Tuesday, January 27, 2009

La Bergamote NYC

La Bergamote NYC La Bergamote Hot chocolate, original watercolor, 5" x 7"


More chasing around New York looking for that touch of France yesterday...

La Bergamote NYC La Bergamote chocolat chaud, original watercolor, 5" x 7"


Especially since I got off early and quite nearby was...

La Bergamote NYC One of New York's most "Frenchified" cafs - La Bergamote on 169 9th Avenue.La Bergamote NYC That's what I've heard and the interior bears out it's reputation - banks and banks of pastry cases...
La Bergamote NYC Plus a very over-the-top Frenchie mural...
La Bergamote NYC These cases hold a vast array of gateaux...
La Bergamote NYCAnd big glossy, fruity high gloss tartes...
La Bergamote NYC Plenty of small fruity tartes...

La Bergamote NYC The croissants do look like the REAL thing...

La Bergamote NYCAND they have macarons...or a sort...a tad stale I have to say.

They are not bumpy or lumpy nor huge like some I've encountered in New York.

La Bergamote NYC A very nice Frenchie counter to pickup your drinks...

La Bergamote NYCMy order....

La Bergamote NYCGrowing up we thought to "Frenchify" something (well mainly lamb chops) was to stick a frill on it. But New York has this obsession with both the classic Parisien cafe + the classic patisserie and attempting to sandwich the two together. When you do find these two in Paris, it's a salon de the accompaning a patisserie like Angelina or Carette, never a cafe.

Plus there's an aura of "ladies who lunch" to these Parisien tea rooms - quite proper and generally inhabited by the feminine gender + kiddies. I shall continue my pursuit of the genuine article in NYC, but large clumps of hair are beginning to litter my studio :(

Meanwhile I suggest you take along Jamie Cahill's fun compendium of true Parisien delights to read when you drop into these faux French New York joints...ahem



  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    very lovely!


  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    hold onto your hair!
    I'll take faux French anyday to Dunkin Donuts!!!


  3. Very light filled watercolors, my dear. Lovely. And those juicy tarts, WOW!

  4. I think it is so hard to replicate something in a foreign country it is just never the same. New York does Bagels like no one else and Paris does Macaron like no one else. As for us Brits well we do Yorkshire Puddings because no one else does :)

  5. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Bonjour Carol,

    Might I suggest a tiny (3 tables) patisserie - Dousoeur de Paris located at 652 Tenth Avenue at 46th Street, operated by two sisters and open just two months.


  6. There is something about a good cup of coffee in good cafe china, isn't there? I took so many photos of cups of coffee last time I was in France. Maybe I'll post them today...you've inspired me.

  7. Oh my! It gets better and better! From the fruit tartlets to croissants and all served with wonderful paintings of hot chocolate! Very lucky virtual food has no calories or I would be the size of a house!

  8. I know it sounds ordinary and NOT French - but you can get a very good Hot Chocolate at Starbucks!! No kidding...but one caution: be sure to order their "Signature Hot Chocolate" they have another that is rather tasteless but for the signature one they use a nice blend of chocolate...you won't pick your order up at a marble-top counter, or be able to gaze upon a case of jeweled pasteries (dang), BUT you will get a yummy Hot Chocolate fix, and fast! ;)

  9. now do you sample all the lovely treats...
    alas...wish i could be there and enjoying a lovely cup of hot chocolate and watching the world go by...

  10. You make me want some hot chocolate every time I see your blog with it featured. Yesterday I told Con, when we were out and about, that I wanted some. Then laughed.. Where would we get a good hot chocolate here? So we never got one. We have two very small Starbucks in markets here, and one coffee/wine place, whose hot chocolate leaves a lot to be desired. Thats small town living for ya. Enjoy all those you have around you.

  11. Ah,ah,ah, souvenirs souvenirs. I used to go to Bergamote. It was like a little piece of France for me.

  12. Anonymous3:50 PM

    you say les Belges sont des faux Français ? maybe the frensh are wrong belgians !


  13. Dear Cris,
    I don't drink coffee...sorry
    It's always hot chocolate for me

    And no, Good Life, I try to sample as little as possible in the tiniest portions.
    I let my eyes only do the tasting

    Thea, I will try your Signature brew at Starbucks I promise.

    Di I think Brit cuisine is terrific...hmmm

    Funny Anne that you used to go there...you fell for our faux Fr.!

  14. I am going to a Swiss place for coffee. It is close as I can get to French without settling for French roast at Peet's.
    p.s. Lily is waiting for you to walk her.

  15. These watercolors are vintage Carol here...lovely, Carol! I guess it's hard to put Paris--the real deal--into NYC, n'est ce pas? Nice to pretend, though.

  16. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Interesting series you are doing.

    My latest crazy miniature project is a French bistro(t). You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find the right kind of tables and chairs, but I have a perfect bar. What kind of floor should I do?


  17. I thoughly enjoy visiting your blog and the amazing artistry that I find here. It is so beautiful and you have the ability to draw one right into the places that you describe. Your artistic ability and your photographic skill make visiting your blog, a real privilege.

  18. Simply lovin' your blog and the amazing watercolors as usual! I will have to take my hubby to La Bergamote! Looks yummy.

  19. I know you dont drink Coffee. I wanted hot chocolate. But some one commented on getting good HOT CHOCOLATE at Starbucks on your blog.

  20. Very Lovely. Love the colors :)


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