Monday, May 04, 2009

Pets in Paris Portraits

 Does your pet want to go to Paris? Laduree This is 'London' visiting Paris.
LadureeMadge and Mollie in Paris together. 
Laduree Rosie adores her custom watercolor pet portrait.
Winston waits,
Contact me for a  custom portrait.
Size:9" x 11" / 23 x 28 cm
Laduree Send sharp photos. Please shoot at eye-level
Put your pet on the sofa or get on the floor.
Laduree petsDiego, Dante and Little Dulce by the Eiffel Tower, 9" x 11
Laduree Pets
Diego, Dante, Dulce pose for their Paris portrait.
Laduree PetsMollie's photo shoot was a snap 📸 
Laduree PetsSketches are sent for approval before beginning the final art.
Laduree Pets Pets in Paris was featured in New York Metro. 
Portraits can be commissioned by email.
Bonjour Pets in Paris!
Posing next to her portrait 
Adorable Clementine and Mimosa's photo.
Please include your pet's paws owners.
Preliminary sketches.


  1. Great! Those are some mighty huge cats -
    Mickey, at Le Sélect, would love them!!

  2. Cats and macarons - I really need to get to Paris.

  3. charming, Carol! Really lovely images. Your dogs and cats are very Parisienne.

  4. a good the kitty kat painting for sale? would love to acquire.
    so cute.

  5. I love the cats and dogs in these paintings. What a charming idea.. You should do commissions of People's pets to be painted in front of Laduree or their favorite places. Great post.

  6. These must be the happiest pets in Paris!

  7. Great paintings and photos - what a great series!

  8. Victoria3:10 PM

    Here’s my story:

    I had the happy experience of being in Paris for my big birthday in December. Thanks to your fabulous blog - one of my “must do’s” was of course to go to Laduree on Champs Elysees. There was a line of course and they had a surly (albeit stylishly dressed) bouncer at the door. We had been waiting patiently outside the door for about 20 minutes when two pretty young French women stepped up, said “something” in French and got in line ahead of us. There was a young American man in line behind us who “grumbled” and the bouncer stepped up to him and growled “What is the problem? They were here before…” I was afraid there was going to be a rumble and that we would be denied entry to macaron heaven. We ALL wound up waiting about 90 minutes (!) to get table service. That was longer than the wait to get into the Orsay Museum. Happily, I was able to visit 3 Ladurees – thanks for the tip on Printemps. (Next time!)

    All in all – it was a wonderful experience. In my humble opinion – Laduree is tops for beautiful but Pierre Herme has the BEST macarons. Is that sacrilegious?

    Thanks for the Parisian Memories!


  9. Sophia3:13 PM

    Loved today's post, too. Why did I not know that their is a boutique at Printemps? Maybe because I don't shop there as often as I do in GL. I am getting the bag with the chandelier this trip.

  10. Mellissa3:13 PM

    My daughter and I find ourselves scouring the backgrounds and foregrounds of your photos, studying the garb of the locals. We're traveling in the fall and want to dress appropriately. Do you have any tips?

    Mellissa and Amelia

  11. OMG!!!I just love the painting with the schnauzers! I have one black standard and one black mini, it looks just like them!And i love Ladureè! this painting was just perfect!!!Where can i buy and how much is it????? From AK

  12. Oh giggles,
    you literally got the Katze im Sack! :-)))

    The cats are adorable.
    They are on a macaron diet for sure. ;-)

  13. Laurie6:35 PM

    Too cute.
    Thanks for including Deedles and Skylar in the blog today.

  14. I have nominated you for a Splash award - please check out my site to take a look!

  15. Barbara7:21 AM

    I enjoy reading your blog so much and look forward to opening it every evening. Since you asked about La Duree I thought I would share with you the less then perfect watercolor sketch I did of the tea shop last year. I am a watercolor teacher who teaches workshops on travel painting and sketching and this was a picture I did from a photo I took when I was in Paris. Keep up the wonderful blog. Its

  16. Susanne, part-time Parisianne not ex7:25 AM

    I was tickled to see Oneida (the CAT) and the wedding box... I booked my ticket to Paris for June 3-12... and I will be hanging out at Ladurée!!!!!!

  17. What a good idea!!!

  18. I haven't seen anything this cute in a long, long, time! I will contact you for more information!
    Merci beaucoup!

  19. I love these pet-inspired paintings! I should ask you to do something with my kitties, and then could hang it with the Angelina paintings I bought from you!

