Monday, October 26, 2009

Paris Monuments...

At the Salon du Chocolat, Leonidas made this huge chocolatey homage... To the Paris Opera. If I didn't look at all this chocolate in an abstract way my goose would surely be cooked. And I would weigh in at 500 pounds as some readers have suggested...ahem
The first week in Paris your eyes are glued to the patisserie vitrines (windows). Then they start to wonder up above to the amazing architecture... No wonder Parisien chocolatiers and patissieres are strongly influenced by the aesthetics of their surroundings. Is it possible not to soak this up and then recreate it into chocolate walls and bricks of great beauty ? OK, they should have tried harder to show off their asthetic heritage - this purveyor is from the sticks obviously... The magnificent of scale, the grandeur of Paris...
La Maison du chocolat knows how to translate it with style and genius.
So lovely...
Very lovely indeed...
Is there another place on the planet that combines beautiful architecture...
And beautiful pastry? I think not.
When I got home I found the perfect homage to both sent me by designer Susan Hockbaum. Susan had the wherewithal to take Paris pastries outside and shoot them amidst the architecture."In Paris, everything looks like dessert."
Photo by Susan Hockbaum


  1. i love how window shopping in french translates to licking the windows.
    quelle appropriate- mais non!

  2. amazing shots,,,as usual! I love the one Susan took ! You have the largest personal archive of Paris shots of anyone I know...thanks for sharing.

  3. Bonjour! You are so right, so many building in Paris are like giant pastries!

  4. Oh my, another wonderful Paris post. You bring back many wonderful memories of my trip of a lifetime. What I wouldn't give for a little box of Laduree macarons, especially the salted caramel.

  5. Wow, such a wonderfully decadent post! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and thoughts ;)

  6. Wow, such a wonderfully decadent post! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and thoughts ;)

  7. Bonjour Carol!
    Thanks for this today. It is so so funny!
    Many thanks!

  8. Stef in Chicago10:22 AM

    Hello Carol
    Fun comparison photo series this morning!
    Oh, I love chocolate so I have really enjoyed all your photos and comments.
    Stef in overcast, partially rainy Chicago

  9. Thank you so much!! This is wonderful and luscious! I miss Paris. Although I am dating a Frenchman, and he is sucre .....

  10. architecture and chocolate. What's best in Paris. Will I have to lick every Paris monument to be sure it's real stone?
    bravo Carol I'll be allways hungry when walking around Paris.
    A bientôt

  11. Good Morning-----
    some beautiful shots!

  12. Carol--Lovely as usual. I very much enjoyed the link to Susan's masterpiece, too.

    Congratulations on the imminent opening of your Boston exhibit! (I just clicked on that link, as well.) I don't know if you've posted on it yet, but everyone should go if they're in Boston. (Any chance you will have something similar in Washington, DC in the abstract future? I hope so.)


  13. Dear Carol
    Thanks so much!!! What great company you've put me in...and thanks for keeping the world up-to-date on pastry...

    Susan H.

  14. Miam miam, a chocolate Opera! I need it at home! I love the last picture!

  15. Beautiful shots, Carol - architecture and pastries!
    (I love the chocolate & lemons - the lighting is great.)
    The last shot is very cute.

  16. Drooling, Beautiful site Paris Breakfast!

  17. OMG! Paris will never be the same! I feel transmogrified! Never have I more wanted to become a "part of the landscape"! That post and Susan's were way fun.

  18. Ooooh my! Thanks you for telling us about Susan Hockbaum... totally LOVED seeing her photos!!!
    YOur post is DELICIOUS too!!!

  19. Everything looks like dessert ever since I discovered your blog :)

  20. bonjour, I think your blog is tres fantastic:) I used to work at Laduree (patisserie) on the champs Elysee. Your blog takes me back to my time in paris.

  21. Hi Carol.
    Gotta love all that chocolate . . ..

  22. Alas, I fear my Halloween chocolation-saturation is quickly fading .... and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

  23. Oh I am mass commenting again but when you see what I have been doing you will understand - won't you?

  24. I miss Paris chocolate so much!


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