Friday, November 22, 2013

Les Climats

Wednesday I took went to a press tasting at Les Climats on 41, rue de Lille 75007

This Arts and Crafts building restaurant used to house all the switchboard operators of La Poste in 1905. The dinning room was once the refractory for the workers. Pretty swell no?

Les Climats is an homage to an all-Burgundian wine list with 600-700 choices making the most demanding pinot addict happy. This is where the white Burgundies are kept pitch perfect.

The red Burgundies are in the main dining room.

The bar room is happy to serve you Burgundy by the glass as well as the bottle. Les Climats means parcel of land, a small vineyard. The restaurant has relationships with 350 winemakers.

I drank a delicate, fresh cremente with the starters offered.

Saucisson des d'Aveyron from Maison Conquet.

Earlier in the day at marche Grenelle I was eyeing Ayeron saucisson. I'm making an effort to get familiar with French ingredients - it's a huge undertaking!

Petite gougeres - a typical Burgundy specialty.

A tartine of gibier (with a slice of truffle embedded in the toast!) and foie gras on a marmalade of coings/quince.

The décor is a contemporary version of Arts and Crafts designed by Bambi Sloan, who designed Hotel St. James.

There's a splendid outdoor garden plus a winter garden.

We got mini tastes of the mains/les plats. I had my favorite Saint-Jacques scallops, sitting on a tiny bed of carmelized fennel with a thin slice of very special Italian Parma jambon, culatello resting on top, crowned with an endive leaf.

Richard had braised Bar with a puree of artichokes topped with cepes and tarragon.

Cepes are at the top of my research list so I was lucky Richard let me have a taste.

Did we all have pheasant with marrons as an entrée? I can't remember.

It was a lovely tasting. Chapeau to chef Julien Bosous. See his sketch above.

What to wear to Les Climats? Something sparkly that will co-ordinate with the gorgeous Burgundy wine caves of course. When you get home you can sit on your coquille/shell chaise of course.


  1. Eloise L.6:50 AM

    You do get to the best places!

  2. So what sparkly little thing did you wear? Love the decor, too.

  3. beautfifully decadent photographs and a fun sketch

  4. I want your job.

    Do you know of cuisinedeprovence.blogspot (dot) com - all about cepes? I have made several of her recipes - all wonderful.

    1. Thanks! I have a boc of giroffles waiting

    2. A Box of GIROLLES! Ach

  5. Pretty Ritzy:)
    Gosh you get around..when I think of all you ahve seen and done these past months!

    Love the artwork..

  6. Yum--it all looks very tasty! Love the chef sketches, Carol!

  7. WOW! What a wonderful story. Didn't you mean "refectory" rather than "refractory"?

  8. Looks like a wonderful meal & a beautiful restaurant. You make me hungry every day & I'm wondering if the weight I've gained is from reading your blog.

  9. Debbie2:46 PM

    Reallyw???? Omg. This looks so yummy

  10. Was this previously 'le Telegraph?'

  11. Barbara Lillian4:22 PM

    What an evening you must have had, my taste buds are working overtime, just reading all those delightful courses you ate.
    Great pictures, loved having a peep inside that beautiful building

  12. Marvelous post.
    Thanks so much for sharing the fun you had with Richard!

  13. So so pretty. I love the arts and crafts style.

  14. Stunning photos of Les Climats, Carol. It has an amazing interior & you really nailed the beauty & detail in your photos. (Those scallops look great!)

  15. Les Climats is definitely at the top of my list for my next trip to Paris!

  16. OMG how wonderful....
    Did you just moan over the food?

  17. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Je viens d'apercevoir des gougères ! J'adore ça. J'aime la pâte à choux ! Je réalise souvent des desserts et amuses-bouche à base de cette pâte...
    Une publication qui m'a donnée faim ! Des photos comme si j'y étais... donc je tends la main et hop ! j'attrape un petit toast de pâté de campagne !
    Gros bisous et bon weekend.

  18. THANK YOU!!

    I hope to see you soon

  19. Yes this is the former 'le telegraphe'

    I had dinner here in the 90's and it was 'tres chic' - Princess Stephanie had her engagement party here so wanted to of course check it out!!

  20. Oh my, yet another serve of deliciousness. What experiences you're having. Thanks for letting us share the joy vicariously.


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