Thursday, October 08, 2009

Paris Boots

I did not bring any boots to Paris!
quelle horreur
What was I thinking ? ? ?
*Note petit touches of red...ahem
Anne sent me off to the Carrousel at the Louvre to catch the fashion scene...
Sky high boots bien sur!
OK all heights are on view...
Strappy boots too...
The booted kiss - kiss...
A boot-free woman! What? L'interdit!
Not exactly boots, but a lot of leg covering on "a very tall drink of water" as they say (not in France). An escaped model in the Metro?
Later I had a tall drink of Perrier at Le Select...and tried to sketch those Frenchies.
Granted, if you ate one of these at Angelina, you could never, ever fit into those tall, skin-tight boots!
And after all I am saving myself for next week's Salon du Chocolat!


  1. Yet again, some amazing photos. It seems really strange seeing Paris dressed for winter when down here in 24 we are still in shorts and T-shirts (or we were LOL).

    Any Pret a Porter fashion show shots?

  2. I just saw a store window in Paris with the most delicious purple, violet and almost fuschia colored tall leather boots. Oh, would I love a pair of those!

  3. What! Forgot your boots? You just wanted an excuse to go out and buy a pair!!
    I really enjoy reading your blog ...because I love Paris...and chocolate...and gateaux!!

  4. Ah, Carol, I am living vicariously. Looks like you are having a great time! I love boots BUT its still 95 here, soooooo.....xo

  5. Ah, so chic!
    I love the boots--and your sketches!

  6. Cynthia8:24 AM

    Great post today....great fotos,,,,
    that "model" misses out on sooo much,,,like that heavenly shot of cake thingy with the raspberries on top. Poor girl must not indulge in any of the Paris "goodies"....
    These Boots are made for walkin...

  7. Ah boots are great. They go well with everything practically.

  8. Are you seeing "shoe-ties", the short boots that are something of a shoe-boot hybrid?

  9. Over-the-knee boots are my fixation right now.

  10. I think I begged mum to get me my very first pair of gorgeous leather boots one Christmas at Galleries Lafayette when I was fifteen, ever since my weakness for them has endured...

  11. I love the "booted kiss kiss"!
    Great photos as always, Carol.
    Have fun!

  12. Foodwalker2:47 PM

    Must run out and buy boots ASAP. Want the riding style with flat heel.
    Cold there?

  13. Robin K2:49 PM

    Am I dreaming or am I just seeing things -- but does this woman have on MISMATCHED (I mean completely different??) boots? Like halves of two different pair of boots? Or is just the way picture was taken? How weird . . . I knew boots were in (have they ever gone out?) but wow . . . .Robin K

  14. I love it when you do fashion posts.

  15. Thanks so much Annechovie
    The blisters are starting early this trip - Eeek
    I could never wear boots they way they do here - simply as a fashion statement no matter what the weather!

  16. Bravo....
    Superbe ce blog......


    surement la cause d'une visite regulière....


  17. Oooh la la... I want to sit in Paris and sketch and eat one of those Lefeuile Vanille Bourbons... YUM!!!

  18. Hubby would tell me to buy some boots which is what he did say last year in Germany. I bought 2 pairs!! Love boots. Saw a girl last weekend at the airport with tall boots that had fringe on them!

  19. Love the boots--you gotta' have 'em--they keep you warm and dry and toasty. It's required. also gotta' have some of those delicious pastries. You'll work it off walking and finding good stories for us, Carol! ;)) Nice sketches there!

  20. oh how lucky u get to go to the salon du chocolat, it didnt happen last time i was there, but definitely something i gotta do on my calendar visit next time. Yes those sky high boots are so ON at the moment!

  21. I bought a pair of boots in Paris a few weeks ago with tassels on the back - they slap me when I walk

  22. Ive had such fun this morning visiting many posts of your blog. I think these very high boots will be a must for me to try. I also watched the clip on cooking. I cant speak French but I had such fun watching anyway( occasionally I guessed a word)Id love to know how to put clips on a post. Any tips how? Fiona

  23. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Bonjour mes amis,, love the pics-brings back memories. I found a bokk at the library discard table called "Edible France."; I can't put it down. Every French delicacy from snails, to camembert, calissons, bouilabaisse, mustard in every departemnt.
    You can find a copy at



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