    I've just entered the blogosphere myself. Visit, if you like:

    It's just starting, but I hope to expand in the coming weeks.

  20. Hi Carol,
    Just wanted to let you know your watercolors arrived safely & they're wonderful!
    Many thanks for creating the perfect Christmas gifts for my husband & best friend.
    I so enjoy reading your blog every day. Thanks so much for sharing

  21. I received the watercolor of "Jack" last evening! Its wonderful and already at the frame shop. I am even framing your sweet note and business card together. I am so proud of it and glad I own it.
    Thank you again for sending it to me

  22. Neil P.3:27 PM

    Received "Mardi" in perfect shape, and it is wonderful.


  23. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much.
    You are the best!!!!
    I'll let you know my friend's response when she opens her gift.

  24. Carol, the painting of Brody is darling! Thanks for the great work and the terrific communication. It is the perfect addition to our breakfast nook, and we will enjoy it daily.

  25. Chatelaine10:20 PM

    We had good conversations and the portrait was done exactly as I wanted it to be done.
    The result is purrfect!
    Thanks Carol!

  26. Prasantin10:21 PM

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Not only is the portrait beautiful, but I also appreciated the prompt communication and delivery!

    Kitty and I thank you!

  27. I had my 2 cats painted in front of the Eiffel Tower, it's just adorable. I've matted, framed and hung it in my living room. Great work and very fast shipping. Wonderful to deal with also. Thanks so much

  28. Larry M.9:46 AM

    Bonjour Carol--
    This is wonderful!
    My wife will love this.
    Merci bien!!

  29. Got it today! Looks great, i'm sure my parents are going to love it.



  30. Teresa7:11 PM

    Hi, Carol. Got the painting of Karma today.
    Oooh, la la!!
    LOVE it.
    Going to pick a great frame and get it ready for Santa.
    Thanks a million.

  31. Hi Carol, So cool to see that Isabella made it to your blog!!! I'm smiling all day.
    I will be giving your precious artwork to my friend Saturday eve.
    It is the best pup portrait EVER!!!
    xo, pp
    Merci beaucoup

  32. Dear Carol:
    The painting arrived safely in the mail yesterday.
    It's beautiful and very charming! Merci beaucoup!
    Kind regards,

  33. Leslie4:09 PM

    Dear Carol, I just received the most unique and amazing gift!!
    My beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, Bella in Paris!!
    Thank you so much!!
    It is beautiful!!


  34. Hi Carol,
    My friend LOVED your watercolor of Bella! It was so much fun to watch her open the gift. (One of her favorite places in Paris is Ladurée so you can only imagine how perfectly perfect your work of art was).
    Bella really liked it too. ;-) Thanks again, Paige

  35. Thank you, so very much for a lovely work of art. It will give me pleasure to give this to my son-in-law, Dan. I am having this matted and framed and I will present to him in front of my daughter and their three sons. The boys know you did they painting and they can't wait to see the finished piece too.
    Thanks once again and as soon as I can snatch some pics of my youngest daughter's Jack Russell, I will forward them to you and we can do something for her 40th birthday.
    As for me I am JUST so tickled with the painting of Bo and Benny

  36. Your painting came today. It's terrific! I'm so proud to have it and I can tell you my wife is going to love it.
    Thanks so much.

  37. Carol C.12:20 PM

    Cleo and Lena, the cats, are very proud of their portrait – it’s really adorable, and you are very talented.
    I will be back!

  38. Rose L.9:51 AM

    I received the watercolor today. It is FABULOUS!
    The expression is totally Buddy's and my friend is going to love this!
    Thank you so much for getting this to me so quickly.


  39. Maggie S.10:00 AM

    Got the picture yesterday.
    It looks great.
    Callie (the Jack Russell) looks like she's on steroids, but it's the thought that counts.
    Beat regards,


  40. Carrie5:08 PM

    Everything is great and I have already had them framed and they are awaiting Christmas Morning. Thanks for checking on them - they really are very special and I know the girls will love them.
    I love looking at your blog each day - it is one of my new favorite things!

  41. Marilyn7:30 PM

    Thank you so much.
    The Cafe Bosquet is great and we love the images of Myko and Toula. Myko is a little darker and Toula is lighter, so their personalities shine.
    Actually, we are on the way right now to visit the Framers.
    So this is very exciting!
    Happy Holidays!


