Thursday, November 02, 2006

Parisian Halloween

Halloween A little bit of dyslexia can be a fun companion when you're traveling. You look at a map and instead of seeing 93, you see just 3 and go merrily on your way wandering down streets you hadn't meant to. That's how I discovered this classic chocolatier, La Mere de Famille, founded in 1761 on 35, rue du Faubourg Montmartre. The surprise was seeing the windows full of elaborate Halloween candies.

Halloween Solid chocolate pumpkins, marzipan pumpkins. Orange and black everywhere. Creepy crawly spiders too.
Halloween More pumpkins on 15, rue Montorgueil, in Charles Chocolatier. Sara Turnbull writes extensively in Almost French of this quartier. I thought I saw her little white Westie in the street. Like an idiot, I called out, "Maddie"? The Frenchman holding the dog's lead said, "Maddie? That's a girl's name. This is Tarzan. He's a boy". Vive la difference in France!

HalloweenMore pumpkins seen on a day trip to Reims at De Neuville Chocolatier.
Here's a gorgeous box of Fall and Halloween bonbons from De Neuville. I just admired them. No tasting. I had the chocolate show that night.

Halloween Look at this amazing witch with straw hair in the window. I'd heard France has embraced Halloween with a vengence.

Halloween Roselyne said I must not miss this traditional chocolatier in Reims, Maison Deleans on 20, Rue Cérès.

The black cat in Delean's window caught my eye. I know I'm late reporting on Halloween in France..but I departed the afternoon of the 31st of October, so I missed seeing the costumes. After my 7 hr flight into JFK, I was surprised to see the baggage/customs person wearing a tiger's tail, pointy orange ears + painted-on whiskers.
Then it dawned on me =


  1. A Westie named it, lol.

    I'm always curious to know which holidays other countries celebrate and how they go about it.

    Interesting that France is taking on similar traditions and decorations.

    Holidays are's that simple!

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    So the mistake was meant to be :-)

    Inspired by your lovely photos I wanted to take photos in a chocolate shop in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago. I did something wrong though. I asked permission from the owner. And got a negative answer :-(

  3. So happy to read your writings every morning... coffe and Paris breakfasts ... that's a good start!

  4. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Where are the mini Snickers bars and Milky WAys? ? ? What's up with those French? Any Good-And-Plentys?
    Too fancy for my taste :(

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Carol, It seems your holiday in Paris is wonderful. I was wondering if you have been seeing watercolor travel sketchbooks published books there from various artists. Which would be very interesting to see. If you run across books of intrest would you let us know and maybe we can get some of these to look at.
    I hope your journey is good,have a great day,

  6. Oh, these treats just all look so lovely. I just love holidays...and chocolat.

  7. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Thank you for sharing these delicious photographs! So creative, so divine!! I'm glad I visited today!

  8. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Dear Carol(now with an Ocean between us),
    I think I´m late on Europe but I think I´m on time in USA to wish you a nice Thanks Giving day.
    I hope you´ll keep on writing on your woderful blog from NY,I´ll wait for your beautiful watercolours&photos from the "Big Apple".
    Mes mieux veux pour toi.
    Smila ;)

  9. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I think calling out "Maddie!" is very funny! I would have done the same ... even Halloween is tastefully done in Paris. Your blog posts are so enjoyable ... every single one of them.

  10. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Ahhh, good old Halloween! I've experienced it in Italy, and last week, with my son and his band doing a gig in Waterloo, England.
    My favorite "caped crusader," Batman, was the bartender. Nice to know Halloween has taken off in France, also.

  11. scary chocolate ot not, you know I love these photos! looking forward to a post about the chocolate show, my favorite is Valrhona, I'm curious to hear what new you might recommend.

  12. Cin Unfortunately Valrhona does not show up at these events. They don't have to. They were at the July fancy food show for the trade..that was different. And I saw such a nice Valrhona tasting box at the CDG duty-free but I didn't buy it. kick-kick :(

    Yes Becca I made a fool of myself over the non "Maddie". I'm glad it wasn't Sarah's doggie.. Occasionally a PB fan will turn up at Kremer Pigments, usually end-of-day when I'm covered in pigment dust and grumpy and not looking the least bit like I just ate a Paris Breakfast, so just as well :)

    S.Jersey Boy, I was just informed that Old Soul's Day started in France (I thought It was England..) so perhaps they can claim Halloween as theirs? I have to check this out...

    Smila we have a bit of time before Thanksgiving Thanks Gawd! but no matter:)

    THANKS for stopping by Constance and Carla and everyone else!Now to go post today's choco story...

  13. Nice blog =) love the pictures.

  14. I am so glad you are as mad about chocolate, Parisian chocolate as I am. Have you tried Pierre Herme?


  15. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Thanks for taking the time to share some creative and spooky ideas that looked in credibly delightful.

  16. Ciao,

    lovely hands! I'll tell about you in my blog very soon.



  17. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Halloween is such a fun holiday. I like spooky and orange and black and green and purple.


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