Friday, November 24, 2006

The Russian Tea Room

I'm doing illustrations for a Russian-themed Xmas book at the moment. So when Louise and Merlin invited me to Thanksgiving dinner at the newly reopened The Russian Tea Room NYC, I did a spirited Kazatska (a Russian Sailors' Dance).

The Russian Tea Room NYC

It was pouring last night but that made not the slightest dent in a delightful evening. The RTR is next door to Carnegie Hall and later you can see New York's big Xmas shiney star hanging at the intersection of 5th avenue and 57th street..

The room is as lovely as ever - full of warm golden light you look your best in, reflected off the gold leaf ceiling. Note the gold firebird relief sculptures in the back, Russian ballet drawings and paintings cover the walls, and the orchids on the front table. So atmospheric...

The Russian Tea Room NYC

The food was exquisite, with excellent chef, Gary Robbins at the helm. Louise, Merlin and I shared these 3 lush desserts. Or should I say fought over :)
The Russian Tea Room NYC

The gorgeous brass tea samovars are still all over the walls... The Russian Tea Room NYC

They still serve tea in a glass Russian style.. I'm going to paint this soon.

The Russian Tea Room NYC

Here's the RTR's doorman decked out in a long red great coat. There's tons of history (architectual and theatrical) attached to The Russian Tea Room.

Taxi please...


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Bouche bée de plaisir. I can only say thank you, dear Carol.

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Oh just like being there...
    What a New Yorkie thing to do on Thanksgiving!
    Lucky you :)

  3. I cannot wait to see your paintings for the book! Will you have them for sell? Will they be out before Christmas? Can we order some in advance?

    What a beautiful tea room and Thanksgiving dinner you had!!

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    What a lush post!
    The Russian illustrations look charming as does that tea room...

  5. How I miss New York, especially at this time of year! I lived there for 30 years, then had to relocate to Chicago. Thank you for reminding me of home.

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Four years ago I spent two weeks in New York all by myself as an observator at the UN General Assembly. I loved doing alot of things just alone, and one night went to a concert in Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately I never found the Russian Tea Rooms.
    I met up with a pen pal one afternoon though, and she took me to Plaza for Afternoon High Tea. I will never forget it :-)

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Afternoon tea at the Plaza..
    Tea in a glass at the Russian..
    This town has it's high points
    And they rarely disappoint.

  8. I've been to New York quite a few times and have never managed to go to the Russian Tea Rooms. Once I went but it was shut. You have made me feel as though I were there with you - wasn't the dessert fabulous?

  9. Ooh, those desserts look awesome! And those drawings are SOOO CUTE, HOLY CRAP! :)

  10. One of my favorite works is Stravinskys "Firebird Suite"...
    Your talents know no bounds Carol!

  11. Anonymous12:00 AM

    and i dream of jelly and peanut butter spreads..luckily, i get my OREOs at Monoprix:)

  12. Susan:- I sent you a mail re purchase and delivery of one of Carols works....

    Exciting to think that it will hang here in Australia!! :o)

  13. Anonymous5:10 AM

    New York and Paris, rough gigs for you.

  14. Begum My new mission = I will bring you REAL peanut butter and Grape ( it must be grape!not Christine Ferbier) jelly next time I pass by Paris :)

    r.s.buck imagine getting up at ungodly hours to write and paint for this blog. It ain't all champagne and caviar...

    Simon you WHAT!?????

    cnemom Christmas is one of the prettiest times in New York for sure :)

    Gee Britt now I have to go back to the Plaza for tea...I went long ago with my Mom..

    For a closer look at THAT DESSERT cliquez...
    YUM :)
    I'm slogging away here with my Ruskie drawings...due Monday!

  15. Anonymous6:21 AM

    ahhh, always a visual treat to come to your blog! i love the warm colors of the pictures, inspiring and beautiful! i can imagine you can't wait to get back there to paint.

  16. nice blog!
    When i saw these pics i realized i want to go to ny now and have tea for the rest of my life... (it´s rainy days in sweden...)

  17. Anonymous9:41 AM

    It's going to be a wonderful book! How delightful...

  18. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Great pics--enjoyed this. I didn't realize the RTR was open again! I'll have to take my sister up on her offer to come visit and go sometime again... I went years ago twice-once with my parents, and once on my own and saw Jackie O there! What a great place--and those samovars were always so beautifully shiny and beautiful. Made the whole ritual of tea delightful.

  19. You are such a special person to me! Your blog has SO much meaning for me,. I have been to The Russian Tea Room and your post today brought back all the magical memories!

  20. I love the Russian tea room... what a treat to see it again this morning!

  21. what a wonderful post! So glad you had your camera so we could all enjoy. thank YOU.
    (hope this doesn't appear twice. something about my google password.)

  22. I always loved to dine here. Makes one feel elegant.

  23. I love the color palette in the tea room and the lovely glass tea cups. Makes me all tingly... Maybe my soul is half parisian and half 19th C. russian...


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