Thursday, July 22, 2010

Painting Color with David Dewey

What I painted yesterday in watercolor workshop with David Dewey. My willing subjects.
What David painted.
First the thumbnail.
The 'color beginning' as Turner would call it - a big atmospheric wash of colors mainly yellow.

David's messy palette out of which comes the most gorgeous colors.
Early stages.

The palette reflects the painting.
Voila! The finished painting!
Last night we went to David's opening at Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland.
Another of David's paintings.
Et voila! David (in the shorts).
Off to painting and I'm en retard! Toujours
Bonne journee PBers!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your day---that last photo could be Vincent! Did you get a peek under the hat ; )?

  2. Looks like oodles of fun! I found it amazing that his palette of colours didn't turn into mud! That's what happens to me!

  3. ... looks FAB ... what a great experience ...

  4. Rockland --- I love that part of Maine. Thanks for the lovely photos!

  5. Shelley11:53 AM

    Loved your painting of the two gents under umbrellas. From a fairly prosaic photo came a picture suffused with wit, personality and expression. And the lightness and brightness -- those dudes are floating off the edge of the world. Not to mention your gorgeous colors. Tell us the details of your own painting process -- I'd love to hear.

    (Thought that last photo of man and dog sur l'herbe might make a great watercolor too -- that hat! those shadows! etc.)

  6. Love the!

  7. Love the jaunty umbrellas, Carol--lovely.

    Looks like you're having good weather, at any rate!

  8. Beautiful paintings (and your photos), Carol.
    (I tried water colors once & it was a disaster
    That painting of the sail boat tied up at the dock is fabulous. (The "dusk" one.)

  9. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I'm really enjoying your Maine posts. Watching the watercolor process is so enlightening. Your painting of the couple painting is just wonderful.That's definitely Vincent under that hat!

  10. Parisfan2:17 PM

    I love your photos of his palette. And they do make it look so easy. I've taken watercolor classes and I'm always amazed at how quickly and efficiently the teacher completes a painting.

  11. Lush, elegant, wet.

  12. David's palette looks so good, he almost doesn't even have to do the painting itself! And that Camie - Ozie and I will pack our things tonite and drive all night. Watch for us tomorrow morning!

  13. Jeanne L.6:49 PM

    Can't get over how many sailboats are out on Lake Harriet in the evening, since in the morning there are zero! Gotten used to the idea that sailboats are always on their moorings, but it's not so! Every night they escape!

    The geese family seems to not mind their presence a bit, and with
    these clouds doesn't it remind you of a Monet scene? Now if I could
    only due it justice with some paint!

  14. Heather6:51 PM

    Hello Carol,

    Beautiful watercolours, so subtle…so impossible!

    I just quickly wanted to tell you about a tiny jar of honey I saw at the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet yesterday (following your recent posting on jam/honey and so on)… The honey is called “Miel récolté sur les toits de Paris” – honey collected from the roofs of paris”…they have installed beehives on the roof of the Paris Opera, the Grand Palais, in the Luxembourg Gardens, even on the roof of the restaurant the Tour d’Argent!

    Thought you might be interested… Oh yes, and a teeny tiny pot was €16!!

    Happy painting in Maine,


  15. Yet another terrific post. I am working on the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog along with 400+ other women. Today's task was to define your niche and then look at other bloggers in the same niche who have blogs that inspire you.

    After awhile I finally figured that my niche is bloggers who bring the things that "put a shimmy in their spirit" into their lives. You immediately came to mind. Can't think of another blog that is more joyful. So I wrote about Paris Breakfasts once again. Hope that is okay with you. Here is the link

  16. Misha in Paris7:37 PM

    en retard en retard comme le lapin d'Alice ...
    "Carol au pays des aquarelles"

  17. Carol, thank you for sending more fresh Maine air to NYC, where the air continues to require refrshing.

    It is fascinating to see what you are sharing of this watercolor course. Mr. Dewey's metal palette has definitely got my attention. My own watercolor palettes are not very fancy, I just want to know what colors I am working with.

    (I did a backtrack into your other watercolor posts, and am so happy to see what you wrote about Payne's grey. I love that color.)

    Continue to enjoy that fresh air and local cuisine. We'll continue to broil in our cosmipolitan cooker...when will the refreshing rain actually arrive?

  18. YOur intriguing and lovely post reminded me of a favorite movie of mine. Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger (sp), playing Beatrix Potter. I loved that they began with her watercolor process of gathering her tools and just perfectly blending the colors with water and starting her painting. It just came to life. It was it seems your classes have been for you.

  19. I love your Water colour and you have a very gifted teacher in David, I loved watching the paiting develope in each stage!

  20. Its the first time I have witnessed subjects being transfored into a painting, c'est manifique

    hop on hop off Paris

  21. This has been a fun week to follow. Love your painting with the men painting under Sue said.. jaunty umbrellas. Good choice of subject matter. Makes me want to paint with watercolors.


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