Monday, May 11, 2009

Paris Must-Dos

I'm off to Paris tonight and you know I'm not packed. But I've got plenty of time yet right? I hope to restrain myself a little bit at Fauchon and not buy too many eclairs... But I will keep an eye out for any big, dramatic Eiffel Tower decor for ze apartment... I plan to drag Anne kicking and screaming (hi-hi=ha ha) into Dior!

I plan to take tea with Michele again

Peter of Paris has kindly offered to take me for some snails

I will try not to make too much of a cochon of myself...
By eating too many
palmier! And stick to la yaourt...

And les salades composees...

I'll be doing more researches on Paris rouges.

And Paris jaunes.

And of course le Paris scarf.

I'll also keep an eye out for any Parisien chubbies as requested but don't bank on it. Better yet for street fashion go to Style And the City ! Le meillieurI hope to see Rick sketching at his regular hang-out...

Moi, I will be running (je cours) as usual (comme habitude)...

Running after Paris dogs and baguettes comme habitude...ahem
What are YOUR favorite MUST-DOS?

Do tell...



  1. exciting! bon voyage!

  2. I'm so jealous!
    Have fun!

  3. See you Carol soon

  4. Carol, you must see the Alexander Calder exhibit at the Pompidou Museum if it's still there. (It was showing in early April when I was in Paris.) His wire sculptures are so much fun, especially one of pigs making baby pigs! Sounds weird, I know, but it's great! Will you be there on the weekend to visit Les Puces? Another wonderful place that will provide much fodder for your fun blog?

  5. Laurie8:25 AM

    I'm drooling thinking of the macarons etc. you'll be sampling! Have fun!

  6. Parisians chubbies?
    Who requested that?
    I have been here 6 years and I can tell you there are none in the 7th.

  7. Big Black Dog Lover8:28 AM

    I know I keep harping on him, but the huge black dog at Café de Mars on Augereau is a must see. Lately, he and his owners have been playing ball in the street (corner Gros-Caillou).
    Enjoy your trip and keep up the wonderful blog.

  8. bon voyage and all that.
    have a most wonderful i know you will.

  9. Have a wonderful time :) If it were me, I'd be haunting Laduree---and picking out a huge sack of goodies to bring home!

    Thanks for the wonderful photographs!

  10. I only discovered your blog yesterday and received my first « feed burner” today announcing your trip to Paris...
    I have a suggestion… NOT for what to visit while you are in Paris, but what to USE for your lingerie while travelling… I would like you to try Soyelle Lingerie Wash unidose – It’s what French women use for their lingerie…
    Best regards,

  11. bon jour - how about Paris vert - the street sweepers, brooms and trucks and trash cans ??

  12. How about reporting on how the older set is dressing in Paris these days? Those over 50? And more dogs please! Merci

  13. Bon voyage, Carol! My recommendation is to skip the yoghurt and salad. You'll be home again soon enough ;) I love Rick's drawing, by the way. Take care and have a gorgeous time.

  14. Oh I AM SO JEALOUS! I wish I was going to Paris too.... I had hoped to go in September but A few things came up. Used to go 3 times a year for several years there.... single life made it much easier.

    Will look forward to more pics and stories. Bon voyage.

  15. Pay a visit to any cemetery - they are museums without walls. Passy or St. Vincent are petite - not overwhelming at all.
    Mary aka MadAboutParis

  16. bonnie c.10:58 AM

    Enjoy!I do have one request, if you just so happen to be on the corner of Rue Rousselet and Rue de Sevres, there is a little cafe there and my heroine has coffee there (I am writing a novel, you see) but I cannot remember the name of it. And a bread shop across the street from it, on the same corner, and I cannot remember the name of that either. Since our heroine happens to live on Rue Rousselet, those details would be divine to have if it was easy for you. I realize I don't know you ... But you do seem to walk around town a bit!

    So, if you happened to be passing that corner anyway and could note the names of those two places and pop me a teeny tiny email with their names, that would be so lovely! Not at all necessary. Just a little detail that the story would profit from if I happened to have it.
    Enjoy your journey.

  17. Looking forward to your posts from the city of lights.

  18. Catherine11:08 AM

    Good morning,
    I just love your blog! You asked if anyone had suggestions on things to see, do try to find some nice card shops when you're in Paris. You have only mentioned a couple in the past, although they do look divine. I'm sure letter writing isn't dead over there yet. Also, you are bound to see what colours are hot for spring/summer, it would be great if you could show these as well.
    Enjoy your trip,

  19. Have a fabulous trip, Carol! You sound like you're brushing up on your French lately--good for you. I'm so happy for you--those French have no idea what a character is heading across the pond to visit, do they? Do they realize at all how lucky they are to have you in their midst? Bon voyage, M'lle!!

  20. asuncion ananda11:28 AM

    J'attends tes nouvelles parisiens
    Bon voyage
    XO XO

  21. A post from the top of the Eiffel Tower would be great. I am sure with your style of writing it would be well worth the read...and we would all love to witness your first time to the top. Enjoy your visit..can't wait to read all about your adventures
    Bon Voyage

  22. Have a great trip!

  23. Bon voyage!

    I'm leaving Thursday for Paris & can't wait!! My only must "do's" for this trip include the Kandinsky show at the Pompidou, tea & macaroons at Laduree & last dinner at d'Chez Eux with lots of walking and admiring sprinkled in!

    Enjoy! :)

  24. I would love to see pictures of Parisian bookstores! And pictures of books!

    Love your blog!

