Thursday, May 07, 2009

Paris Reds

Metro There's a whole
Fouquet'sRed...Creperie Just about..

French radish
Les radis?
Bien sûr...
Les ballerines rouges...
Et les petits accents...
De rouge? Everywhere!
French dogs
Et moi?
red wine

Any shop du vin? Mais, oui beaucoup de rouges


As is any Parisien patisserie...

Sennelier is the perfect place to research les rouges de Paris..French scarfEven when you're tieing your French scarf in the morning you can't escape Paris reds...Chatelet

Or at Metro station Chatelet...

soup kitchen
Like this soup kitchen in the terraceYou look in Paris...(Cafe Georges)Brasserie LippEverywhere...Paris cafeLot of...


  1. I love Red!!!!! It's one of my favorite color, but I do not find a lot of red in the current windows! Soupe populaire, what a terrible name for a restaurant!

  2. it's a soupe kitchen for the poor!!!
    Completment FREEEEEEEEEE

  3. Michelle8:00 AM

    Am loving your blog, it totally amazes and delights me. This red theme is superbe! I love the way you have picked out these little details. I covert those red ballerines. Can't wait for the next installment. :) Bravo

  4. Prof. Vitrines8:01 AM

    - What are " les petites accents?????" ( in case you can write " les petits accents" accent= ')
    May be you want to say " les petites touches"

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    That woman is tying her French écharpe ON THE WING? Those French, they are FORMIDABLE.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog!
    Berkshire Tsarina

  6. hello and a very good morning...betcha you are getting excited about returning to PARIS?
    love the red accents. i am a RED kind of gal...loved your photos today.
    have a wonderful thursday.

  7. Good morning Carol! What beautiful photos today (as if they aren't always beautiful!). Your themes are poignant, simple yet penetrating, leaving me with a wonderful feeling that lasts all day long. What a great way to start my day... thanks many times over for you dedication! You are a wellspring of delight!
    For me, you've pointed out that red is used in Paris as a bold accent, sparingly yet with great impact. I love the way these points of red add delight to grey buildings. Though the architecture is beautiful in its own right, these touches spark them. Thanks again Carol, the fine artist and communicator you are!

  8. Stephanie9:30 AM

    Carol. You inspire me...thanks, Stephanie

  9. Patricia9:31 AM

    Carol, I think the fact that we Americans, as a whole, are always on the fly, always gotta go somewhere, be somehere, is the reason why we cannot sit for idle hours.
    I am the same way; I admire the folks who can "lollygag" at those outdoor cafes, but I can never 'allow" myself to be one of them!

  10. Redhead9:33 AM

    LOVE red/rouge/rose whatever you want to call it!
    lovely Red essay today...
    My fav color too

  11. No fair!!!! Sennelier and raspberries!!!!! I will sit , roll over and beg....:-) It's pathetic. I know....tail wagging at all the gorgelocity...of this Parisian Rouge.

  12. I just love your daily message.:) You come up with some of the most interesting things. Because of you, I have become determined to taste a real macaron. I have a friend who is going to Paris and the Loire Valley in about a week. I already gave her 10 Euros to buy me a wee container of macarons. She is going on a tour, so I hope she can get me one. I also turned her on to your blog and she loves it. I have recently returned from Italy (was there one week only :( ) and Italy (as far as I could see has nothing like the macaron BUT they did have a breakfast pastry they called the brioche (avec beurre et Nutella) that I quite enjoyed. Anyway, have a fruitful day.

  13. I want to jump into that cafe picture. Should I start my day with your blog or use it for a mid-afternoon break? How 'bout both! Merci.

  14. Beautifuleds!

  15. Fabulous reds -
    now will you please sit down next week and to a reportage about ... sitting down? Gives you a reason to ... sit down, and us the pleasure to be part of it. :-)

  16. I thought if Audrey Hepburn when I saw..Les ballerines rouges...picture. And then the mean Reds came to me as in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Lovely post. Lovely Reds.
    I've been having computer problems which is why I havent been here as much lately.

  17. oops.. I thought OF Audrey Hepburn..not IF..

  18. Love all the reds, Carol. They're such a cheery pop of color. Beautiful.

  19. Great shots - love the last one , the pooches!

  20. Merisi:No never happen!
    Not me...
    I do sit at home alot in front of the computer and in Paris too..but not in a cafe..
    what would I DO????

  21. Eileen3:40 AM

    I LOVE your drawings & paintings and photos. Can't wait each day for your post

  22. What a truly gorgeous post. Thanks for sharing such stunning photos. I stumbled upon you via French Essence and I'm so happy that I have.


  23. I love the way your pictures and your writings tell a whimsical story. I adore your photographs and of course the water paintings.

  24. I love the picture of the woman on her bicycle...speeding on by.


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