Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Forgot 2 Shoot My Food...

Heading up to Maine on Sunday morning, I had at least 8 hours on the bus to think about lobster... Alison said, "I know a great place where the lobster rolls are only $6.95". Off we go in search of the cheapest lobster roll in the USA. An hour or so later after circling and circling the same route over and over, Alison says,
"I know it was here last year, just over this hill ..."
I beg her, "Can we ask somebody puleeze?
Can we stop in there and just ask?
No, they won't know" she responds.
I am ready to take a bite out of Alison's arm.
Finally Alison admits defeat.
We head back into Rockland and go to the local's hangout, The Rockland Cafe on Mechanic Street... Naturalment in my ravenous haste I forgot to shoot my seafood chowda' for you. I did remember to shoot the excellent ($12.95) very fresh (with not too much Mayo) lobster roll. Packed inside a Kaiser toasted bun by the way.
Petit dej' at the General Store used to be quite fab.
They had something called a 'breakfast pizza'. It sounds disgusting but it was just bacon and eggs on top a crispy crust. Miam-miam!
Instead I got just eggs over-easy with toast. *Note the jar of home-made strawberry jam dangerously left on the table...ahem
They do still have my favorite cookie and the price has not changed. Yay. I show great restraint and get just one.
I am not the slightest bit tempted by these whoopie pies - if only London bakers knew about the General Store in Owls Head they would be rushing here...
I admire the local brew of blueberry and raspberry jams, but somehow or other I resist. It's just the first day of my week in Maine. Plenty of time to indulge.
Lunch is simply a peanutbutter sandwich. I'm saving myself for dinner. A bunch of us arty girls leave painting class early to go off to an opening somewhere or other near Boothbay. We get lost, Maine signage not being all it could be.
Later we end up at a tres authentic local eatery. OK a rather shack-like joint that Pam remembers has terrific crab rolls. And yes it is still there since she went just a week ago. YAY!
We park ourselves on la terrace and enjoy the scenic view of the draw bridge etc.
The crab roll is everything we dreamed it would be. Tons of fresh crab piled on toasted hot dog buns. And again, very easy on the Mayo. 'Chips' come with it. There is a heaven on earth. I order an extra slaw, remembering to get my much needed daily 4-5 veggies up here. Do chips count as a veggie?
We go off to another local joint for dessert. And let's face it really, can Moody's Diner on route 1 be topped?
They have been baking lemon meringue pies to beat the band since 1927, When I spotted these mashed numbers on sale for $1.50, I said we had to try it. It tasted very mashed.
My rhubarb-strawberry pie a la mode with Round Top Ice Cream was out of this world divine. Extremely tart and combined with the vanilla ice cream...well words cannot do it justice. And Round Top ice cream has to be the best there is. No question hands down. Super creamy in an old-fashioned way.
Pam ate up her coconut cream pie without saying a word.
Alison and Margaret 'shared' a portion of raspberry pie a la mode. This is what a HALF! portion looks like. It has to be the very best pie on the planet. Oh why did I not get the raspberry? Please do get it and think of me when you pop into Moody's.
Moody's is the perfect end to a perfect Maine day.
Enjoy your breakfast. I hope it's a breakfast pizza.
More to come on painting in Maine


  1. Interesting Paris sent from Maine...love the differences in the foodie shots....what a difference at that! I bet you can´t find any of those colorful cookie things...sorry forgot the word:)....from Paris,, in Maine can you.

  2. I have never eaten lobster, but it seems Maine is the place to do it so I may wait until I get the chance to go there. I love your food shots!

  3. Thanks for sharing your foodie experience! The contrast between Paris and Maine is palpable. Love the blue blue water too

  4. If you want the ultimate in lobster rolls you have to come here to Gloucester. Maine has some good ones but Gloucester rules. In fact Fenway Park (home of the Red Sox) in Boston has challenged local lobster dealer supreme Joe Ciaramitaro to a lobster roll smack-down.

    Come to Gloucester for excellent lobster rolls --- and excellent painting, too!

  5. IMHO, it is not necessary or desirable to shoot your lobster roll as you would a rabbit. The lobster rolls are already morte and can not get away from you. Rabbits, on the other hand, are quite adept at running away before you can fricassee them and require shooting in order to enjoy them any way at all. Oh? You meant "photograph"? It's not nice to lead the Mistress on...:-)

  6. .. OMG, love Maine but forgot how hard it is to get healthy food there .. best lobster rolls in Wiscasset. Good travels.

  7. Be still my heart. Rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream is my favorite! No wait. Actually, coconut cream is my favorite. Well, unless there is banana cream.

  8. Thank you so much for this post, Carol! As much as all we who read appreciate Paris, I have to say that posts like this make me homesick for the US of A. I adore that last photo of a diner, and I am so nostalgic for a good diner right now, I could about weep. *sniff* But, the coolest thing about your posts is that I can live vicariously through your photos of meals and sights. I feel very replete reading this. Thank you. :)

  9. Lobster roll - Kaiser toasted bun! - and rhubarb-strawberry and raspberry pie a la mode with Round Top Ice Cream? *boink ... falls of her chair*

  10. You do get around girlfriend! And I would have liked to have been with you quite as much as if I were tagging along to Paris. The lobster rolls in a Kaiser I'm not so sure about (we used to get them every Sat. sans Kaisers which I like in every other way - at the Chelsea Mkt. yum - so miss it!) but the french fries and slaw look impeccable!

