Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Paris Macaron

Adorable non?
In fact everything they have is pretty adorable non?
The French bonbon baby T-shirts are to die for...
Just like these bonbons I wrote about...
More French bonbons as a necklace/collier and as a bag/sac too!

Doesn't this mignon collier look very much like...
These chocolate macaron-style bonbons...
Hmmmm...yesterday Carol said...ok, love the...macaron shopping bags, and the colors are fabulous all politesse...can we move on a bit, I feel as if we are in macaron here is a SARDINE BELT especially for Carol.

Oh and a broccali bag too for Carol and other non-lovers of Paris macarons.

And more of photographer FULVIO BONAVIA's Kiwi watch...

And a raspberry for Carol!

I immediately donned my brand new T-shirt and went into patisserie SECCO to get a sandwich and the girl behind the counter asked me, "Where did you get your T-shirt? In Paris.."

"My mother makes those", she said!
Was it Karmic Destine that we meet - this T-shirt and I?

Here is today's Parisen dog. I had a lovely Berger Belge for 13 unforgettable years - dear Rudi. He understood French. I'm sure he would love Paris macarons. If you're tired of all the macaronerie on PB please comment.

Should we vote?



  1. I'd suggest the Betty Ford clinic for Macaron addiction. But I'd have to say, if you're going to get addicted, this is your best bet. Delicious breakfast once again... Merci!

  2. Your photography is splendid but I miss your watercolors very much.

    M Baker

  3. You know I love every single Paris Breakfasts' you send to me. Today's especially brightened my day ... I LOVE COLOR! I'll be happy all day long! :)

  4. Melanie9:10 AM

    I love the macaroon tee shirt and necklace--

  5. CHARLES: the watercolors are coming soon. But I have to get my sea legs back from ze jet lag!

  6. Ah, Carol! Ever the spotter of fun trends--love that t-shirt. It's perfect for you. How about your own zazzle PB macaron t-shirts, though!!? They're gorgeous and unique! Love the broccoli bag. How funny.

  7. A deprived child9:17 AM

    Can you freeze macarons? I would doubt it, but maybe? Do you know I have never had one? I didn't eat any when I was in France, and I've never had one since then. I'm a deprived child.

  8. I happened on your blog and really enjoy it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. What on earth do people who do not have an obsession such as you with your macarons do for fun???? That is the question of the day. Everyone should have an obsession and it truly should have something to do with France.

  10. I love macarons! They're one of the things I miss most about Paris. Yum!

  11. Tres bien; merci, ma chere! J'attends les aquarelles nouvelle.

    M Baker

  12. Bring on the Macaronerie, I am loving it! Great t-shirt I love it.
    Can you do some boulongerie shots, baguettes, croissants and the like? Merci
    Melbourne, Australia

  13. I love waking up to your blog...more on what people are wearing in the streets

  14. Hi Ms. Carol G,
    Thank you so much for your blog -- it gives
    me a lift every day.
    I do love the flower t-shirt, but I'll wait so I won't bombard Anne Maisonneuve. Do you know how much it costs?
    Re the blog you did on Paris Signs:
    The chairman of my dept. teaches
    typography and he loved it. We both
    are wondering if you could do another
    one with all printed signs. He's especially
    interested in the use of Helvetica type.
    But we'll love any signs you can find.

    I hope you have the time to do it.

    Merci encore une fois et bonne weekend!

    Janis S

  15. Don't even think about not having Parisian Macarons in your blog! I don't know who this Carol is but, she needs to chill out. You keep on having everything Parisian which includes Parisian Macarons! That's part of being ParisBreakfast!

  16. Obsessions come and go, like any trend. I'm not tired of your macarons post because I'm amazed how much can be said about them to begin with! Such is love! All of your posts provide me with a smile everyday! Thanks!

