Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stalking the Trench coat

Trench Coat My first day in Paris and already I am back to stalking
trench coat Le TRENCH COAT!
And this was 2 steps away from where I'm staying - impossible to miss.trench coat In fact if you are in Paris right now you can not miss le trench coats all over, like here going into the Opera Metro (ligne 8, 3, 7)BurberryWho knows how long Burberry has been making le Trench?
They are the Trench masters no doubt.trench coat OK, now to get started PB readers, have your notebooks out.
Trench coat: impermeable sport coat with a belt.

Collar: part of the clothing that surrounds the neck.
Lapel: folded up part of the collar falling on the chest.
Belt loop: vertical attach into which slips a belt.
Flap pocket: pocket provided with a lapel.
Sleeve loop: attach into which slips a sleeve.
Belt: accessory allowing to maintain and adjust a clothing.
Button: piece being used to attach a clothing or as a decoration.
Storm patch: yoke on the front and the back.
All this
from infovisual.
trench coat A little French intro is required as well from French Wiki:
Un trench-coat est un
manteau imperméable généralement descendant jusqu'aux mollets, utilisé par plusieurs armées pendant la Première Guerre mondiale et la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Bien qu'à l'origine ce soit un vêtement masculin, il est aussi porté par les femmes.trench coat My computer gave up on translating that but I know some expert PBers will come to the rescue rapidement s.v.p.! By the way the belt is usually tied here never belted.
trench coatOne girl carrys her trench casually over her arm, while the biker wears hers-I have seen this often.
Be sure, after you rush out to buy your trench to release the vent stitch in the back! Sadly this girl did not. Dommage
This French girl's trench has no vent at all. Shocking!
trench coat Toute en blanche and quilted
trench coat I have to wonder if May is Trench Coat Month? Do all these femmes have le trench in their placard/closet that they save just for May..? Or is it the tendance/the trend of the moment?
I think the latter since you see it in many shop vitrines/ windows, not just the streets.
trench coatShould there be a law against crossing the street while talking on your portable, as this plaid-trench-coated femme is about to do? There are no lights at Opera - you just boldly march out into traffic and cars stop when they see your stunning trench coat. C'est vrais!
Trench coat + big bag + les slims (narrow jeans) + Converse-like shoes.
Do I rename Paris -
For more Paris Street Fashion, here are the pros:


  1. A trench coat is a impermable coat (mackintosh!!!) generally calf length, used by several armies during the First and Second World Wars. It was originally worn by men and is also worn by women. Near enough I think!

    Oh la la! Sacre bleu! Les slims sont "drainpipes"!

  2. love the post this morning...the trench is indeed a practical piece of attire:)
    hope you are immersing yourself into the city fully...wish i were there too.
    have a wonderful time.

  3. Funny and adorable, comme d'hab! And my sister just arrived in paris today too!

    You must check out my friend Lee's blog - he even did me last week!

    I think you are two peas in a pod.

  4. Ah--classic--the trench coat. Who can do without it? I always tie my belts. But with a one loop tie--easier to open. Lovely, Carol. Have fun!

  5. Bravo Carol, it takes courage indeed to 'stalk'. Me, I'm sometimes weary to take out my camera in the patisseries for fear of getting chastised in rapid fire French! And yes, j'adore trenches, still saving up for a Burberry - one day...

  6. Julie...12:21 PM

    J'adore le post today et le trench aussi!

  7. Bonne Chance ---at Christian Dior!

  8. Elizabeth12:38 PM

    "a trench coat is a coat, usually impermable (???) lenght the claf, used for several years during World war 1 and world war 2. Even though this was originally designed for men, it is nowadays also wore by women. "
    Hope that helps.

    About trench coat, I confirm it is more than a trend in France, it is a must have piece in any woman wardrobe. I am wearing mine(s) throught the year and do have them in different colours. Don't tell my husband !!! but I must be fashion victim (in the French understanding I mean ...).
    Hope you enjoyed your journey in Paris as I still enjoy your blog.
    Take care and see you soon in Paris !!!!!

  9. Veronica12:41 PM

    I would love to see your funny comments one day about the beautiful parisian doors.
    Hey! Have you ever seen the paintings from Paris from Luidmilla kondakova? They are beautiful but I could never afford one.
    I'm sure you would like them too.

  10. Asuncion Ananda12:45 PM

    Every flashy has his/her pair of tacky white boots...Never,never,never wear white boots (unless they´re funny rainny boots) so never,never,never put pics of someone wearing white boots ;D ;D
    There´s only one thing more tacky than someone wearing high heel white boots:someone wearing a white coat+white boots...Too flashy even for Ivana Trump or B.Spears ;D ;D
    Carol...I didn´t expect that from u...XD XD XD
    HAND (and don´t cross white boots on your way)

  11. Kathryn4:05 PM

    Oh you are on your way to Paris! If you find yourself on rue Surcouf, give Mme Ginette at Au Petit Tonneau gros bisous from Katie and Natalie (my Golden retrievers)!
    Have a wonderful sejour!

  12. Foodwalker4:23 PM

    Ah, I have a black voluminous trench coat but can't remember where it is.
    In storage?
    In France? At the office?
    Oh my.

  13. The voluminous trench coat will not cut it in Paris FoodWalker..sorry :(
    The trench here is cut very close to the bod...a bit like the Safari jacket which is also IN at the moment...

  14. PS I could have used an impermiable today..rained cats and dogs!
    Where is Paris drizzle?
    I was saved by a striped awning mon dieu!

  15. Foodwalker4:43 PM

    oh, now I won't bother to look for my trench...

  16. Very cute post! I like the vents!

  17. Thank you for stalking. I am learning what I am going to need for my trip to Paris in September...

    big bag...trench coat...skinny jeans...scarves...lots of black...stylish messy hair.

    All seems possible except for the skinny jeans...will straight leg jeans work? I feel a little old for skinny jeans.

  18. Even Inspector Oswald knows the importance of a cut-close-to-the-body trench! The ideal outfit for stalking!

  19. Silvija12:02 AM

    Here is a translation
    A trench coat is a water-proof coat, usually calf-length, used by various armies during the first- and second-world wars. Although this originated as men’s clothing, it can also be worn by women.

  20. Love your blog so much! This post has inspired me to draw my trench - I love it!

  21. Bonjour, Looks like you are having fun! It's expensive following your posts. I have purchased 2 pairs of les slims and a new pair of ballerine shoes. Lucky I have lots of scarves and a trench coat! Have a great time and keep sending us you great stories.

  22. C'est Classique!
    A trench coat is always in my closet, beige, black or a fun color for a drab day!

  23. Je vous en prie.
    I only realized after that the "trench" part of the trenchcoat
    actually refers to the trenches in which the soldiers had to fight in during the wars.
    duh !

  24. Olá!
    Delicious blog. Keep it up.
    Cheers from Brésil!

  25. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I am going to Paris early June - do you think a black trench will look weird? Or would a beige one be better? I reealllly need to know.


  26. Tiffany6:06 PM

    Hi, I'm in Paris for another day and have been dying to find a cool trench (have been looking for one forever in the States)Where is the grey one in the picture you took? merci, merci

  27. Wow, who knew there were so many lovely trench coats in Paris? Thanks for the great post. I loved seeing all the different styles and how people wore them.

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  29. Black trench coat should still have a mark of consistency; it is not an excuse to dress down like a slob.
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  30. Wonderful images! And all of those French women's are looking absolutely fantastic wearing such awesome outfits.

  31. Anonymous2:28 AM

    This is such a classic post about the trench coat! I love how you've highlighted the versatility of the trench coat, and the different ways it can be styled!!


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