Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Night

Last night...
Was my LAST NIGHT...
So when friends called and invited me over for a Pierre Herme macaron, you know I got out of my jamies and ran out the door...
Across the Pont de L'Alma...
With a last look at the Bateaux Mouches (I never got to take...ahem)
Of course I got lost trying to find the #72 bus (since I didn't follow directions...ahem) But in the pursuit of macarons you can always find your way in Paris.
Later at midnight, waiting again for the #72 bus to head home (to pack...ahem)
Don't you know the Eiffel Tower lite up...
Especially for me!
Ahhhhh... back across the bridge.
Past rue de Monttessuy a last time...
Wondering a last time if I should have bought this silly souvenir....
Can you ever get enough of the Tour Eiffel or Paris macarons?


  1. Bon voyage, dear Carol. Bon retour!

  2. Anonymous3:05 AM

    With your quest for macarons, could there be a French version of 'Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle' such as 'Carol and Kumar Go To Pierre Herme' ? I'm just saying.

  3. Ahhhh, it feels so poignant reading that it is your last night in Paris. I love going to Paris with you and hate leaving it behind as well. Bon voyage!

  4. ohhh what great photos!! Thank you. I just love this post. I really felt like I was there. Hope it was a great last night for you. I look forward to more pics of this visit.

  5. Oh, what romance in all of these images and your text! I am sure you have at least half of Paris and Paris' macarons in your carry-on! ;-)

    Some enchanted evening
    When you find your true love,
    When you feel her call you
    Across the Big Pond,
    Then fly to her side,
    And make her your own
    Or all through your life you
    May dream all alone.

    Once you have found her,
    Never let her go.
    Once you have found her,
    Never let her go!

  6. Never tired of macarons! Have a nice trip back to NYC.See, how sunny the weather is today! Mon Dieu, Paris already misses you!!!!!! Take care.

  7. Jolies photos!Merci.Bon retour:)

  8. Anonymous5:22 AM

    such a great atmosphere you create with you photos!!

  9. Absolutment non... there is no such thing as too much Paris! I hope you return soon since I will not be going this summer and I need to live vicariously through someone else! Merci pour les belles photos, Carol.

  10. You know- I have never had a macaron-and have seen so much of them here and read so much~ do you know of a good mail order place???

  11. "...I got out of my jamies and ran out the door." Did you stop long enough to at least put on an echarpe????

    M Baker

  12. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Welcome home and many good wishes that you'll be back in Paris soon.

  13. Stephanie8:40 AM

    Oh darn - time to come home ALREADY???
    Hope you have a good flight.

  14. Hi Carol!
    I love reading about your adventures in Paris. Love how you tell the stories in photos, paintings, and words. And I always like how you manage to get a dog in the picture, too! Thank you for your inspirational posts!

  15. Lovely last night pictures! Safe journey home!

  16. Bonjour
    I love receiving your daily updates with the photos, they are so cute.
    Oh someone who loves macarons and Laduree as much as I do!!!!
    Looking forward to your next update.
    Best regards, keep on having fun in Paris

  17. Home already!? Quelle dommage. Glad you got to go again, Carol! Lovely photos of the Tour Eiffel. Safe travels home. Welcome home!!

  18. heleno9:45 AM

    I have been visiting your blog every pleasant.
    Wish you a nice flight back to home.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  19. "Wondering for a last time if I should have bought this silly souvenir..." Yes! I hope you got it! I wondered the same thing, and happened to see one at Target!! And-I now have mine...yet,one from Paris,France would be so much more 'authentic'! Thanks for your fantastic site

  20. Great shots, I hope that you get to go back soon!
    Love the reflections and long exposure shots!

  21. the trip is already goodness. i thought you'd be gone for several weeks.
    yes, you should have purchased the lighted et.

    take care and so enjoyed today's shots.


  22. in my mind, there's no better time to walk around Paris than at night - so beautiful! Thanks for the vicarious tour, Carol, and have a great holiday weekend!

  23. You certainly know how to make me miss it!

  24. Great photos. Is your trip over all ready. seemed to fly by. safe trip home.

  25. Bravo, Carol--you have succeeded in bring pleasure to so many of us "huddled masses" yearning to be back in Paris.
    Merci bien!

  26. Eileen in Texas7:27 AM

    Carol -- I wouldn't have minded if you'd bought that beautiful Eiffel souvenir for ME !! lol
    Again, enjoying your posts SO much,
    Eileen in Texas who-one-day-this-year-or-next-will-go-to-Paris!

  27. Rebecca8:07 AM

    Dear Carol,
    I have been a bit of a glutton while reading your blog. Three years of breakfasts crammed into one week— okay, I have pigged out. I was on google searching for information about tea at the Ritz, and your blog was recommended. I was entranced, and so I began from your first entry and have read all the way to the present. I as well share your passion for Paris; after several experiences of being in France and in the beautiful city of Par-eee I spent my recent fall semester abroad in Paris and am already planning my next trip (hence the search for tea at the Ritz). Also, I am from Long Island and am now quite eager to visit some of the places in the city that you have blogged about! I relate to your interest in maps (I have several hanging in my room), the anxiety you get before you travel, adoration for French pastries (I miss them every day) and your love for painting. I have not been able to paint since last summer, and I’m not good by any margin, but it is still something I love doing. Reading your blog brought back so many dear memories, it was fantastic. (I studied at the Sorbonne and on my way to class every morning I stopped at Columbus Café on rue du Sufflot. I was desperate for hot chocolate on the go, and they had fantastic muffins.) Thank you for sharing your experiences and I look forward to taking breakfast with your blog!

  28. Sharon8:10 AM

    Of course you're back by now. You keep mentioning (and painting) maccarons. What are they exactly? Describe what it feels like to eat one. They must be fantastique!
    ps: I'm living vicariously through your adventures!

  29. Just think, you will go again and all the things left unseen or done will be there wating for you.
    I have enjoyed all your pictures. I love how you are so clever with your color palette. Whether it be shoes, macaroons or scarves it is always interesting and fun to see.


  30. I have enjoyed your pictures.We have just returned from a week in Paris-I think we were there at the same time.I am glad to be home but I also miss Paris.I loved the cafes and most of all the bakeries.

  31. omg i absolutley love love to be in paris right now these fotographs
    are so inspiring please keep em' coming.
    'merci et toi'

  32. Great fleeting images
    I love your capturing the lights and shadows.
    Thank YOU

  33. Paris is so full of atmosphere...
    It trips you up on every footstep...

  34. My husband surprised me with a trip to Paris. We just arrived back home last night. I LOVED it!! I came across your blog through a friend and enjoyed reading your posts prior to our trip...and will continue enjoying them now that it is over! We went to Angelina's for hot chocolate. Unbelievable!! I also took your advice and tried the macaroons at Pierre Herme and Laduree and both were fantastic. C'est magnifique!! You're absolutely can never get enough of the Tour Eiffel and macaroons. Thanks for all of the wonderful posts and, until my next trip, I look forward to reading about all of your experiences!

  35. You know what you must do:
    Go to Spoonflower. Do not pass Go. Do not win $100 (thought it would come in handy at Spoonflower). Make macaron and Eiffel tower fabric! Do pajamas with your fabric...then next time, you won't even have to dress to pursue your macs.

  36. Have you left Paris forever ?


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