  42. Summer4:25 PM

    The painting arrived last night. Thank you so much, it is perfection. My husband loves it.

    Happy New Year!

    Merci beaucoup,

  43. Magnifique!

    It's almost that time of year, when my husband and I head over to Paris for a romantic getaway. Wish we could bring our dog Cheddar, he would look tres handsome in a beret!

  44. Emily in GA9:03 AM

    It is so beautiful I can’t wait to see the picture in person. I will let you know when I receive it, thank you so much.

  45. Luis in CT9:05 AM

    The piece is lovely! Its already at the framers and I asked my brother in law to get pics of the last dog and the adorable cat for the next piece, this time in front of a patisserie!

  46. I received the painting on Wednesday it's AWESOME! I love it. I just wanted you to know that I blogged about it today.
    Thanks again, EM

  47. Athena5:04 PM

    Hi carol, I received the Lulu's portrait today. It's beautiful and we all love it here at the office. I know Barbara will love her gift too.
    The face really looks like lulu!


  48. I just wanted to let you know that the painting of Sylvester arrived and I love it.
    Thanks very much (again).

  49. Barbara4:29 AM

    I received the watercolor today and I am so thrilled! I think you really captured the essence of the boys, especially Alfie.
    Thank you for remembering to the red collars and hearts.

    I planned to give it to my husband for Valentine's Day but I couldn't wait.
    He loves it, too!
    Merci, Barbara

  50. Vickie and Rose4:45 AM

    Rose and I love her watercolor! It is gorgeous!
    She wanted to send you this photo of her with the painting in my "Paris" Room...a pink
    and black guest room in our home for those who love Paris! I will
    frame it (gold, I think) this weekend, and give it a place of honor!
    Thanks again!
    Vickie and Rose

  51. Mr.Mickey's portrait arrived yesterday and he gives it a four-paws-up! Which is not an easy thing for him to do!
    He is now insisting that I have a spotlight installed to shine on him 24 hours a day.
    He loves the gold highlights you put in his hair. What a little egomaniac he is.
    Thank you again for your great work.
    I am coming back for something for my daughter for Mother's Day.

  52. So funny I just wrote about my bakery on my blog.
    Next time you come to Paris that would be so fun to commission a watercolor of my dog waiting in front tied up to the road sign, which happens every day =)
    When is your next trip to Paris planned?

  53. Athena6:06 AM

    Last night was Barbara's retirement party and we gave her the portrait of LuLu. She loved it so much! I played Vanna of the gifts and presented her with all the gifts and gave her the Piece de Resistance (did i spell that right) last...which was, of course, your painting ..framed. There had been a dog theme throughout the party when her colleagues talked to the group about personal experiences and good times with Barbaraj...a lot of people bonded with her over her 32 years of work over their love of dogs.
    Thank you again very much Carol. Your work is a treasure.

  54. Actually, I just saw the watercolor on your blog
    it is perfect!!!
    Looks just like the lovely Bella; thank you.

  55. Barbara5:33 PM

    Last week I received as a retirement gift, one of your watercolors of my dear furry girl, Natasha, who passed away last August. I love, love, love the picture. It looks just like her, and she looks so spiffy in her red bandana sitting in front of the red checkered tablecloth. My friend, Athena Watson, knew it would be the perfect present.

    Thanks for your part in this wonderful surprise.

  56. The 4 pets in Paris portrait arrive yesterday.
    thanks we really love it.
    i can't wait to have it framed and hang it up. now...if i could only think of someone to put in front of laduree......

    thanks again,


  57. Ruth T.3:38 PM

    Hi Carol, the cats' portrait just got it and it is beautiful, purrrfect!
    Thank you

  58. Larry T.5:43 PM

    Hi, Carol!
    I wanted to just say many thanks for the wonderful painting of our Libby in front of one of my favorite places in Paris!!! Of course, you won’t find many postcards of Caves Auge which makes this painting all the more special!!!!
    You really captured the essence of Libby with a nice French twist…. Thank you again…. Larry

  59. Larry W.2:54 PM

    I picked the painting of Tuckie and Zoe today an it is just great. I am sure that my friend's wife will love it! I am sure that once I get it framed it will look fabtastic.
    Thanks again,
    Larry W.

  60. Frances B.2:56 PM

    Those bad three kitties at Le Grand Colbert arrived safely. They are marvelous. I am off to the framers at lunch. Thank you again. Will be in touch when I get pictures of other vicarious travelers.