    Now did you say this was a PAINTING trip you'd gone off on?

    coconut cream pie, phantom clam chowder, whoopie pies......crab rolls.......ice cream and rhubarb pie. all i'm missing now are the fried clam strips! couldja get me some pls?

  11. Oh, Carol, I do remember a place right near the art museum in town where I got a fabulous lobster roll for less than $7--in fact, I went there three times in a week last year!

    I make delicious ginger snap cookies--sometime I'll have to box some up and mail some off to you.

    have a blast. Say hi to sweet Allison et al for me. Great pix, being enjoyed here in GA.

  12. I love the last shot - the one of Moody's! I love old diners.
    We have a lot of clam shacks here in RI but never went to one for breakfast!
    I hope that it was cool "Down East."

  13. You only forgot to shoot the first one, the rest of the food photos looked very good! I've never been to Maine, so I look forward to your travel photos (adventures/tours) Carol!

  14. Now where can you get lobster and/or crab rolls in Paris? J'ai faim.

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  15. mmm, so indulgent! Who says Americans don't know how to appreciate and cherish their food!?

  16. Lucky you Carol!
    I'll be zipping by Moody's in about
    3 weeks, on the way to our cabin, on Deer Isle. But how could one resist stopping, for that Lemon pie?
    Happy to know you're back up there with all the other "Maniacs," even
    if you did beat me to it.

  17. Janet8:33 PM

    Let me add a couple of other places to the Foodie List. Best Lobster Roll: Red's Eats in Wiscasset (just above Bath) But it is not $6.95 - yummy full lobster in a roll. In Portland: Fore Street (noted as one of top ten in country) and Hugo's - both restaurants have won James Beard award. The best crumbed Maine shrimp (tiny ones) are at the Lobster Shack out by Two Lights (lighthouse) in Cape Elizabeth (just south of Portland city line). If you want the best 5* food in Maine, go to the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport. I have lived here for 34 years, and Maine has become a great state to sample very fine food!


  18. Sarah8:34 PM

    let's hear it for 'Moody's Diner". I stopped there also to have photo taken and buy a couple of items with name.

  19. Howard8:36 PM

    Bonjour -- bienvenue,
    A friend from Delaware sent me your post. You've found some of the good places, but if you're still here - the best lobster rolls are at the Keag [pronounced Gig] Store in South Thomaston and for breakfast it has to be the Thomaston Cafe in Thomaston.
    For good clams it's Doug's takeout in Port Clyde, followed by ice cream in Port Clyde village -- take the clams from Doug's and picnic at Marshall Point Lighthouse.

    And if you need a touch of France, it's Lilly Bistro in downtown Rockland, and if you want a high end meal, try Primo at the Rockland/Owls Head line - one of the best restaurants in New England.

  20. What a brill idea La Mom - Lobster Rolls in Paris!
    Now that I would go for instant.
    Forget the cupcakes and bagels etc.!

  21. Stephanie8:54 PM

    OK - since you love Maine and you love France, the next time you jump the pond, you must visit Brittany [specifically Finister], which is a combination of the two!

    Also, I'm happy to see that other people take pictures of their food when they are on vacation. I do it all the time :-)

  22. Jan M.9:18 PM

    Since my last name is Moody,
    I too stopped at the diner to have my photo taken and buy all the souvenirs with my name of them, and of course eat! My friends and I joke about my kitchen being Moody's diner. I wish. I don't cook either!

  23. Carol - I'm starting to get the point that paris-breakfast has a lot to do with deserts, 'one' of my addictions. Is this a bad site for a boy trying to diet?

    If you remember me, the jury is still out on the Egypt/Paris trip


  24. Misha in Paris9:22 PM

    Naturellement toutes tes photos sont charmantes et cela donne envie d'aller dans le Maine, juste pour se promener !!!!!! les déjeuners semblent copieux !

  25. David, the writer9:24 PM

    carol, absolutely pitch perfect. i love the french and french slang dropped in; a necessary link. The comic irony shows thru and that is enuf. you are the outsider not taking anything too seriously. good job!

  26. I see you ate your way through Maine. And what's with the seafood chowder? Didn't you like the seafood?

    It all looks delicious. There's nothing like dining by the ocean.

  27. dear Chatelaine,
    I certainment gobbled up all the SEAFOOD (and eat it)
    I'm not so big on potatoes - those are cubes of potatoes left in the bowl.
    Tres desole
    I am a food-waster :(
    I left my pie crust too and everyone was giving me 'looks' :(

  28. Lobster for just 6$..amazing its good deal.There is a restaurant in paris where lobster is for 29$ and believe me its not worth eating. And morever it seems like you are food lover.All pics are stunning.Can i have that chocolate woopie?.If you want to good eat food at cheap price.Visit La muro in paris.

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