Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fortnum & Mason

Back to London today!
And Fortum & Mason located at 181 Picadilly - quite a unique department store focused mainly on gourmet foods.

I was enroute to the #14 bus back to Chelsea one evening stopped dead in my tracks by these amazing windows at F & M.
I love the giant, glitzy Champagne glasses bigger than the actual Champagne bottles.

Lots of mini bottles of champers for one celebratory person.

A glorious fountain of candies...
It doesn't have to be Xmas to bring out the candy canes. Who knew?
Another fountain full of tea tins and teapots - this was spinning...
With a teapot topper...
Stacks of cookies supports this teapot's lid!
A plethora of perfumes...
The ever British 'brolly' with the ever British teapot dangling down + a tassel. Who thunk this one up..?
Deco girls, girls, girls...
Simply too divine...
Stacks and stacks of exquisite fine china teacups...
Tea Time at Fornum Mason, watercolor, 9" x 11"
I want to paint them all.
Cupid shows up on the scene - very 'Vickie'...
And stacks of JAM jars bien sur. Ode to jam.
These charmant, mysterious boxes were so enticing I went back to buy some the next day. They were all in the window display. Only a few remained on the floor.
What's up with that F and M?
"Manners for Women" - what makes them think we need that? Still, forgivable since the window is adorable.
Fortnum Masons windows are worth the trip to London alone. Do go by all means!


  1. That is just lovely. Great window dressing - so analog!

    I hope it's here to stay and that we won't just be looking at giant screens instead some day.

  2. I am a huge F & M fan - have even been there once! Check out the trim below the windows in some of your shots - divine!
    But the REAL news today: HUGE article in the the KC Star Newspaper declaring the Cupcake is OVER: the MACARRON is in!!!!! With TWO local sources and even better, a local source for ingredients (I've been mail ordering) and that local source just happens to be the chocolate supplier where I stock up once a year!!!!! LIFE IS GOOD! Paris Breakfasts, your work is done.

  3. Ooooh, Carol, I love that teapot with the cookies under the lid. Lovely! All sorts of goodies--anything British is good--they have tea down as such an art. Lovely watercolor, too!!!!

    I didn't see this earlier, 'cause I'm busy with trip-planning. Getting a case of hives. I'll be in NYC at some point!!

  4. Parisfan2:13 PM

    I love, love, love these windows!! And I love shopping at F&M. It's a delightful experience, to say the least. Thanks for sharing these beautiful window displays. They are so inspiring!

  5. Beautiful window dressings! I adore all of them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    xoxo, B

  6. Caroline2:33 PM

    Carol - those boxes are Bon Bon Lip Balm boxes by Tokyo Milk and you can get them here in the states at Anthropologie, among other places. They also have soaps and fragrance.

  7. A favorite stop, yes. My grandmother always had a soft spot for them.


  8. Stunning window art! I love the watercolor too.

  9. i think i now need a giant champagne glass....preferably filled

  10. Great, atmosphere to your pics, Carol. The light is just right perfect - makes the colors stand out!
    I love the Deco Girls :)

  11. Ah to be clever enough, artistic enough, quirky enough to be a window dresser! My dream. Bergdorf's would be best. F&M and ABC Carpets a close second.

  12. Oh my Goodness,
    even Queen Victoria would have had a feast with these windows! Love the cookies under the lid and those angels floating around. Did you notice the Chanel bag? Very cheeky! Those stacks of Welsh cakes make me want to reach out and eat one. Or two! :-)

  13. Great windows displays thanks for sharing them, though they do make me miss it so.

    I have a lovely wooden box of Green tea that my husband brought back from his last trip in March. He told me that they were so busy they were sold out of all of my favorites so he got me something new.

    I just can't imagine F&M being sold out, but all's well as I loved the new tea.

    sigh...I NEED a trip to London, it's been ages.


  14. I'm a new convert to your wonderful blog. I'm an artist and I love your watercolor paintings and joie dev vivre. I am going to Paris in August and that is what led me to you. I have been to France many times, but I haven't been in Paris in 20 years.I have been busy traveling elsewhere. I feel as if I am going for the first time. I will be in Paris for a week and then another week in the South of France.
    Thanks for your efforts and keeping on with the blog. I will photograph all my food in France. Maybe I should have photographed my wonderful Armenian chicken lunch I had today also. Los Angeles has an amazing array of ethnic food.


  15. Fantastik !! love the plethora of perfumes and the candy fountain and I love them all - great post !!
    I'm going to look thru again.
    Dianne x

  16. I wish i lived at a place like F&M, Ive been dreaming of it since i visited last year *sigh* a place with champagne, jam, cookies, tea....what more is there to life? who would not be happy in a place like that??

  17. Hi Carol,
    i'm Annalisa and i'm an italian girl who moved to London only one month ago!.. Last sunday i've been to Fortnum & Mason and i've taken more or less the same pictures you have taken!! ;O)
    I think it's a fantastic place.. even if veeeeery expensive!!
    I'm an addicted of your blog and would be greit to meet you personally one day!..
    Enjoy your stay!

  18. Parfait. I am going to London on Saturday. I now know a trip to F&M is on the agenda (along with Hummingbird Bakery)!

  19. Erm...I beg to differ
    But I think that's a parasol not a 'brolly'
    So sorry :(
    Love the F&M post none the less :)
    Or nonetheless...

  20. Dear Carol
    Because of you and because of my addiction to Paris and all of France of course, I have applied to audit Introduction to French 101 at the University Level.. Who knew that at age 65 I would again be a college coed studying at university level.
    Tres bien, non?
    Thanks a million

  21. En voyant ces boites ,j'imagine des boites avec tes aquarelles, sublime!



  22. F&M do the most lovely window displays. The way they incorporate their products into each scene is very artistic and done with real talent.


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