Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Les Animaux de Paris

I keep seeing all manner of This vache/cow in the fromagerie/cheese store on rue Montorgueil was busy wahching the passing ladybug. It wasn't just me noticing Paris animals.
this restaurant has snails attached everywhere. And rightly so, since they are the main focus of the menu. macarons
Another cow grazing just down from my hotel on rue de Seine in a Fromagerie..
animals in Paris, not just birds. A mom is walking with her little girl, who is walking her coccinelle/ladybug. The red wings flap as it follows her...


  1. Dear Carol,
    It´s not a surprise to find vegetable&animal motifs everywhere i Paris:just one of the resources for XIX century Art(Art nouveau,Naturalism,Art Decó..).
    As nice as usual.

  2. Did you buy a ladybug?
    Please tell me you did not eat an escargot!
    Well unless the escargot was in Chocolate, they are plentiful in France!
    Darling photos Carol!

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Ladybug! Ladybug!
    Fly away home.
    Your house is on fire.
    And your children are all gone.
    All except one,
    And that’s little Ann,
    For she’s hiding under
    The frying pan.

  4. He saw an animal, up on a hill
    Chewing up grass, until she had her fill
    He saw milk comin out, but he didn't know how.
    "Ah, think I'll call it a cow"

  5. escargot is good! especially in garlic butter sauce...

  6. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Snails and tails,
    Cows and pals.
    Not a turkey do I see :O
    Oh woe is me :(

    The Daily Poet

  7. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Thank you Carol for showing us the Whimsy that is PARIS! You have a magical eye for finding those little treasures that keep us coming back... What a joy! I love those snails, but the little ladybug really speaks of the enchantment of Paris!

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I LOVE the image of that huge luxurious porcelaine snail sitting on the red velvet dais surrounded by gold shells.
    Almost surreal...YUM

  9. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Ha, ha, so funny :-)

  10. I LOVE this place, is so amazing, i from mexico and i like your photos and posts.

    excuse my bad english, im speak spanish.

    mexican kisses!!

  11. oh, the ladybug!!! i want buy one!!

  12. cute little animals! and the lure of the fromage! i can pass that by and go straight to the chocolate!
    happy thanksgiving carol...

  13. What a moooo-ving post! More milk to make more chocolate things.

  14. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Beaucoup animaux adorable..
    Une vache de fromagerie,
    La coccinelle de la petite fille,
    L'escargots au restaurant de TERRAILLE,
    Tout marches au rue Montorgueille...


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