Sunday, November 05, 2006


Chocolats-Pralus, 9" x 11 1/2" Watercolor more...
The other night, when I took one bite of Pralus Équateur...I was instantly transported. To the point where I stopped dead in my tracks and had to sit down, figuratively speaking.

This is the most chocolaty chocolate I have ever tasted. It came from a stack of 10 - Pralus calls it the Pyramide Des Tropiques. Pure unadulterated chocolate from 10 different places of origin: Papouasie, Indonesia, Sao Tome & Principe, Trinidad, Venezuela,Tanzania, Ghana, Madacascar, Columbia and Ecuador. Each square is 3" x 3" and 1/4" thick. About 1.6 ounces each, the whole stack totaling 1.1 pounds.

It was Pralus' rainbow colors that first attracted me, but I'd never tasted it before...

Many fine chocolates are wrapped in black or brown paper, sophisticated but not so friendly as these brilliantly colored bars.

This is from Pralus's website. The complexity and layering of textures here is much like what you'll experience when you taste this knock-out chocolate.

When I'm in awe, my camera shakes... At the Paris Salon du Chocolat opening, François Pralus was celebrating with champagne. I want to toast him after finally tasting his chocolate. He learned his skills early, working with his father, Auguste Pralus, a master pastry chef. Now he has his own cacao plantation in Madacascar and travels the world seeking the best of cacao beans. Many of his bars contain 80% chocolate.

These are Pralus' Napolitains - a mini version of the big square stack. I've tasted lots of chocolate, but never like this...I'm in awe. Thank you Pralus for the experience!!
I'd like to share my thrilling news about being on Blogs of Note, thank you for the link! Also, I'll be hanging my watercolors at the New York Chocolate show.

*Please, if you happen to be in New York come by and say hello at stand #39. I'd love to meet you.


  1. Oh Carol,
    The best things do
    come in small packages!!
    Brightly colored ones at that!

    I am so proud of you,
    being selected for
    "Blog of Notes,"
    and for being part of
    the Chocolate Show in NYC!!!
    I wish I could be there...
    I'd toast you with
    a glass of Champagne!
    Or should I say
    a cup of hot chocolate?!

    Please do not sale
    all your delicious
    watercolors on opening night!! Save one for me please!!!

    Brava Paris Breakfest!!!!!

  2. My good friend Kai sent me here! OH MY! You are living the life I dream of! Paris! Watercolors! Chocolat! Magnifique! Tres jolie! I am overwhelmed ! You are now on my favorites! Merci Beaucoup!

  3. Anonymous6:59 PM

    These colors are to die for! And I would LOVE to taste that chocolate!
    It looks soooo rich and delicious...

  4. I found your blog by ca=hance and i have to say. I love your art and your website.

    I agree 100% about the chocolate. Paris has the BEST chocolate shops. :o)

  5. sorry chance (poor typist). I put a link to your website and blog on mine. hope you do not mind. Under the title "Art"

  6. Anonymous8:12 PM

    The New York Chocolate show - the Paris Chocolate Show - This is too much for the average person to handle. Do you ever not eat chocolate and traipse around France? Do you ever do laundry?
    I like your watercolors..someday I'll get going on that one..

  7. these photos are preciously beautiful. Makes me more fond of Paris...

  8. Thanks for the info- this sounds really good. I will look out for it.

  9. Love the site. That blogs of note link must do wonders!

    Where can you purchase these chocolates? I will be in Paris later this year (new years) and would love to pick some up. :)

  10. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Dear Carol,'ve taken me to my childhoood,when I wait for the 3 Magic Kings presents left in my shoes..I woke up as earlier as I could!!!With my presents I always found my shoes and the floor round them plenty of Napolitains du chocolat from Godiva,Pralus,Petit Plaisir,Oriol Balaguer...Now sometimes I go to Cacao Sampaka(le temple du chocolat à Madrid with Petit Plaisir)to feel again like a child.
    As usual,magnifique Carol!!

  11. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Quel régal!

  12. Two of my passions in one post - art and chocolate! Lovely!

  13. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'D HAVE DIED ON THE SPOT!!! THESE LOOK SO DECADENT AND SO RICH AND SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Oh, if I could be in NY for the chocolate show, I'd be there!! HAve a bit of choco for me!!!!!

  14. Congratulations on your watercolors being displayed at the chocolate show!! What a charmed life you're leading right now :)

    And Francois, I believe, has my dream job.....

  15. Hey I like your blog! And those chocolates look amazing... not only because of their lovely chocolate-ness, but the colourful packets are great!

  16. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Mouth watering chocolate and artistic paintings! This is life at its highest of meaning!

    I have downloaded the pictures! So delicious looking!

  17. Those colors grab me, too. If I ever encounter that smaller set, I will definitely indulge. (They should be giving you free chocolate, for enticing all the rest of us! :-) )

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  18. Ooh that chocolate stack is preeetty. I remember being drawn to it last year at the chocolate festival, but I didn't buy...anything! Or maybe I bought a weeny box of chocolates from someone. ARRGH! I wish I could've gone to the chocolate show with you! And I wish I could see your display at the NYC chocolate show. Next year perhaps?

  19. Hello. Just wanted to say that your watercolors are an inspiration.

    And I'm regretting not eating enough chocolate when I visited Paris last spring!

  20. Yummy stacks of chocolate! Nice that you have your watercolors at the NY chocolate show!

  21. congratulations :)

  22. Es un hermoso sitio este, me encantan los colores y la pasión con que describes todo. Saludos desde mi tierra, aqui hay haciendas donde se fabrica el chocolate, ya que el cacao es parte de nosotros. Saludos!!

    This is a beautiful site!! The colors and pasion are amazing!!
    Congratulations of my cacao´s land!!

  23. Anonymous11:41 AM

    What a feast for the eyes, and the tongue! You make my mouth water! Congratulations on your blog award, I can think of no one more worthy! Chocolate toasts to you!!!

  24. Thank you folks for your kind words!
    I will do a big preview post on the NY Choco show on Friday. Provided I am not too hung over with chocolate excess from the opening the night before...

  25. Oh my god... (as per usual!)

    Wish I was in NY to meet you.

  26. Your post in the last few days have been
    an absolute heavenly treat for a *~CHOCOHOLIC!~* mY tAStE BuDS aRe *~*~SaLaVaTiNg!*~*~ oh YuM!!

  27. blog.

  28. The chocolate looks divine, but I have to say, your watercolors are really yummy, too! Go blogger for tagging you as a "blog of note."

    Do you ever travel/sell your art around the U.S.??

  29. Carol you sure do know how to send a person sailing wishing she/he were swimming in chocolate.
    To die for!

  30. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Paris in the spring time...


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