Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting with David Dewey

What I ate for lunch at the Shack at Mechanic Street. OK, we got that over with. On to PAINTING! Day #2 of watercolor painting class with David Dewey, my teacher for like 14 years - a superb artist and an excellent teacher. We start off with a good look at Homer. The model for today by Winslow Homer.
What David is going to paint.The whole scene.
Everything you need to plunge in. First step - David starts with a value thumbnail in the colors of the scene to get balance, placement.
First marks - that intense red of the boat to anchor the painting...
Laying in the first shapes to set up the painting.
The warm foreground is laid in - more anchoring/gravity. Then a band of water is laid in the background.
And the fun begins. The piece of trees in the background sets up the rest of the painting.
Mingled colors are dropped in gradually wet on wet as David works across the paper.
He makes it look so easy. Wait it, is easy if you know what you're doing.
Back to the boats with a bit of pencil.
You can not paint a proper watercolor without a brush between your teeth. This is a rule not to be forgotten.
We watch the magic happen.
Et voila! The finish.
Another look at the Homer and David's painting. You can not go wrong getting his book, The Watercolor Book, I promise you.
We spend all afternoon painting away, after dejeuner sur l'herbe bien sur. I admit to eating a fried clam basket as well as the Lobster salad. And no I did not take a picture. Don't worry. I didn't eat dinner last night, ahem I always have problems with Maine boaty scenes and docks etc. so I made 'homages' to Homer of a sort.
Many 'homages'. Even more.
Thank Gawd there's always a dog or two at the workshop for me to pet. This is adorable Camie. I've offered to abduct her but been refused. I'm off to paint again. The weather is perfect even with threats of thunder storms.


  1. That silhouette-y thing you've got going on those "homages" is really lovely!

  2. Lovely! I remember it well. I should have done the same and worked on homages myself--great post, Carol! Fun to reminisce. I love Homer...

  3. I love water scenes! Your blue paintings are so beautiful... They look like a dream!
    And that salad, OH MY GOSH! makes me want to go to Maine!
    Have a good day girl!

  4. Thank you for showing us an example of Mr Dewey's classes. It's really interesting to see his approach. It must be just gorgeous next to the water, watching the boats. I'd probably just be hypnotized by the motion.

    I also love your blue paintings, which evoke blue willow to my eye. Very romantic, very beautiful.

  5. Is that in Camden? I lived on Mechanic Street in Camden in 1987. Beautiful place and gorgeous photos.

  6. Your homages and Mr. Dewey's work inspiring - but it's Camie who stole my heart!!!

  7. There's nothing I enjoy more than a skillful watercolorist. Gorgeous!!

  8. Wow!
    Love those "homage " wet-in-wet
    washes, Carol.
    Looks like you're havin'
    TONS of fun.

  9. I've tried my hand at watercolors and know how deceptively difficult they are.

    Lovely post. Thanks.

  10. Wonderful, wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing. I see now what my problem with watercolor has been---the brush in the mouth! What do you do, though, if you must talk out loud to yourself to paint?!

  11. you are can paint, and photograph, AND blog all in the same day.....a woman of many talents, and I'm guessing, one with great energy!!!!!

  12. Incredible tutorial Carol! We can all learn from this one.

  13. Bonjour Carol,
    WHat a great day! I agree with Carol, you are an incredible multi-tasker!
    a beintôt,

  14. Very beautiful art, Carol.
    The teacher and the student are very talented!
    (Love the dog!)

  15. Nice work! I never can seem to get it together during a work shop. Keep up the good work and the fun!

  16. that would have been a real treat for you Carol- the settting is so tranquil. oh and that salad - is it crab I see on the plate ? Scrummo!!
    Dianne xx

  17. Thanks for share with us Mr Deweys class, a treat,
    your salad looks so yummy

  18. Have been enjoying your posts and reading. Love seeing your art classes. And Maine.

  19. I have always loved his book and it must be great to actually study
    with the master!
    Great photos of David Dewey's demo and I love your homage to Homer--
    well done.
    That is a cool format sketchbook--is it handmade?


  20. The sketchbook is from New York Central Art Supply and it is handmade but not especially gorgeous or anything.
    Thanks it is indeed a treat to study with David.

  21. So where was the picture with YOU and the paint brush in YOUR teeth?????

  22. so beautiful! its so interesting to see the painting being finished step by step.

    You have such a wonderful gift, I wish I could paint too but sadly I am the kind of person who cant even draw straight lines with a ruler!

  23. Carol A month or so ago I asked your opinion on choosing a trip to Paris/France, which my wife wants to take and has taken a number of
    times with other men vs a trip to Egypt which neither of us has
    taken. You were non committal at that time.
    Any additional thoughts?

  24. A cool breeze of blue,
    so very comforting and pleasing to the eye too!


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