Monday, November 20, 2006

Love Birds...

We're stuck on each other - the key to love Love Birds..., watercolor on paper
This is the week of the Thanksgiving bird, the BIG BIRD. Last July I was nuts for little birds, sparrows in particular. In May I found a Parisien bird to bring home - Piu Piu. So this last trip I went looking again...
Waiting for someone to take us home...
Back to the Marais Pylones, to find a friend for Piu Piu in New York.. We'd like to visit New York... But somehow these other Piu Pius (French for tweedie Bird) didn't do it for me.
Moi aussi... There were all manner of silly things to choose from: Bunnies, ducks, cats, elephants. But not my dream bird.

The perfect wind-up bird... I went to the newly renovated Musée Des Arts Décoratifs. There was "my bird" on the 2nd floor amongst the vintage toys, waiting. Luckily the museum shop had a similar one called Blue Bird made in China.
These two birds hit it off instantly. Piu Piu is magnetic and "Blue Bird" is tin and the rest is history. I used to collect vintage rubber duckies.
Then Rudi, my Belgian Sheepdog, in a weak moment, woolfed them down.
Guess they were like chocolate for him :)

I like the cut of your jib


  1. I love birds too. I have a pet magpie and feed all manner of birds... In october I did a 9000klm looking at wildlife. SAw 206 species of bird!


  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Birds of a feather.
    I like the feather(?) skirts on the dancer dolls looking out the shop window..

  3. love the birds and the color and what a great watercolor they made!!

  4. I agree with Valerie! And your watercolors are FANTASTIC! :)

  5. Anonymous7:47 PM

    They're wonderful--I am an avid birdwatcher here, and I'm thoroughly enjoying these two...thanks!

  6. Cute post..great watercolor!

  7. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Carol these birds are so darn cute!! Painting is pretty cute also.
    Happy turkey day,

  8. I love your birds! They are exquisite!

  9. They are both beautiful! I will definitely go to that museum next time I hit Paris! I gave my oldest daughter one when she was little but I played with it. Piu Piu is lucky, well they are both lucky to have each other!

  10. Anonymous2:08 AM

    I had a piu piu like yours when I was a small girl. I still can feel the cold qand smooth surface of it in my fingers.

  11. Carol,
    What a nice"piu-watercolour";).It has an Asiatic air(I think more Chinese than Japonaise).
    It´s curious how the different languages imitate animals'voices.In Spanish we say"pío-pío".
    I can´t remember it exactly but something has been said about which language we'd better use depending of what we´re trying to express(was said by Carlos I Spanish Emperor who speaks perfectly French,Italian,Portuguese,German,Latin,Spanish),I´ll remember it and I'll write it to you.
    I trust in finding more birds"flying"in your blog.

  12. Loved this post!!

    Birds, my dear birds, you taught us humans how to fly
    To sleep on the wings, Is now, what I try

  13. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Birds of a feather,
    May you always stick together.
    Whether magnetic or tin
    You seem to be akin.
    Transatlantic travelers
    From Paris to New York,
    PLEASE don't sing like Bjork!

  14. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Love your bird posts. I bought the green dancing girl in the shop window and have put her a few feet away from the a/c so when it's on her skirt flutters in the breeze...

  15. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Colors that sing in our hearts! Carol - you've done it again...! I am inspired to dream up a 'bird' ornament kit of sorts...

  16. sweet funny delightful giggly post!! Too cute!!

  17. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Wind-Up Bird Chronicle! Very funny, very clever association. (And great book)
    My daughter collects all manners of rubber ducks too. Actually the collection is getting larger than the bathroom now.
    Beautiful blog. 1st thing I read every day.

  18. Oh I just love your watercolor paintings!

  19. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Can someone please tell me how to change the batteries in my Piu Piu?

  20. We are sorry, but for reasons of design and safety, it's impossible to change the piu piu batteries.
    This little bird has unfortunately no eternal life.

  21. how do you get it to sing?


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