens
tout a suite!
I'll get to make MACARONS caramel au beurre salé! YAY
Oh and I'm paying a call on Gerard Mulot's kitchen with Meeting the French!
Last but not least...
This yaourt "macaron" has me very curious.All part of research...

Bon Appetite :)


  1. to decide? Dallayou is winning, but those caramels! Anticipation. Nearing the mark. Lookout Paris, she's heading your way. Bon voyage you talented one! I think I must get Ratatouille Dvd as I think of you cooking in your classes.What fun you will have! Can you sketch and cook at the same time? Probably so..Mise en place with your suitcase! And have a great time!

  2. macaron yoghurt? I cannot evenimagine what that must taste like.
    I sure hope that lego cake tastes nothing like legos. lol! That would be horrible!

    I hope you will share your macaron lessons with the rest of us! :-D

    And yes, yes you simply MUST try that orange chocolate! I am fascinated by it too!

  3. Have a wonderful trip, Carol!

  4. Yummm.. It all looks divine. What fun you are going to have. Can't wait for the new inspirations from this trip.
    I was noticing in the first photo that the pink macarons are the lowest in the bin and went first. What color's.. or flavors.. whould you say sell's best?
    Have a WONDERFUL time. I'm happy for you getting the whole month there.

  5. aaah! I'm so jealous!

  6. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Make sure you swim in-between all those goodies, Carol! have an absolutely wonderful trip! I head home for a few days tomorrow, and I'll think of you heading for a much more glamorous destination! Bon Voyage!!

  7. Anonymous10:43 AM

    A new Sabrina!!!
    Have fun in macaron class

  8. Bon voyage Carol! Sigh...I'll be dreaming of Paris while you're there!! Have a great time at the macaron class...I'll expect to see some of yours when you return!!!

    I embedded your YouTube link!!
    Excellent :)

  10. Anonymous12:43 PM

    this is really exciting...Oh my God,thank you Carol for dedicating me one of your post window!!!I can´t believe it.I don´t know what to say except THANK YOU because right now your head would be full of all the things you have to do before leaving for Paris and with all the things you want to do when you´re there´ve kept one tiny piece in your brain to remember me so...THANK YOU.
    I don´t have to make any suggestion to you because the only thing you need to carry to Paris to have a great time is YOURSELF.
    (I think I´ll keep this huge smile on my face for a month :D :D :D :D)

  11. Anonymous1:34 PM

    You are a mix of Sabrinas, really:

  12. Anonymous1:37 PM

    the url has been truncated.

  13. yum...have trip...blessings, rebecca

  14. Bon Voyage. I am going to send you one more email about another chocolatier...

  15. Anonymous2:13 AM

    I understand and share your hesitation over the intense color of the macarons. Perhaps you should ease into it, starting with the peach color, moving on to the lemon or lime before plunging into the purple and hot pink....or should it be the other way around? Well, you have a little more time to consider your aproach. Your plans are de trop! Enjoy your trip! (Is that an oxymoron?)

  16. What can I add? Bonne recherche?
    :-))) Salted caramel, right down my alley (remember bretzels with caramel *yamyam*).

  17. Yaourt macaron? They think of everything, don't they? I adore guimauves!

  18. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Your class sound Fab!!! And the utube is tres funny. Hope all is well Carol.

  19. Definitely try the guimauve! And have a great time!

  20. Hope you have a great time in Paris and post tons of pixs. I think I've gained a couple of pounds just looking at those yummy pixs. It's 134am here in Singapore, and I'm already hungry. Haha!

  21. Lucky, clever, talented you! Have a wonderful time. How can it be bad? You'll be in Paris!

  22. Have fun taking your cooking class and everything else too! Bon Voyage!

  23. Love the colors in photo #1!

  24. Oh you tease us with all the delicious photo's. Have a wonderful trip, have a macaroon or two for all of us left behind.

  25. You did it to me again. Transported me to Paris for breakfast. I got so hungry after reading this post I got up to look in the pantry for something to eat. That's when reality hits me in the face. My choice this morning was rye toast or shredded wheat. Virtual breakfasts are so much better.

  26. So, how was your first night out in Paris??? I hope your wonderful new laptop works, so we can get some updates here. x

  27. Anonymous1:30 AM

    they just opened a "macaron" shop around the corner from me (Paulette)...they are just so lovely!

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  29. Hello Carol,
    I hope you enjoyed Paris. I am eagerly awaiting to see all the goodies you have brought back and more new artwork,

  30. Anonymous4:41 PM

    My turn to see all this soon. Leaving tomorrow! Yeah! I am dying to get a spoonful of any yaourt veloute francais. Something I miss a lot here!


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