Friday, May 08, 2009

Paris Jaune

Metro tf1 Yesterday A.S. suggested I do all the Paris colors.
I think I already have but since I'm still in ze doghouse (wouh, wouh) I thought I'd tackle yellow or jaune. Especially since my favorite weather lady, présentatrice Evelyne Dhéliat was wearing it for the week-end. If you want to get the meteo report for France click here!
ballerinas Miam...miam...
tarte ciron MIAM..MIAM!
One of my favorite French desserts. I've done serious researche on ze tarte au citron.
Yellow roses Yellow roses...
Finklesteine Marais There are many, many yellow shops in Paris...
Laduree Nobody does it better...
rue du Cherche-Midi A new one I discovered on rue du Cherche-Midi...
tarte au citron I am deeply in love with Fauchon's squared tarte au citron.
Yellow is a big color with the French poste! Who knew?
yellow duckieWhat looks like little yellow duckie soaps are actually yellow chocolate! Who knew? Ours is not to question why...
Bistrot in jaune...
Fauchon tarte Another version of the divine squared Fauchon tarte=instant love...
crêpesIs this crêperie yellow because of all the egg yolks and butter they use in those yummy crêpes?
Gerard Mulot The perfect circle of yellow at Gerard Mulot = tentation!
Paris cafeAnother perfect circlette, but inedible, though one is tempted to see if it is citron-flavored...
I love this place in the 6ième just off rue de buci. I meant to get to La Bar a Soupes - another fine example of Parisien yellowness. Perhaps next week I will make it there...
Pierre HermeIn my opinion, the best/la meilleure tarte au citron in all of Paris, in all of France...Oh &^%$! IN THE WORLD!
At Pierre Herme - Tartelette Citron Géométrie
Here is a macaron au citron tragédie that could happen if you are not careful and take-away your maccies in a bag/sac rather then a petite boite!


  1. Michelle11:52 AM

    Just computed that those gorgeous ballerines au citron et au rose are nearly one hundred pounds sterling. I need a rich French lover to buy them for me - where do you suggest I start looking?

  2. And to think that I just dissed yellow on my blog just a couple hours ago. Somehow, everything looks better when its in Paris. Even yellow.

  3. I love the way your pictures and your writings tell a whimsical story. I adore your photographs and of course the water paintings.

  4. Stefanie11:55 AM

    Oooooh ma petite, you forgot ze maillot jaune! Famously paraded around France during le Tour de France by the fastest men in the world! Oohh, quelles belles jambes!
    Love all things French - and love your daily emails! I've converted half my office into wannabe francophiles! Chouette!!!!!

  5. Great post! I love the weather lady as the opener :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  6. What can you do Stephanie?
    One is bound to miss a thing or two...especialment since I am not there during la Tour de France..
    Maybe they can change le date?
    115.00 EUR = 155.178 USD
    115.00 EUR = 102.777 GBP
    102.00 GBP = 153.953 USD
    Not so much ouch if you skip a few fancy dinners out Michelle.
    I hope this can not be Michelle O worrying about le prix...
    Oh for a pair of Lanvin cap-toe sneakers I would give up dinner forever...

  7. Yellow loveliness! My grandmother's favorite color. I can't wear it well. Orange works better for me.
    Tell me about those square tarts with the thingies on the top.

  8. YUMMMM YUMMMM YUMMM!! Great yellow shots... I'm looking forward to seeing your arc-en-ciel!!!
    Leese : )

  9. Soooo cute. I am longing for a Lemon tart and don't even get me started on the macaroons. I regret that I don't remember the yellow buildings. I will return to look again.
    L McC.

  10. présentatrice a female presenter on the tv.
    The one you wrote is for a man... Just a kindly FYI

  11. Since yellow is the sign for 'caution' I would have to say "caution" for me not spending too much time away from "my duties" in life searching around your SO cute blog....

  12. Oh, I get yell-en-vie! ;-)

    Looked at the same ballerinas here in V. - love all those yellow storefronts. I am slowly maturing a desire to go to Paris one day. ;-)

  13. tu es trop forte!!!
    bien vu la météo et la poste!!!!
    bon weekend


  14. I'm loving these color posts - first red, now yellow... my two favorite colors!!!

  15. Carole,
    Alors, I see that the heart of roses that I saw in thatvery same chair (see attached) has fallen through to make way for a new bouquet!

  16. yellow is the sign for 'caution' and quarentine and illness...
    They haven't heard about this in Paris evidently or tarte citron would be green...

  17. I love all the yellow store fronts. They would definitely draw me in.

    I find that I keep being pulled towards anything yellow lately...or anything tasting lemony. Maybe it is that I am just ready for summer. Today I found a spectacular buttery yellow peony at the nursery for my garden.

  18. the sunny side of the street :)
    love the yellow here and always a lovely series of photos from Paris.
    when are you off again and how long will you be gone?

  19. Thank you for the jaune lesson. I will always remember it is almost June, in date and in spelling... I can see why it is love at first sight with various shapes of Fauchon's squared tarts au citron, they are so beautiful, but yes... my mouth waters for the glistening Pierre Herme version.

  20. Michelle (pas Obama)5:06 PM

    Merci beaucoup Carol pour tes conseilles - naturellement if I were Madame Obama I would have ballerines in every possible colour. I would also be obliged to have les macarons flown into DC daily from Laduree. As it is I am a not a first lady, am in the UK but your daily slice of parisienne colour makes me grin from ear to ear - keep up the good work!!

  21. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I am French, and I love your "articles" (don't know the english word) about Paris where I was born in Montmartre. I never realised how yellow Paris can be. Maybe it's to figure sunshine when it's raining... Keep on writting and "bravo!".

  22. Wonderful yellow experience! We visited Paris for the first time in Nov.---I am now officially addicted to Laduree. Honestly, I have no idea how I went so long without....

    Thanks for bringing back so many good memories!

  23. The yellows here are all so cheerful--I love the Provence yellow/blue combination. These are great, Carol, and your lovely watercolor is perfection, as always.

  24. Like red, I do not find a lot of yellow in the windows. No matters; I 'm not a big fan of yellow! But, I looooooove les macarons au citron, bien sûr!

  25. What a lovely yellow post! Those cakes adn tarts look marvelleux!

  26. My two favorite colors. Fabulous post today.

  27. Thank goodness you can't get fat from photos. Love the way you catch the glaze on the tarts.

  28. just discovered your fabulous blog and i must say......for some reason i am quite hungry!

  29. What yummy yellowness!
    Your pictures are delicious. I feel I've just gained five pounds!

  30. ANNE CORRONS: Like who wears anything you see in the windows on the streets?
    I have yet to see what they are pushing being worn...ahem

  31. Anonymous12:51 PM

    You have made me so anxious to leave for Paris on Tuesday, it will be our first time. Our son who is a chef lives in Italy, so after visiting Paris we will be going to Italy.
    I will certainly let you know how we enjoyed Paris!
    Au Revior...

  32. I believe that yellow is my new favorite color.

  33. I adore this sunny yellow, Carol. Thanks for all of the wonderful photos!

  34. just love this post... so cheerful and happy... and makes me hungry!!! have a great weekend...

  35. Great post! I'm the biggest fan of the tarte au citron. have you ever tried the tarte au citron from pain de sucre? the best cream ever!!

  36. J'aime votre page jaune! Il moi inspire! Bon Voyage a Paris en Mai


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