  17. Elizabeth10:35 AM

    Cheri Carol, You are hereby limited to one macaron per day! I admit it; I'm a little bored with the plethora of macarons, mon ami. Your lovely paintings of Paris, cultural elements (the Paris straight-legged walk, art shows, for example), the J R terrier dogs, big purses, photos & paintings of Le Metro, plates of interesting food in restaurants, daily color schemes, golden snails, piglets, art deco store-fronts, etc., were all a visual delight! I was about to move to Paris!
    Best Regards,

  18. I'll never get tired of Parisian macarons! I can't eat wheat, and these cookies make life worth living!
    Keep up the good work!


  19. You could always make yr own T-shirts...

    I'd suggest you take a photo of your fav original art and make a
    transfer to t-shirt from that. (Just a little marketing suggestion, there)

    I've occasionally thought that some of your watercolors would do well
    silkscreened. Think bout it here
    There ARE people who will do any of this for you. Try to locate some of them--or just Google away at it.


    every photocopy shop I've been in in ages and ages has t-shirt
    printing offers pasted to the wall. haul in your disc or flash and
    a shirt and let them try it. I'd go for the pink Paris painted
    pooch. How about an odd angled snap of the tower--perhaps perched
    on a macaron?

  20. Merci mille fois - I was in that store in May 05 and then never could find it again until I remember that I started a journal for that trip. Just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a 2nd location that I didn't know about. One more question.

    Do they sell the macaron bags at ALL Laduree locations? Must have one of those!
    I will be there 6/9-6/12 for a short hop...

  21. Elizabeth11:23 AM

    The macarons are are the colors of Paris. When I go to Paris, my friends at home are interested in reading glasses and glasses frames.
    I stay in the Marais which I think must be the capital of optical shops in Paris. I have found very cheap cheaters at pharmacies and Trait (gt. papeterie, 5e). "Incidence" (also 5e) is another must visit shop for those who love practical items with French writing on them (totes, etc.)
    Great for checks, polka dots, etc.
    I take photos of all the cool glasses frames in the opticians' windows for my friends. Maybe this is too "old" for your demographic...but my U.S. friends are always fascinated by the cool frames. I even found one frame inspired by the laces on a corset (what could be more French!).

    Tie-in? Need a pair of specs to read the newspaper at b'fast??
    Love your blog.

  22. BRAVO!!
    le Tee shirt ouuuuuhhh


  23. Anonymous12:24 PM

    When a woman is tired of macarons she is tired of life....

    (apologies to Samuel Johnson)

  24. J'aime beaucoup les macarons! Toujours, toujours!!!

  25. Hi! I`ve given you an award because i think your blog is unique! You can find it on my blog! Hugs from AK

  26. Foodwalker12:45 PM

    I must have the chocolate macaron-style bonbons.

  27. And I was crazy for those big shopping totes in the window.

  28. Ladye Eugenia12:47 PM

    LOVE your site. I live in (lovely) petite town (Ojai, CA) and when I get those small town blues, your PB cheers me up awfully!
    But I have always adored Napoleon pastry. Are they considered v declasse? Could you do some of your fabulously meticulous research on them one of these days?
    Warm regards, and keep up the great work.

    Ladye Eugenia

  29. Macarons forever !!!!! We never get tired of them.

  30. How could a PB reader be tired of macarons! I love your pastry explorations.

  31. Could never get tired of anything Paris or French related..... I live near St. Louis, Mo. and get my Macaron fix at restaurant La Bonne Bouchee...... So Macaron on Girl...!!!!! Marty

  32. Jeanne Marie2:03 PM

    Macaron madness and I love it! Oh la la to more macaron news. I was so happy to find real macarons from Paris at Ballotin Chocolates in Newburyport, Massachusetts ( and yes they do send!)this spring, making our Easter Paris-complete, with limoge celadon and pastel macarons. Oui oui and merci, merci - keep the delights coming!
    Jeanne Marie

  33. Where are your lovely watercolors? Still no new ones after your last trip? I miss them so much. The photos are great...but your splashes of colorful storefronts, metro stations, etc. are totally unique. My life is grayer without them. When are you gonna post some?

