Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Shoot Your Food?

Tea with M. plus Religeuse, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Who doesn't shoot their food these days?

Tea at Carette - Place des Vosges with Amy Thomas AKA Sweet Freak, could only mean shooting our food like mad. When bloggers get together better duck.

Tea at Carette, watercolor, 9" x 11"
I naturally shot Amy's tea with plans to paint it.

This is Amy's shot of her clafouti and I did not even taste it.

I shot our neighbor's fraise compote after asking permission. I would have liked to taste this if he had offered, but he did not.

You should not covet thy neighbor's macarons.

Carette's terrace is a free-for-all for shooter/bloggers.

Amy and I went inside and started shooting like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Duck for cover everyone!

I shot the strawberry tartelette.

And these glass jars full of macarons.

But I like Amy's glass jar shot better.

Maybe because I once painted a mini macaron jar.

We both shot Carette's macarons bien sur.

Amy took this of my box of 9 macs being packed. I should have eaten them onsite.


  1. Too funny--when I read that title, I thought you meant, literally, do I shoot (with a gun) my food? I thought, NO, I DO NOT.

    Shoot it with a camera, yup--who doesn't?! Fun post, as always, M'lle.

  2. the glass jars full of macarons totally do it for me.

    well obviously i cannot give an unbiased account of my personal proclivities in this area. but i have to admit to feeling rather sorry for food in these situations - being affronted by these unattractive unwieldy menacing and clinical items of what can only be characterized as "equipment".

    when they can design a good camera to look like a piece of jewelry then all will be right-er in my world.

  3. Your title made my heart beat faster! Do I shoot my food??? Only if it has LONG EARS!
    Sadly, as soon as the camera appeared on scene, my pulse slowed, my eyelids drooped and I had only the thought of all those macs to sustain me.

  4. Hahahahahahaha
    Like it hurts flowers when you cut the stems Mille Paradis?

  5. I love, love, love to shoot my food. All the special food I prepare and the pretty and delicious ones from restaurants.
    I used to make my family very embarrassed but now they are used to watch me doing that. They know they can't change me!
    But one thing... I still have to develop that shy side of mine, when shooting "other people's" food! Oh my Gosh!!! I am TOO SHY to do it!
    You always surprise me Carollll!

  6. Bloggers have to be fearless and ready to face imprisonment SIMONY.
    There is no other way to go.
    C'est ca!

  7. Please send some of those macrons my way, they look sooo delicious....pretty please....with cherry on top?

  8. That clafoutis is so yummy looking!

  9. "Bloggers have to be fearless..."

    I'll have to keep that in mind. I've been know to take pictures of drinks but never food, too embarrassed. I will add this to my list of bloggy goals.

    Thanks for the laugh on a Friday, where it's raining yet again in sunny (ha!) So Cal.


  10. lol. PB & SF = the new Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid??

    You just "fired me up" for some clafoutis!

  11. This is my fave. Yes I shoot food and I get odd looks, and my family sighs in embarrassment and my husband says aloud "Is this for your blog?"---"Well, yeah" I loved going to tea with you and Amy. Now there is a lucky duck (AMY) Paris, tea at Carette at Place des Vosges and hangin' with sweet.

  12. J. Is A Bird shoots drinks and leaves?
    Why not food?
    Be not afraid
    Be very unafraid
    Just set it on the flower/macro setting and go for it.

    Hi Sweet Freak...good thing we met up...I'd be postless otherwise...

  13. Looks like you shoot some beautiful still lifes too Carol! When my friends and I go out to eat, everyone whips out their cameras, so no need for me to feel shy about shooting food in public.

  14. .. love this post .. listening to the BBC story now

  15. Whose graceful hand is holding the box of macs?

  16. That was hilarious! My kids know of my habit and leave their food untouched before i shoot it, wether I want to or not!
    P.S. I LOVE your new header! Very tasteful.