  61. We received the best Thanksgiving present yesterday - your beautiful watercolor of our handsome guy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your watercolor really captures Wyatt and his personality.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you're ever in San Francisco, please let me know. I'll see you on your blog!
    Merci et bientot,


  62. I love your artwork - it's wonderful. Thank you for sharing with the world. There is a lovely cheekiness to your pictures.
    Just returned from my favourite city in the world - boy was it cold and boy as beautiful as ever.
    Many thanks

  63. Adoro sua sensibilidade nas aquarelas, fotos e comentários cheios de bom humor!
    (in a poor translate from my portuguese: I love your sensibility in watercolors, photos and comments!).
    Ana Maria Severo, from Porto Alegre, Brasil.

  64. Muriel & KUMA11:47 AM

    I just got home and opened the mail. Voila! There was Kuma.

    He is perfect. Thank you SO much.


  65. Thank for visiting our blog, we love your beautiful portraits, well done !
    Lots of love from Bella and Ollie

  66. Cheryl6:27 PM

    Hi there,
    I received in the mail last week a package from C. Gillot and was told not to open it 'til my 40th birthday...could barely stand the tension between me and that envelope...finally the day arrives and I carefully unwrap the package which contained the most beautiful painting of my pup "Jaxson" sitting very contentedly in front of Laduree! I absolutely adore it! My sister, who lives in Paris has had me hooked on "Paris Breakfasts" and your portraits. Thank you so much for the very fab birthday present. I will cherish it! Cheryl (Port Hope, Ontario)

  67. Lynette10:38 AM

    I got Lexi's portrait in Paris painting the other night and it was just gorgeous, the colors vivid and wonderful. The internet does not do your paintings justice.

    I took it over to my mother’s house (she lives right next door to me) to show it to her. I didn’t tell her I doing this and immediately upon seeing the painting, she recognized Lexi. My mother is an 80 year old stoic German woman, not easily moved to tears, but her eyes welled up and she was so pleased to see the painting and wanted to know immediately where I was going to hang it when I had it framed. Lexi was an important little girl in both of our lives, so we both “thank you” for the wonderful job you did, it has already become a cherished possession.

    Thank you so much!!!

  68. Jen in AU7:07 AM

    Yes the watercolor arrived safe and sound in Pert
    It’s totally gorgeous! Mum will love it. This will make her want to go to Paris .. again!

    Thank you so much too for all the little Paris souvenir samples. I work in printing and really appreciate the effort and work that goes into a beautiful piece of print.

    Jen x

    h, AU.

  69. I received the beautiful painting of Alfie yesterday!!!!
    It's absolutely perfect and I know Laurie will love it.
    You will meet her at the book party, but please don't give anything away, as it's a birthday surprise!
    Oh, and we'll have MadMac macarons!!!
    Thank you for that referral!
    Sending love.
    A bientot,

  70. Thank you for sending the pet portrait so fast, it arrive just in time, like two hours before we left the house.
    My daughter and her ballet teacher, love the painting.
    She said that it's like a treasure, for her.
    Thank you for make such a memorable gift!!!!

  71. Lorenzo at Laduree has arrived and he is FABULOUS!

  72. I received it yesterday! it's magnifique!!!!
    I'm so pleased. I had it framed today (see photo attached).

    Lyza xoxo

  73. Tazzie's portrait was waiting for me when I got home, and it is just perfect. Even better than expected, and I can't wait to give it to her Mom (except that I want to keep it!). Many thanks for what is truly going to be a gift that keeps on giving.

    Have enjoyed "following" you in Paris and London. What a "tasty" trip, and thanks, too, for a great list of new patisseries to try. We have similar tastes...tarte au citron!

    Very best,

  74. Mathew5:15 AM

    Today is my wife’s birthday and I gave her Joey’s portrait this afternoon. She was so thrilled that she asked me to send you an email expressing her thanks.

    I also wanted to add my thanks since it’s not often that I’ve been able to give her something which has made her this happy, so from both of us

  75. I received your painting today. Thank you so much. You captured our little dogs beautifully.
    I can't wait for my daughter to see it.

  76. I loved the portraits of my dog at the cafe and patisserie - Priceless!

    I am keeping up with you on ParisBreakfast!

  77. I love these! Now if I could get my pets to sit still long enough I will definitely plan on having a portrait commissioned. Congrats on all of your features (Vogue, NY Times, etc!)

