Monday, July 26, 2010

Adieu Maine..

Last Maine post - back to Paris tomorrow/demain je te promis.
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Alison is my Maine food guide - provider of all the best, cheapest deals in the state of Maine -she could write a book. We go for the BEST seafood chowder on the planet - chock full of lobster, haddock, native baby shrimp. *Alison warns me not to order anything else until we have finished the chowder.
Naturally I pay no attention whatsoever and order a clam roll, but it was not quite as good as Rockland's Sharpie's roll, which I ate in haste and forgot to shoot :(
This is the view at the Harbor View in South Thomaston.
And the interior view - tres shackesque non? Some home-made tarts at a joint in Tenants Harbor.
Back to painting session last day with David Dewey. David has us look at Edward Hopper paintings.
The sky gets laid in first - yellow + blue.
Mixing up the grass greens on the palette - I'm heading out to buy some 'Leaf' green paint post-posting today. Absolutement
David lays in the grass with a lot of mingling of various colors wet-on-wet. Don't forget to tilt your paper PBers.
The finished painting looking fresh and airy as a Maine daisy.
I paint a back-lite scene on the spot.
PB reader Kris Johnson, an artist, invites us to a grand opening that night at Mars Hall Gallery in Tenants Harbor.

The gallery is swarming with Maine's upper crust and the silver bowl is full of shrimp - what's not to love?
Kris lives in the unpronounceable, Castelnau Magnoac in the Pyrenees, France...
But her painting looks a lot like the view at Harbor View.

This is Kris' unpronounceable French dog, named 'Bleu'
That I can pronouce...
Paris a demain.


  1. What happened to Kris's left shoe? Did the dog eat it?
    Carol, the food is amazing! seafood is my favorite and those look delicious.
    I don't mind when you scape Paris for a little of something else, your posts are always entertaining.
    Beautiful watercolor as always.
    Take care!

  2. Justine9:47 AM

    Does it have to end?
    I was just tieing up my lobster bib for some of that delish soup..
    merci for the grand tour de Maine!

  3. Oui, the unpronounceable dog ate her Repetto shoe :(
    Who knew Repetto has twice-annual sales at the factory in Gawd-forsaken Le Martinet - 24160 Saint-Médard d'Excideuil
    Some PBer must have gone non?
    Only 20 euros a pair!

  4. Carol
    I have loved your Maine experience. It has left me so inspired. I have been to Main in the downeast area several times. It is so stunning and quaint at the same time. I will try the sky technique with wet paper. If I buy a palette like yours will I paint as well?
    I love painting workshops!

  5. .. lovely as usual ... you make me want to paint !!! ... I think Jamie Wyeth owns the lighthouse in Tenants Harbor, on the island.

  6. I love your blog whether you are in Paris or not. Really enjoyed Maine--need some seafood right now--wish I was there. No lobster roll for me--give me the whole lobster as is. YUM.

  7. You can not miss DENISE!
    The messy palette = wonderfully unmessy watercolors.
    I'm dropping my paintbox for the flat palette = more flowing colors more easily.

  8. Beautiful pictures. Love Maine. Is "shackesque" really a word?

  9. Carol,
    In all of your water colors, no matter the subject, I've always loved the way you (ala' DD) let the "darks" and "lost" areas simply
    flow into adjoining like areas of the composition. One of the joys of the medium.

  10. Anonymous11:00 AM

    oh my gosh, I had been reading about your trip to maine and thinking that the places you went seemed familiar. Turns out you were just down the road from my grandparent's house in tenants harbor!

    Beautiful artwork!

  11. la nostalgie m'envahit!souvenir de mes vacances dans le Maine...
    cette peinture me plait beaucoup.

    Bel été


  12. Thank you for the last swing through that beautiful Maine! In enjoyed your forays immensely.

    I am going to Geneva next week and will travel around to lake to Lausanne, to see the Edward Hopper perspective there.

  13. Lovely, Carol! The paintings are beautiful. Safe travels home again. Maine is beautiful--I'll be recruiting up in Maine this fall, but not so much the coastline there...

  14. Your paintings are so pretty, you're inspiring me to start up water-colour painting again.

  15. Misha in Paris12:19 PM

    demain je te promets...
    Cet endroit semble très sympathique!

  16. That chowder looks fabulous! (Born and raised on seafood here in RI.)
    I've never been to Maine!
    You make it look great - and I love the atmosphere that you capture so well.....

  17. Wow, the seafood chowder looks absolutely delicious. I lived in Maine for 10 years and never tried it because I got sick on lobster and it put me off all seafood totally for years. Now I love seafood and hope to make it back to visit soon so I can endulge in all the fresh lobster and seafood. Could you list your Best Of Maine eats and where they were.

  18. Welcome back to Paris!!!!!!! We missed you! Macrons are waiting for you.

  19. Welcome back to Paris! We missed you a lot! Macrons are waiting for you.....

  20. Whys is he named Bleu when he is clearly Blanc? Perhaps soon to be Noir and Bleu for what he did to that Repetto?
    I love your sojourns in Maine because I have been there twice and can actually picture myself there! However, I will continue to make the supreme effort to picture myself in Paris.

  21. :P I just wanted to comment on that foot.... :P

    What a wonderful time you must have had! Glad you're back though ;)

  22. Great post. I have never been to Maine but this is funny you posted this this week - i just posted about my trip to Cape May. While not exactly the same, both are east coast adventures on the Atlantic coast. Small world.

    Love your blog!

  23. The expert on BEST OF MAINE EATS is Alison, but half the fun is in the discovery.
    Anyway they are ALL GOOD -something to do with the fresh briney breezes don't you think?

  24. Oh, how I miss those seafood shacks on the shore! Shades of college weekends from my memories.

  25. oh man! that fish chowder!

  26. ok now you have me craving chowder!!

  27. That chowder and clam roll nearly did me in! For all of Paris' culinary splendors... well, there are no New England summertime delights. MIAM!

  28. I have recently moved from Maine to Texas. I must say I miss the seafood it was so cheap. We ate lobster on a weekly basis also crab. I guess we can't have everything right? Texas weather is nicer. I will not miss the cold.
    Bleu is probably a Coton De Tulear. I have two of them they are a rare breed related to the Bichon, Maltese, Poodle, breeds.
    I love your blog which I was led too by Denise. My dearest friend :-)

  29. Wonderful and delicious Carol. Thank you!!!!

  30. I teach college level studio art classes including watercolor. I did not know about David Dewey before. His book is great and I will get it for my class.
    He lays out the steps to achieving a painting so clearly that it will help both me and my students.

  31. Kris Johnson4:10 PM

    I loved your post! And have forwarded it to slot of friends.

    Btw. 'Blue' the dog is a coton de tulear

    Re: repettos. I found some lasts for their ballet shoes out behind
    the factory. And kind of sneaked them into my car!!!
    They are really cool.


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