Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Contest

Yesterday while you were munching your way through Patisserie des Reves goodies, I was at The White House painting Bo's portrait. Only kidding. But I was in Washington DC.
Visiting the DC Alliance Francaise. I will be exhibiting the Paris Facade watercolors there in September 2010.
After measuring and picture-taking I was hungry, so I dropped into Bistro Du Coin nearby.
A little closeup on my soup d'onion lurking somewhere under this blanket of melted gruyere.
Then I ran to The Phillips Collection.
For a quick race around.
Before running off to catch the bus back to New York.
More news and the contest!I will have an exhibit of the Paris Facades at The James Beard Foundation in May-June of 2010.
It will be in their Greenhouse Gallery
Now for background and hints:
The Greenhouse Gallery exhibits the works of up-and-coming and established artists who work with culinary themes. Providing artists with a space to show their work not only enhances the overall ambience of the room during events, it’s also in keeping with the Foundation’s mission to celebrate, preserve, and nurture America’s culinary heritage and diversity. Past exhibits have featured mouthwatering food photography, romantic watercolors of mealtime still lifes, and exuberant mixed-media collages.

is this watercolor if you can come up with a catchy, witty title for the show that incorporates food and Paris. The people at the Beard House are foodies in the food biz and they probably love Paris (who doesn't?)
How can I catch their attention?
I'm tossing the ball in your park.
Here are some of the crumby titles I came up with:
Paris Pets
Wine and cheese in Paris
Paris Pastry
Paris Food Scenes
Paris Fancy
Springtime in Paris
Affair with Paris
L'Amour de Paris
Paris Love Affair
Paris Feasts
Paris Fete
You can use French
Keep it to 3 words tops-2 words is better
Put yr entry in the comments here pls.
Deadline: Midnight tonight.


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CC Avila said...

"Douces. Caméra. Paris.", as in "Lights. Camera. Action". Congrats on your opus and achievements. You are a daily dose of bonheur :=)

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

"Paris en croute"

Translation ~ Paris wrapped in pastry and baked

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

doesn't look like it went through the first time. apologizes if it did.

"Paris en croute"

translation - Paris wrapped in pastry and baked

Unknown said...

Sorry I should have said Edible instead of Eatable..... Hemmingway would have cringed...... Marty

Unknown said...

Only in Paris..

Nowhere but Paris

Kate Spinillo said...

"Nourri par Paris"

marie said...

I love your blog it's very inspirational,
here's my title for your contest... "Pièce de Résistance"

okay here is the definition from wikipedia that describes the title and I think Your work:
referring to the best part or feature of something (as in a meal), a showpiece, or highlight. It can be thought of as the portion of a creation which defies (i.e. "resists") orthodox or common conventions and practices, thereby making the whole of the creation unique and special.

Unknown said...

Paris by Taste

Bon Bon Paris!!

lexgreenthumb said...

An American Gourmet in Paris

Or roughly translated (please excuse my high school french, not sure if this is correct):

Une Gourmet Américain à Paris

Congratulations on the show!

Judi said...

eat woof love


Anonymous said...

Comment @ 4.49 by Anonymous...oopss..forogot to post email case I win (cough) ;)

Anonymous said...

bah..4.49 email :)

Anonymous said...

How about Coup de foudre or love at first sight? It's certainly how I feel about Paris pastries.

annechovie said...

I am too tired to come up with anything witty, but I do love your photos. I visited the Phillips Collection last time i was in DC, too. That onion soup is making me hungry! Have a great weekend.

shopping monkey said...

One more, too long (see how we love you? see how much work you have now to go through all these suggestions?)

Je mange, je peins; donc, je suis

Jan Brockway

Marta said...

congrats on the show. how about "Feast your Eyes"?

Matt Rosin said...

Hello, I found your site from Nancy Rosin (my Mom) - Good Luck!

La Cuisine Parisienne
Chou-Chou, Ma Cherie
Café Complet
Crêpes Suzette
Paris Chantilly
Paris aux Herbes Fines

Hope this helps!


Lisa said...

My French is rusty, but I think it should be the French for 'Dog Bites' 'Bouchees du Chien' (?)

Cindy Troianello said...

Food Fancy Paris
Le Pain de Vie
Bienvenue a -----(??)
Bon Appetite (sp?)

Anonymous said...


Allison Sparks

Unknown said...

What about: "Une Vie Parisienne"

BoskeZ said...

Congratulations !!!
and some ideas, haven't read all others proposals so sorry if somebody already proposed the same ^^

Paris goodies
Délices de Paris
Sweets in Paris
Douceurs de Paris
Beautiful Sweet Paris
Belle et Douce Paris
Paris en Douceurs
Paris en Desserts

sparrow said...

Paris tres bon bon!

sparrow said...

Paris tres bon bon!

Allison S. said...

Bon Appé-treat

Carol H C said...

Delicieux Rejouissances (delicious/delectable celebrations)

Elzabeh H said...


Dalmodor said...


Felice W said...

Galleries Gastronomique
Soufle d'Art

best wishes,

Anne LM said...


I would suggest :

Gourmandises parisiennes (Parisian gourmandises)


Douceurs parisiennes


Sucreries parisiennes (Parisian sweets)


Paris sucré (Sweet Paris)


Paris Sucré Salé


Desserts parisiens (Parisian desserts)

Good luck,


Merisi said...

230 comments, Mamma mia! :-))) Congrats!
Late as I am, I have another title for you (I know, useless, but a girl needs to have some pun, don't you think so?):
Moveable Feast

La Seine Miniatures said...

I know contest closed but I can't stop...LOL!

"Paris Sweet&Savoury"

Julie P said...

"Paris aime ....."
and the pictures would tell the story

Julie P said...

Délices de Paris!

ulie P said...

How about:
"Boutiques Saveur"

Julie P said...

Actually, Carol, I think you have the title is in the sub-title on your blog.....
"Paris Dreams...."

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Egad! I missed the deadline! But look how many entries you got!

Berenice Lima said...

Carol, ça vas? C´est moi,à nouveau.
Desolée, mais je n´ai pas lu le poste à temps d´envoyer ma suggestion de nom, mais je suis sûr que votre peintures vont attirer plus d'attention n'importe quel titre on vas choisi; En tout cas, voici quelques pour fichier - Paris: papier et plat, Paris de couleurs et de saveurs, Paris: coloré et savoureux, Paris:regarder et manger.
Et vous, quand vous pensez en venir à Rio? Vous êtes française òu americaine? Jusqu´a maintenant je ne le sais pas. Moi, je suis bresiliènne, j´habitte à Rio, mais je suis en train d´étudier le français et j´aime beaucoup la langue. Je pense que vous alliez aimer faire la peinture des façades de certaines maisons et des bâtiments de notre ville. À bientôt.

Berenice Lima said...

Ops.... J´ai oublié ...J´ai faim à cause de la soupe à l´onion. C´est belle...c´est parfait, on n´a pas à Rio de cette façon. Je soupire de nostalgie de la Mouff.

Anne Corrons said...

I'm sure DC will love your paintings!

PeterParis said...

Shall we have a lunch on the terrace Renoir painted, next time in Paris?

Di Overton said...

You are getting the recognition you so rightly deserve. Will my Carol Gillot originals be worth a fortune one day soon? ;)

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