Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beautiful Bars...

French chocolate bars
The once "plain" chocolate bar is the HOT item these days. Every choco company is making them. "Percentage bars" let you know how much cocoa is inside. I just wish more thought was given to the outside here. The French are visually inventive as always...

Chocolat Foucher, above, have cleverly stayed with their 20's Déco wrapper designs. Jean-Paul Hévin goes for the "naked" tablette with just his brand accross the top like a Louis Vuiton purse.

French chocolate bars Look at these crazy-shaped orange chocolate bars from maitre chocolatiere, Arnaud Larher. The flavors too are adventurous - apricot with coconut!?French chocolate bars These bars are from La Mère de Famille. Again all is revealed + interesting flavors...chocolate bars These French black wrappers work here, because of the brilliant colors (irradiating color theory - black makes other colors look brighter and lighter). And the colors connote the exotic origins of the cacao bean within.chocolate barsHershey's jumped into the race at the NY Chocolate show introducing these new bars and blasting the percentages. They're smaller in size... What do you think of them?chocolate bars Guittard is the oldest producer of fine chocolate in the US and of French origin too. They take great care in every step of production to supply the best chocolate to US pastry chefs. But I'd love to see a bit more umph to their new, but rather traditional choco bar wrappers... I think I'll become a chocolate package designer when I grow up :)


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    OH NO! another morning shot to hell searching for chocolate in the kitchen instead of cereal and toast..You have no mercy!

  2. First, in reference to your other post...you cannot blog too much about chocolate!! In fact, everything you posted is fascinating.

    Second, I think it would be extraordinary to have your watercolors decorate the packaging of fine chocolates!

    I used to work in the graphic design/packaging industry and it's certainly a feasible thing.

  3. Dear Carol,
    I'm sure it will be unfair for the people who will buy the chocolate bars decorated by you...they won´t find inside a chocolate quality as good as your watercolours would make them to hope for ;)

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Ditto (Smila).

  5. yes, you could do that! why not?

  6. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I wonder why Americans seem to be the only nation that struggles with weight when clearly there are major chocolate temptations in other countries that are far more beautifully packaged (and I have been known to buy something purely because it is so perfectly packaged). Maybe they only eat a single square while we eat the bar!

  7. I was going to ask a similar thing - how do the French women look so gorgeous with all this temptation around. Something strange going on...! Love the wrappers in the top photo!

  8. my life with my french man D is full of chocolate as in the picture...we return with bags of chocolate and other french goodies on our return trips to norway...I am soo craving chocolate after veiwing your brilliant pics!

  9. What a fortune!
    Good chocolate and good design!

    It has alot to do with the packaging...

    I saw a blog that had a story about wrappers you could buy to re wrap your chocolate bars prettier...If I find it I'll send it too you.

  10. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Carol, everyone seems to have the same idea why are we hear so behind in our country.When it comes to food choc ect the french surly know how to do this with beauty. The candie covers are wonderful. You truly have a wonderful life and a wonderful painter to boot.
    Thank you for sharing with usI love coming heare and going on the lifes adventure your having.
    Happy turkey day,

  11. For me plain is boring. Clear wrappers simply can't attract people.

    All the pictures look yummy.

  12. Black wrapper... with the colour highlights, does it for me
    The wrapping/ box etc has to be really beautiful/artistic to match the contents ( perhaps even more so)

  13. Hi Carol,

    Congratulations on having your blog included in the Blogs of Note in Blogger Buzz. That's how I got to your site. BTW are you the same Paris Breakfast that used to post on my blog Blogger Tips and Tricks

  14. Looking forward to your designer chocolate bar wrappers :)

  15. Ah, for once I can read your lovely blog and not go crazy. I have a bar of organic chocolate by Intelligent Nutrients I picked from Aveda. It's supposed to have "Happy" and "Calming" ingredients in it.

    I don't care what drugs they put in it. Chocolate always makes me happy and calm (as does your blog!)

  16. My God, Woman...you are killing me! ha ha! I am jumping up and down))))))boinggg))))this is 'magnifique'

  17. ...and I love love love these bars!

  18. Oh made on blogs of note in blogger buzz how cool.
    So dark chocolate is good for us now. wonderful!

  19. Of course! A chocolate package designer - what could be better?!? (Except perhaps, a chocolate quality-control taster?)

    My favorites are the packaging in your first photo up top. I would save all the wrappers...

    I must give cool-packaging marks to Chocolate Love bars. The chocolate itself is OK - but the packaging is very fun (there is even a love poem included in each bar).

  20. Anonymous3:41 AM

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  21. Anonymous3:51 AM

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  22. wow a blog about chocolate and some of the finest chocolates around - this is a dream come true.
    A chocolate package designer that sounds good - do you get to taste the chocolates before designing that way the pack will emphasise the feelings.
    x x x

  23. I like the post and good chocolate and good design.......! But i don't like the packaging. I like your blog and i am looking for some more good stuff.


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