  17. Beautiful shots Carol - your shots of food always look delicious!
    Too bad that guy wouldn't let you taste his food :)

  18. Peggy in Atlanta4:10 PM

    Here is my dilemma...
    How do you pronounce this precious cookie?
    If I ask for this yummy cookie in a bakery, they quickly say "Oh you mean macaroon with the coconut flavor".

    I always correct them and say "no the french macaron, not macaroooon"

    Help me out with pronunciation please!

    Love the post today... gorgeous...especially the hand holding the box. Is it hard to paint watercolor hands? That picture would be lovely.

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer


  19. Peggy
    If they have macarons orFrench macaroons it won't matter how you pronouce it.
    If they don't, they'll be clueless.
    That's the key.
    Painting hands? Sign up for a life study class..

  20. I was in La Maison du Chocolat on Wednesday in NYC and started to take a shot of my drink and the girls next to me said "Oh you take photos of your food too!!" it was really kind of fun....they were getting it. :)

  21. what beautiful images...and the drawings are just dreamy!!! I do love Paris, how I miss it....sigh
    thank you for taking me back there if only in my dreams....

  22. All bloggers shoot theirs and others food. You never know when you are going to need a pic of someone else's delicacy. Great post!

  23. Yes, I am a food shooter. My friends know this about me and they also know that when the food arrives they can not eat it until I get my shot!

    My sister (an artist) even sets up my shots.

  24. That's my biggest problem Chatelaine - I often launch into my lunch BEFORE SHOOTING!
    I'm not sure why this is..?
    Sometimes I completely forget to shoot my food until I remember days later. I need help with this.
    I'm guilty as sin on many counts.

  25. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Last month in Paris, I took my courage and shoot my food and I loved it. Since I'm back I am glad that I have picture of the food that chefs prepared for me it is memorable and beautiful.

    I also took picture of Chef Pierre and the students that I met at the Hotel Ritz for the Soufflee classes. The only picture I didn't take it was Bruce Willis coming out of the back of the hotel throught the kitchen, I froze. Nice man and in good shape, he was there to promote some kind of vodka. What a adventure.

  26. In these celebrity-crazed-paparazzesque days you can take a picture of whomever you want, given the photo opp.
    And it's expected.
    Privacy and discretion has gone the way of all..flesh?
    You'll catch on.

  27. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I was to star struck to move and use my camera...oh well at least it is etch in my memory, the way he said Bonjour...and the woman beside me was gaga to.

    The paparezzy didn't care they were scream and flashing,that's there job I guess. I went back doing soufflees, it was sinful, un vrai pecher mignon.

  28. Yah! I love shooting food - and when I go to 'plate up' at home I gets lots of tips from my pics !!
    Dianne xx

  29. When two bloggers unite great times are had by all; great photography too. No one is safe when bloggers have a camera in hand.

    Would you believe I have never eaten nor held a macaron?! Tragic I do think. Carol, great photos, lovely art & great fun! xdeb

  30. Anonymous12:38 PM

    We are going to Laduree Boneparte tomorrow! Def will be shooting our food. Aren't you all trés jealous???!!!

  31. Shoots, eats and leaves -
    just down my alley! ;-)

  32. I am always "shooting" my food. I tell friends, some people keep a calories journal, I just take a picture. Only problem is my friends have started commenting on how many pastries I have been eating lately. Ah well, we must suffer for our art...

  33. Parisfan7:18 PM

    I always shoot my food, especially when I go to tea. I love being able to remember the little details the pics provide later on. My husband and son have gotten used to waiting. Also, when I stay at a fabulous hotel or B&B, my husband knows not to disturb a thing until I get pics of every little detail. I have a very patient, understanding hubby!!

  34. Oh heck. I shoot my food all the time--one time even a beautiful plate of grits, eggs, and hotcakes in a Texas diner. It was tasty; however, nothing as lovely as you have bagged on this blog! And, even though today, I'm in the middle of making a very traditional English Prime Rib for our Christmas Eve supper, the strawberries you shot, reminded me of the Fraise that I made one year for my sister's bd. Maybe for Easter dessert in 2012...You're an inspiration.


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