  34. wonderful post...and the tees are soo cute :)
    i was surprised to learn how tiny the macarons were...less than or about 1 inch in diameter? smaller than an oreo. have you ever made any? how did they come out? curious.

  35. Thank you so much for being a fabulous blogger.
    I enjoy all treats posted, both shopping and food opts.
    My trip to Tokyo was postponed due to quarantine possibilities, so no Laduree etc. until Fall.

    Meanwhile, there is on line shopping!!
    May I just ask if the T shirt you bought is similar in American size, say for instance, the Medium would be the same.
    In my experience, European sizes run a bit smaller.
    Much appreciate this..

  36. Never too many macarons, Carol! ! !
    That is my vote in the grand election!
    Your blog is wonderful. It has been helpful with my delightful anticipation

  37. oui, c'est plus qu'il n'en faut--how about some more ideas in the bracelets and necklaces line--

  38. Yum
    We are leaving for an anniversary celebration Fri.! by happenstance, my OLD FAITHFUL trenchcoat is RED! I was excited to read the blog about red red red in Paris!!
    I appreciate all your wonderful photos and comments.
    merci g.

  39. Sophia3:54 PM

    Bonne macaron a vous!
    We are sitting in our little apartment on our little street in the Marais eating the last of the Pierre Herme caramel macs....

  40. Carol, do what you love & love what you do, it's all fab. You're posts take me all over, vicariously and emotionally. You can't ask for more. I'm missing my Skrappy really BIG again now --- and your Rudi...:(

    Today's Parisien chien is beautiful :)

  41. Oh I love love your photographs so much. Mmmm ,they make me hungry too! Love the broccoli bag and le chien and the t-shirts. Blissful.

  42. Non, non, J'adore les macarons. I think your e-mails are so charming--and I have just become more "hung up" on macarons since I discovered you! I look forward to your blog e-mails. I relish them, but I live in Portland, Oregon, where it is hard to come by macarons--but not impossible!

  43. Pour les hommes aussi?

  44. Super le teeshirt! Moi j'adore les macarons alors...:)

  45. I can never get tired of Macarons!

  46. He who is tired of macarons is tired of life!

  47. I have a macaron shirt just like yours and it always draws fun comments. Love your blog--it inspires me every day!

  48. French Accent10:53 PM

    Let's give the macarons a break for now... More street wear, please! Cheers!

  49. Hi, I have loved all the macaron pictures etc. Can't get enough of them myself. I especially liked the broccali and berry bags and the kiwi watch. Such healthy things to eat!! Who needs them when you have macarons! We!

  50. Whatever you write about will be interesting.
    I loved the purses and the belt.


  51. I had the previlege to see you with you red shoes; too bad I missed you with the macaron teeshirt AND the red shoes!

    (Well, someone already asked, but where are your paintings?)

  52. Love the T shirts and the pink colors.

  53. Sorry, madame,
    we at MACAnonyMOUS need our daily virtual fix - lest you want us to fall into a deep crisis!

    That T-Shirt is simply macadorable!
    Let me guess what is says on its back!

    Paris Breakfast
    went to Paris
    and ate all those macarons -
    all we got
    is this T-Shirt!

  54. I love your watercolors and photos...a nice mix! I had to laugh over the sardine belt - great photo!

  55. Cute post! Love the veggie adds and your tee - quite a precious reminder of all those lovely macarons : ).

  56. Ooh I have to have one of those TShirts - great link thanks

  57. How can anyone EVER get sick of Macarons? Quel horreur!

  58. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Rue Lafayette in St. Louis has Amazing Macarons and Croissants imported from Paris, baked in-house. It's in a Historic Victorian neighborhood. Gorgeous and delicious, when in St. Louis, MO don't miss it! It's like being in Paris!!!!

  59. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Love the Macaron watercolors...WATERcolor and mouthWATER


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