Thursday, July 08, 2010

Les Fruits Rouges de Juillet

Fruit rouge the, 9" x 11"

It's July so you should be eating your fruits rouge.
If not, please hightail it over to Gerard Mulot 
76, rue de Seine 75006Nobody does fruit rouge better. Mulot seems to be in love with red fruits and why not? This is the season. I just had some for breakfast.
Gerard Mulot's bag/sac is perfectly rouge for your red desserts...
Sadaharu Aoki is no slouch with the red pastry brush, but let's face it, Macha green tea is really his favorite.
Ok, you cannot go 2 steps in Paris without bumping into some red fruits. The new Carette salon de the has a stack of them.
Did La Grande Epicerie have moi in mind with this 'Artistes Fruit Rouge'? But you cannot taste everything.
If you can't get your paws on some fab fruit rouge desserts there is always fraise tagada- no one can put a terrific spin on penny candy like the French.
Not to be left by the rue, Sennelier catches the fruit rouges tendance/trend and goes to town with it.
Naturalment you must be appropriately dressed to eat les fruit rouges.
You can make do with just a red fleur rouge, if you have no red shoes.
And yes, you can get away with just a red scarf if it comes to it.
True, you will have to go to Lyon to this all-red shop to get it, but it's just 2 hours there and back on the tgv, so why not?
Then sit yourself down at this red cafe in the Marais.
With this red book. Don't worry about the content, as long as it's red!
I did exactly this in juin. Granted it was not juillet (the RED month) so no wonder there were a few slipups. I ordered this delicious looking fruits rouges compote at À Priori Thé. They threw in the gingered brownie as an extra treat. miam-miam!
The tea salon is set outside in the Galerie Vivienne corridor so when I went inside to the loo, naturalement I took all my stuff, just playing it safe...
Imagine my surprise when I saw the staff’s red faces, crowded around my little table. They thought I'd done a runner! Don't believe anyone who tells you the French don't smile. Ha! There were Big smiles when they saw me return to pay the l'addition.


  1. thanks for sharing this video, I'm going to subscribe for practice!

  2. Carol – I’m not sure if you stimulate my love of art more, or my appetite! I always so enjoy traveling with you.

    Thank you,


  3. Justine10:05 AM

    red shoes - check
    red scarf - check
    box of raspberries - check Paris!!
    And it's juillet

  4. Imagine me, turing over a new leaf, logging on to read PB with my breakfast spoon in hand ....vanilla yogurt with a sprinkle of granola and ....FRUITS ROUGE!!!! I dropped my spoon. I am channelling Paris Breakfasts! Now, if I just had one of those little round Mulot raspberry tarts... as you say, "Miam"!

  5. All the red is just stunning...I need to get some strawberries, STAT! The photographs are so beautiful...and I love your story of being mistaken for a "runner" at the cafe!

  6. Lovely watercolor! excellent!! I'm a huge fan of all the red berries, so I'm good.

  7. I am eating my fair share! xv

  8. I love that shot of the shoe with the red flower attached to it.
    You really loaded this post with great shots!

  9. my mouth is watering from all th ebeautiful images....HHL

  10. What's nicer - the painting, the photos or your post? It's all delish! I could eat up your painting.

  11. You're killin' me... and I am here! It's all trop bon! xo

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  13. Love this post! The "fruit rouges" are so vibrant and definitley gave me some inspiration for bastille day dessert.

  14. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Carol - you would think it was a tube of paint, moi - it looks like toothpaste!!!! Alas, homegrown strawberries are gone and it's too early for raspberries in the midwest... Cindy

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  16. Great post.Congrats on the JBF exhibit!

  17. I love all your photos and your beautiful paintings. I was on Etsy today looking through photos and saw one which reminded me so much of your macaron posts! It's at

    Thanks for sharing your talent and your love of beautiful food and desserts. I love reading about it.

  18. Love everything you write, photograph, comment. I just adore your blog.
    the title should be: "les fruits rouges DE juillet".
    (hope you don't mind the correction.)

  19. Strawberries are the ultimate in deliciousness in my opinion. What a fabulous blog entry!

  20. Oh my, what a cute fashion store! That skirt and those tops. Shame I can't find it on the internet! Oh well.


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