  25. You always know what/where to go/do to surprise us...I supose that is your "animal macaroninstinct" and I trust in it ;D

  26. Melinda1:17 PM

    If you have the time, please go by Franck Delmarcelle's Galerie Et Caetera at 40, rue de poitou in Paris and please, please take photos of his very interesting shop/antiques. You won't be disappointed.
    your trip

  27. I use these boxer shorts as my summer PJs and for travel.where did you find the tablecloth?

  28. You MUST go into a grocery and buy a box of individually wrapped sugar cubes to bring home :-)

  29. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I always tell people that they MUST take a tour of the Opera Garnier, the most spectacular building in the world. Take a photo of Box #5 while there. The guide will tell you why it has interest.
    Cheers, Stephan

  30. ...been receiving and enjoying your posts for almost a year now, so here's an ongoing "thanks!".
    I was only in Paris for 4 days and the place that most touched me was the Pere Lachaise cemetary. I loved the grayness and heaviness of it and the visible effort to preserve the connection with loved ones with something that would (and did) continue in time. I think it would be a lovely study for you. Different, but lovely.
    Have a great time on your trip!

  31. I thought you just returned? Are you lucky enough to be going again or did I read it wrong??

  32. So, see you tomorrow! Have a nice trip. Of course, you forgot " eating at Stephane to celebrate a special day!!!!"

  33. Hi Carol.
    After these years of following your trips, I am just as excited now about your trip as I was the first trip I followed. Do you get butterflies and twitterpated still ? I would really like to see anything vintage relating to women. vintage hair accessories, curlers, combs, vintage costume jewellry, anything vintage. So if you have a chance...
    Have a great trip girlie! My heart will be with you when you visit Pierre Herme!! haha xo

  34. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Have a wonderful trip! I'm looking forward to seeing your paintings from Paris live.

  35. Bon Voyage and safe trip Carol!! I have another color suggestion for you... why not return this time round "sans" the didn't-buy blues, i.e. buy everything! Looking forward to your Parisian doggies tails/tales too!! Share a macaron with them; You'll get lots of sweet licks for that :D

  36. Have a wonder trip. I can't wait to hear about your new discoveries.

  37. Breakfast at Laudree Rue Royale. Every Paris day. Wish I was sitting on a bench with my watercolours as you go by!

  38. Why oh why did I not grab a ticket when I had the chance??? I could have hitch-hiked to NYC! Helas! I will sit by my computer, nose glued to the screen, awaiting the latest post. Perhaps I will work on my beleaguered blog...and consol myself with some macs from the new bakery.
    DON'T tell Ozzie he's missed out again! He's liable to go on strike! Just at the height of rabbit season.

  39. Yes, def. seeing Rick at Le Select as well as studying your site very closely for more great new ideas!

  40. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hello, I recently discovered your lovely blog and I'd like to recommend my must-dos in Paris.

    1. Try the sushi boats at Itadaki at 64 Rue Monsieur le Prince, just around the corner from the Jardins Luxembourg. (Subway stop - Odeon)

    2. Go to Little India in La Chapelle and try the wonderfully aromatic curries at Ganesha Restaurant, at 14 Rue Perdonnet. You won't find watered-down curries meant for tourists and westerners at this restaurant, and at Euro 2.50 a dish, you could certainly afford to feast! (Subway stop - La Chapelle - walk down rue Louis Blanc and take the first turn to the right)

    3. Stock up on scented candles at Diptyque, at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. My favorite scents are Figuier (fig) and tubereuse (tuberose), and I also love their Philosykos eau de toilette.

    4. Sip fresh mint tea and sample marvelous Middle Eastern sweets at the Bagdad Cafe at 44 Rue Montagne Ste Genevieve... Try smoking honey - flavored tobacco with a hooka. (Subway - Saint-Michelle)

    5. Grab a chair and people watch at the Jardins Luxemburg. :)


  41. You had me at the macarons. Have fun!

  42. Have fun in Paris! :) And don't worry about the designer stores - I actually find Sales Asssistans in France much nicer than anywhere else. They're used to people just browsing and not buying. Re: taking pics inside stores: I'm quite subtle about it. I don't ask for permission, I just do it, but until now no one has said anything.

    Love Fauchon by the way, but unfortunately it's gotten so touristy :/

  43. I don't think most of the smaller boutiques mind if you take photos but the bigger ones will wag their finger with the typical "non,non,non" if you try to take a photo inside. The window displays outside are fine but inside...Non!
    And don't miss a little place for lunch called La Reserve de Quasimodo for their Rillette de Sardine (sounds funny but it's fabulous) and their Foie Gras Tartine avec pommes. A CUTE little place not too expensive just across the river from the Hotel de Ville. Cross the river, go left and immediate right!
    Bonjour and have fun!!

  44. Bonjour, Carol~
    I'll be in Paris avec mon mari next week for 10 days! This will be my VERY first trip to the City of Lights. Woo hoo!!! I'm so excited and your blog has helped me in a grande way.
    Merci and Salut!

  45. I hope you managed to catch your plane on time, with or sans valise!

  46. Must do for me is to visit every perfume shop I can think of! LOL

  47. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Bon Voyage! Enjoy!
    I cannot wait to see your marvelous photos!

  48. Wow, you're pictures are gorgeous. Makes me miss Paris so much.

  49. Lovely post, I was feeling jealous while I read it. My bad luck that why I could not go to Paris. All time I am reading any article on Paris. Thanks for posting this blog. I am waiting for your next blog.


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