Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday in Paris it was really hot - in the high 70's...
And everyone thought it was Summer already...
Even grown men were gobbling up ice cream cones at Amorino!
Yesterday cafés were completely packed...
With people eating popcorn(?) and drinking Summer Rosé wine!
Ladurée was packed inside...
Laduree linesAnd out. Ahhhh Paris lines...
Parisiens were walking their Jack Russells inside BHV...
And dans la rue...
Yesterday people were out buying fresh flowers at Aquarelle...
People had their coats off and were carrying their BIG bags...
Yesterday art students were drawing in the street it was that nice out!
Parisiens were stolling with bottles of water - a sure sign Summer is on the way...
Vitrines were full of wild Summer clothes...
And sensible Summer clothes with Red Shoes!
Yesterday I was stuck in all day until 4:30 shooting a gazillion macarons before they melt in the heat...poor me :)


  1. Enjoying the blog!
    My wife and 11yo daughter are heading for paris in 3 weeks! Hope we can find some of the yummies you have shown recently near the apartment we are renting!

  2. Thanks for all these delicious photos!

  3. Carol.
    Thanks for this most wonderful post! One of my favs. It really looks like summer! I have decided to go in September. Any tips for that time of year?

  4. The first photo is stunning. That, for me, IS Paris.

  5. Dear PB,

    I have been following your blog for a really long time, infact it serves as my inspiration for things to do whenever i'm in Paris!
    I have my own blog now and as i'm inspired by your's i would really appreciate a bit of help with mine. Please drop me a line if you can
    looking forward to hearing from you

  6. You'd better go out yesterday!!!!!! But, you did wonderful shoots. Love Summer in Paris; perfect time to have l'apéro at a terrace. But, too much light to shoot windows...

  7. Oh, you stuck with macarons, and all of you you melting like a gelato in the sun!
    I hope you too get to go out into the sunshine a bit today.

  8. I hope you ate up all those melted macarons! xv

  9. Beautiful photos---just beautiful. Can't wait to save up enough to get back myself :)

  10. Oh Paris, It does not get any better.
    Those macarons, I cannot wait.

  11. i enjoy your blog, so i subscribed.
    I found it when googling "macarons." I just tried making them. The tops came out wrinkled but none the less delicious.

    take care

  12. Beautiful shots - the popcorn couple do not look amused :-)

  13. So I can bring my white tiered skirt? I bought it several years ago at Gerard Darel in another heat wave when I had all the wrong clothes with me?

  14. I know you're not about particular...
    but I noticed there were lots of pictures of folks wearing
    DENIM. I always thought of Paris in a higher-fashion way..
    and that jeans were a symbol of the ugly Americain.....
    what's up with the jeans?

  15. Melanie10:50 AM

    Hi Carol,
    It was 80F yesterday in NYC and we expect the same for the next few days!!
    Il fait chaud.
    ps I love Paris too.

  16. ohhh i love laduree iv only been to the ones in london but cant wait to go to the ones in paris..

  17. Find that guy in the grey v-neck tee shirt drinking rose!!
    Stalk him!!!!
    More pictures of his whole face!!!
    Hee Hee!!

  18. It's been a while since I've been there, but my recollection is that denim was acceptable for very casual wear as follows:
    1. Good condition, not torn or really scruffy
    2. Wear a stylish top -- for me (male) it would be polo shirt or oxford, maybe a sweater.
    3. Absolutely no t-shirts or sweatshirts with USA-type content: no Rotary Club, beer, Fisherman's Wharf, etc.

    Just my 2 euro.

    Andy in San Francisco

  19. FoodWalker1:02 PM

    OMG- that pic of the macs is outstanding.
    Such texture.
    You are one talented dame!
    Loved the picture of the girl in boots and B&W at the cafe and the scrumptious lad to her left.
    keep 'em comin'

  20. Bonjour! Je suis a Paris avec vous! C'etait une belle jour, certainement! Et aujourd'hui nous avons mangé des macarons des Pierre Herme. Délicieux!

    Wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it tous les jours!

  21. How do I love your site? I can't even count the ways. But I am trying to wrangle a way to hitch a ride with you besides via the web, especially when you share pics of the dreamy pastries and cafes. But that pic of the men eating ice cream, they looked quite American to me. Anyway, I love your site and I am promising myself that one day I will get to go on a shopping splurge and purchase a few of your beautiful paintings to decorate an area of my house. To quote 30 Rock's Liz Lemon, I see your photos of sweet Pay-ree and think "I want to go to there."

  22. I love this glimpse of Paris life! I giigled a little at the rose with popcorn. Sweet!

  23. In the second picture down ... is that ... gasp! A Parisian woman wearing white running sneakers?

    And outside the door on the same picture ... gasp! A couple of "un-skinny" girls??? (red backpack and red shirt)

  24. Encore un grand "MERCI" pour votre inspiration!--
    ahhh, Paris!

  25. One of my favorite snacks--a bowl of popcorn (make mine with parmesan cheese and a little butter please)-- and a glass of wine. ;)) Looks like it was a lovely day, Carol!

  26. Michelle11:08 PM

    Oh la la, il fait chaud. I want that headscarf - make sure you snap anyone walking wearing anything likethat, clearly another innovative way of wearing that classic french accessory. Your candid snaps a la terrasse remind me of a Renoir painting - full of light, colour and joie de vivre. Some handsome guys too - I would have loved to have joined them for a glass of rose.

  27. I just love all your pictures!!

  28. Looks so wonderful. I'm jealous! I love a dog friendly city.

  29. A macaron melting would taste as sweet....


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