Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Champs Elysées

I painted this in Paris
Patisserie Champs Elysées, 9" x 11 1/2" watercolor

A friend said, "I noticed since you got back from Paris you haven't done any posts on painting. Only pastry and chocolate posts..."
HELLO? I just got back one week ago. Normally I'd be in a jet-lagged funk, but with the excitement of being a Blog of Note and exhibiting at the upcoming NY Chocolate show, I wanted to
share my Paris pastry adventures with you a tout suite.
Roselyne de Casteja of Veuve Cliquot said I mustn't miss the Ladurée Champs Elysées. Her suggestions are not to be ignored! I'd been to the rue Royale several times and loved the intimacy of the salon de thé.


smila said...

Dear Carol,
Not only Ladurée Champs Elysées.I hope you've visited Ladurée Bonaparte.It´s also marvellous.You´ve written about the"sweet"side of Ladurée but I can write something about the"salty"one:what do you think about the Millefeuille au chèvre,la Salade Bonaparte,their exeptional sandwiches...?On the sweet one I love le Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise or the Biscuit Pompadour.
I´ve just told you but I love your photos.
A Spanish sunny bye,

Anonymous said...


I love all the photos on here :) making me really really hungry!! lol

Lin said...

ADORE your painting! And the pastries -- I simply have a hard time imagining so many luscious desserts laid out for display (GORGEOUSLY DISPLAYED) and consumption ... I may have to add Paris to my things to do before I die just to bite into a few of those!

Ilva said...

I'm trying to eat less over here, how do you suppose I'm going to succeed if you keep posting these wonderful pics??? I just wonder...

Anonymous said...

Another lush ParisBreakfast post...
If AirFrance had an ad here I think I'd click instantly!
What a palette of temptations here..
How is one to choose?
Chocolates - eclairs - macarons What next?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the watercolors you painted in Paris.
However did you find the time with all the places you ran too?
I love the delicacy of this painting. Are you ever going to put them on Ebay?
So transparent and airy ~ poetic

Naturegirl said...

A *~delectable~* post as usual and tour of Paris! Now you have us all booking our flights..I can dream can't I!
Beautiful *watercolors* I can't get enough! ThAnK yOu :)

Victoria Pittman said...

I think this is your lovliest watercolor so far. The inspiration of your recent travels.. the sights, sounds and all your heightened senses infuse your work.
You inspire me to get out and paint!

Anonymous said...

I'm still kicking myself over our last Paris trip. We went to Laduree (can't remember which street, but same one as a Pierre Herme and a La Poilane)and we spent about 5 minutes in there before someone even came in to help us. Had I known you weren't allowed to take pictures I would have been snapping away the whole time, I was just looking around oohing and aahing at everything instead. Once we were getting our chocolates from the man in gloves I asked about taking pictures and got an emphatic "no". What a missed opportunity. Sigh...

Pirikara said...

Wow, I'm so in awe of your paintings! I just came back from Paris for the first time recently and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I'm going to savor your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried to comment on your work but I could not. I wonder why? Anyway I wanted to tell you how wonderful you are. Your paintings are lovely. I love watercolor although I am into drawing and graphics. I wish I could paint like you. My husband who is an art teacher is also a water colorist. His work is a little tight for me. I just love the way yours flows. Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks for letting me comment, Melanie AKA-beloveddreamer


I French and I've just found your blog ...just a few words......WOUAOUUUUU....splendid, brillantissime,... magnific!!
Every things; watercolors, picture,Laduree ( good choice!)I really enjoy it!
Continuez .c'est un plaisir pour les yeux!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The last picture
of your beautiful post
is the one I love the most!
Modern day Eifeel tower
one I would climb in a
I even think I wouldn't eat it,
it is a piece of art!
Good Luck at the NY artshow!
Will you sell your paintings?
WIll you sell other things too?

I am certain
that if Laduree
knew how beautiful
you painted their fare,
they would give you
front row sit and
dozen of free treats!!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to the Champs Elysee Laduree and avoid that boulevard if I can help it, but now I'll have to see this Absolutely FAB place! What other things can you change my mind about?

Sixty Bricks said...

Those macarons look so good. You don't see that at all in the States.

E.I. said...

loveliest blog!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Yours certainly is a blog of note & I have addded a link so that all of my crafting buddies can pop along & see your stunning watercolour pictures & chocolate.. Many of them can't function without chocolate so this will be a place of refuge when the cupboard is bare!!!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Thank you for letting me know my blog links weren't working. There was a problem a few days ago & extra bits have been added to my template causing the links to fail. All should be restored now...
I can't have people missing out on good blogs can I now!!!

bradystjames said...

ahhhh, to be in france!!!

Anonymous said...

pues a mi paris me parece un coñazo

Robyn said...

ooh I love that painting. I wonder why... ;)

JT said...

What a lovely trip !

brigitte said...

i miss parisian pastries and sweets! I miss Paris in general!!!

I must also say that your photographs are very nice. the compositions are great! They make me want to reach into my screen and pull out whatever treat i can get my hands on!!

Lea Harris said...

I had a similar experience at the spice stall in the Galeries Lafayette. A huge and very scary security guard shouting 'NON' at me as I was clicking away, nearly made me drop my camera into a mound of paprika. Go some nice picutures though *grin*

I wonder if I can get away with it this time? I'll let you know.

Your photos fire me with excitement at seeking out these beautiful artisan shops.
Thank you :)

ps if this post hits twice, my apologies

Anonymous said...

Love the pantings:)

Anonymous said...

mon dieu je reve d'aller chez ladurée sur les champs et ton post me donne encore plus envie. une boite entiére de macarons je craque!!!

simon said...

I have just sat and read through all the posts. (April on...)

This artist captures the light and shade of Paris.. I can "feel" it..

Anonymous said...

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A Thing of Beauty said...

True confession: your blog is so gorgeous I cannot stop to read a word of it. I just love all the images!

They're insanely beautiful like stamps on a letter or decals on a trunk.

But I have to tell you my favorite is the coffee and what are they? Macaroons? The watercolor at this top of this post.

Did you create that? Pardon my insane enthusiasm, but I want that painting desperately.

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