  78. thanks for another wonderful art gift.
    My son who knows the dog, ranch and the doggie's momma said she will LOVE it.
    Thanks so much.

  79. sarajane in NZ6:16 AM

    Received - Rusty!
    Got the package today, thank you again, and all the cute wee cards and things, love that touch; I'll use some of those in my scrapbooking pages when I put my trip photos together. I shall look forward to framing soon....
    I think what you do is great!
    best regrds

  80. Rebecca in Australia5:43 AM

    Merci beaucoup, et encore!!!!
    Ralph's Paris portrait watercolour is absolutely beautiful.
    Gorgeous! Just love it!
    And thank you so much for all the little goodies in the pack as well.
    Very kind of you, thank you.
    I hope you know how much of a delight you bring to all of our days with your PB blog, and the beautiful watercolours are an added joy.
    Thank you again, Carol!
    Best regards R

  81. Leonard in PA11:17 AM

    We did indeed receive Choo Choo and she is lovely!
    Thanks again!

  82. G. in Singapore5:08 AM

    Its really so stunning.
    I am afraid you may be hearing from Alfie and I again at some stage.... ha ha!
    A series of paintings would be very cute!
    Thank you again, I am so excited to give this to James.
    I know he will adore it as I do!

  83. Carol its gorgeous
    I am so happy with it thank you!
    Love it love it love it!

  84. Eloisa J.8:39 AM

    the picture was brilliant!
    Alessandro loved it.
    I gave it to him, framed, on the his birthday
    which was just before we left from Australia. And we're still there
    When I get back,
    I'll do a post link to the framed photo -- I know people will love to
    see your version of Lucy and Milo.

  85. Jennie in Hong Kong5:00 AM

    I received the package this morning and the painting looks amazing!
    Thanks so much Carol,
    it arrived just in time for my birthday :)

  86. Julie F3:44 PM

    It's so nice to see a creative person who finds beauty in everyday things -- pastry, storefronts, flowers.
    Love my "Pup goes to Paris" watercolor!

  87. Tiffany4:41 AM

    Thanks, Carol - got it today and we're thrilled....
    my mother-in-law will love it!

  88. Marigall5:04 AM

    Thanks again for the lovely portrait of Buster!

    I had the framing done today. My husband will be so delighted when he opens this at Christmas.

  89. Gosh i love this !!!

  90. this pets are really cut.they are all happiest pets in Paris.its a nice collection.great.


  91. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I have just received the beautiful paintings that you did for us! They are just lovely, the colors are perfect and Coco is adorable in them! Thank you so much for working with me to attain the perfect results! I love what you did with them!

  92. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Sorry for not written before but we were living during the last days our carnaval holiday and I was so tired that I promissed myself to not look my e-mail box during the holidays. But... the package arrived!!!!!!! and was so amazing! I'm so, so, so happy and glad to have met you. Pituska, de female, is 11 years old and is showing signs of old and to have her always alive in a picture is very important to me.
    once again sorry for not told you before that the painting arrived and thank you so much for the happiness you gave to me and my family.
    In my next trip to Paris, September maybe I'll try to meet you because I have enjoying so much your blog and your way to see Paris.

    Malu, Pituska and Brad Pitt in Rio

  93. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Just to let you know it has arrived and is absolutely fabulous, you have captured both Oscar and Henry perfectly, I cant wait to show it to my mother, who I know will love it!
    Caroline in the UK

  94. Oh, I'm smitten with these. I will be in touch! Merci! ~ Sarah

  95. Carol, I just went to the post office and picked up "Ze Cats"! I missed the mailman when he tried to deliver it. It actually came two days ago but I didn't realize it was you artwork. Well, I just love it and the little goodies that you sent with it. I will be seeing my friend soon and I know she will love, love, love it too.
    Thank you so very much,

  96. Clare/London12:27 AM

    Thanks so much the two pet watercolours arrived and they are lovely we are really happy with them!
    Best wishes,

  97. oh what a SUPER POST.... I'm glad you linked it to your latest 'chef d'oeuvre'..... delightful and happy!

    oodles of love

  98. After work I picked up the watercolor at the Post Office. It arrived safely and I don't think I could be happier with it. You really captured Coco and Daisy. Thank you! All the best,

  99. Svetlana12:10 AM

    We finally received it! It's wonderful! Thank you so much. Thank you for all the little Parisian brochures too. Makes me feel very nostalgic.
    I can't wait to frame it and send to my mother in law.


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