Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alexis Mabille

When I got this announcement from Angelina, all I could think of was the gazillion knives and forks I've used gobbling up their divine Mont Blanc. More knives and forks and a beautiful buche de noel with a silver bow on it designed by Alexis Mabille. Honestly does anyone do bows better than the French?Alexis Mabille is doing bows up the whazoo right and left and everyone is eating them up.Alexis Mabille What's not to love about Mabille's French bows?Alexis Mabille Strategically placed in just the right spot to gently/doucement attract attention.
Or rather miam-miam
I went looking for bows I've painted.
Macaron Bow, original art, watercolor
Tiffany Bow, original art, watercolor

Eiffel Bow, original art,watercolor
Next Monday I'll be able gaze at Paris bows.
BONJOUR Alexis Mabille


  1. je suis passée aujourd'hui devant chez angélina ,on se poursuit!!!
    ils étaient en train de faire une vitrine sur "le Meurice" magnifique!



  2. Please take me with you. I take up very little room.
    Love your blog.


  3. You have an arsenal of incredible photos of Paris...seems to be never ending! Wonderfully structured usual :)

  4. Valérie-jeanne11:35 AM

    What an incredibly beautiful buche de noel! Can't wait to see what else the Parisians have in store for the holidays. Enjoy your trip!

  5. These bows are spectacular and that buche de Noel... it looks like a clutch! Amazing!

  6. I love the mobile, (but not the model's foot :-)
    You're going to Paris next week?

  7. Paris Lunch12:24 PM

    That's an XMAS tree Nikon, not a mobile...ahem

  8. Marianne12:29 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Enjoy your trip..maybe will see you at Laduree..will be leaving tomorrow evening from JFK to the beautiful city. Totally enjoy your daily ParisBreakfasts.

  9. Thanks for the link in the sidebar to your exhibit at FAB; are you over the moon with excitement? I would be happy to loan the three facades I have if you want them for the exhibit.


  10. Elizabeth12:35 PM

    Love the bows.
    Didn't know about this fashion trend.

  11. I just love seeing these every day!

  12. Divine.

    Monday I met a friend at Angelina's for a chocolat chaud. She was late so I ordered mine before she arrived.

    When she appeared, she ordered hers and I thought: "Oh, I would so love another." I ordered a second luscious serving -- the adorable waitress didn't flinch (maybe she's used to such excess).

    Two is too many, even though I enjoyed it at the time, later I realized once again why Frenchwomen are so intelligent. Enjoy, don't overdo.

    Will I never learn?

  13. love your blog, got my son to return from a trip to paris with a gift box of macarons from laduree!
    never heard of them until i read your blog, got him to take a few photos too of the shop inside!i think the red ones are my favourite, but the bag and the box are just as good!
    was surprised to see how small they were but on my blog they appear bigger!
    must visit for myself though!

  14. Carol, have a wonderful trip! I hope it's a blast. Bon voyage! Your bows are exquisite. Safe travels--I'll be thinking of you! xo

  15. Ron S.5:55 AM

    La Pâtisserie des Rêves par Philippe Conticini

    Wish I could be in Paris--just for this.
    Ron S.

  16. bravo pour tes aquarelles que j'ai découvertes chez Christian, je reviendrai te visiter, à bientôt

  17. Hi!
    Love your blog and your painting, but you should realy look up for the definition of "whazoo" or "wazoo" ;)
    I don't think you want to use it any more...


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