Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Asked For It

Yesterday I got many requests for Paris Breakfast watercolors... VOILA! Some of you would like to see more Paris signs...along with your professors(!?)
I got a request "pour les hommes aussi"
Many requests for Parisien BIG BAGS came in...
Here 2 big bags + a big scarf!!!
Another BIG BAG. This should hold y'all for a while...
This was the only napoleon I could find in my pics :(
Je suis désolé...
Pierre Herme's "Miss Gla Gla"...
A boulangerie was requested...
I know I have pictures of Paris sunglasses somewhere.
This will have to do meanwhile. Désolé...
A wedding gateaux from Lenotre - requested before I left.
This pic is for Anne, who doesn't think there are many chiens in Paris...
Someone asked for this black dog in front of this cafe on rue Augereau...
And someone wanted to see the Parisien Green sanitation men...
Red shoes anyone?
Oddly enough no one asked to see more of ze Eiffel Tower yesterday.
I guess you're satiated...hmmm
Moi, I'm hanging out in the bushes chilling and working on the commissions that were awaiting for my return...
I'm sorry for the nasty copyright notices blemishing my pics today until I learn how to do the "GIMP" software.
Unfortunately some have been downloading PB's watercolors to print out and hang all over their law offices.
Not fair.
Please don't PB readers...ahem
As for requests for more MACARONS!!!!
This shot was taken while stalking in Place St.-Sulpice...
Big bag - check
Trench coat - check
Parisiens eating in the street - check
Pierre Herme - check
Macarons - check


  1. My friend artist Douglas Brodhoff paints the green street sweepers:
    (Garbage never sleeps.)
    Bless you for answering your readers' requests, and good luck with GIMP!

  2. LOVE THE PHOTOS>> one day till I TAKE OFF FOR PARIS!!!!!
    Would you like some pics????

  3. Laurie8:27 AM

    Thank you so, so much for the photo of the dog on Augereau.
    I love that dog!

  4. Very funny, except for those nasty bars on your gorgeous photos. And I love the magnificently brilliant wedding cake photo; it's an absolute masterpiece -- Bravo, Bravo!!!
    Delightful Breakfast...
    :) Merci !

  5. Great photos!! I love that you have some pictures of the les hommes. I would love to see more of what the men in Paris wear!

  6. And, I saw many dogs in NYC! But, I didn't even find one in the windows!!!!

  7. I'd like to order the large turquoise bag, but not the undies with fleurs on the derriere!

  8. I'd like to order the large turquoise bag, but not the undies with fleurs on the derriere!

  9. Marie-Laure10:22 AM

    Quite the choices on the not-so-petite dejeuner menu today!
    Merci beaucoup!!

  10. I'll take the chapeau with the oiseau on it s.v.p....

  11. Mellissa and Amelia10:25 AM

    Good Morning Carol,
    LOVE IT!!! All of it!! No... we're not sick of ze Eiffel Tower - we want MORE!! More Big Bags and Sunglasses!! Do you have any pics of pain au chocolat (our personal favorite)?

  12. Those little undies are "too cute" but don't seem practical for sitting down anywhere!

    I'm also a fan of pan au chocolat when I'm in Paris. But all of your other food photos make me see that I have a lot of tasting to do on my next july.

    You capture that "certain style" that can only be found in Paris - whether it be clothing, window displays, or food.

  13. Why don't you contact Clueless in Boston? He seems to have a good handle on using the copyright logo. His most clever one was to run it vertically up a lamp pole!

  14. Love the poker dot glasses! Pas de chats dans les rues?

    And shame on the law firm for doing illegal stuff and that says a lot about those law firms. Hmph!

  15. Asuncion Ananda12:10 PM

    You must design another C.G Logo for your copyright, this one has nothing to do with your chic&charmy taste

  16. If you are going to put your copyright, name and .com on
    your photos, try and do it a bit nicer. Like along the
    bottom of the image. But, I have to say, plopping that right
    on your photos, your beatiful photos, no, it doesn't work.
    Or, get rid of the white box and just have the text on your
    beautiful photos. Don't mean to complain, but your photos
    are so elegant and those words aren't. There has to be a
    better way for you to do it. Your stuff is too good!!

  17. CLUELESS IN BOSTON is way too discrete with his copyright.
    You can chop it right off without a thought :(
    M.Duncan of Syrup & Tang is doing it right down the center of the pic. I'm going on his team!

  18. Great pics, and I'm glad that you have a lot of commissions!

  19. Hello Carol,
    Any chance in seeing some of Salon de The, like Mariage Freres or Bitjeman and Barton?
    Kind Regards

  20. Veuillez apprendre "GIMP" immediatement!

  21. Gimp? So far it does look pretty gimpy...:-) I, for one, have no requests. I prefer to be surprised...and I always am!

  22. How did Gimp do that to your lovely pictures???


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