Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bonne Inauguration !

HAPPY... BIRTHDAY Mr. President,
at the worlds biggest birthday party.


Janice C. Cartier said...

It's a very exciting day. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's BONNE inauguration (fem.). ;o)

Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

to há um tempão pra te mandar,ou já mandei?não lembro.
olha que bonitas estas aquarelles!!!!!!


A Brush with Color said...

Yes, indeed! A wonderful day to celebrate for us all, Carol. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

c' est feminin donc bonne inauguration, but it is a question of prononciation example un bon acteur that sounds like un bonne acteur but it is masculin so un BON acteur, you see. The reason is bon (on) acteur is difficult for the frensh ears, two sounds "on" and "a" without a letter like l, m, n, d, etc , it's a hiatus in frensh linguistic .
But you know that, each language has its own allergy !

Anonymous said...

What a HAPPY day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, Carol!
What an exciting, historic day it is...

Anonymous said...

Such exciting times for the USA (and the world)!

Anonymous said...

merci Carol
Bon Inauguration aussi!

Anonymous said...

Happy Inauguration to you! I took the day off so I could watch all the festivities on our big HD TV. The crowds are amazing (I am from DC originally and wanted to go for this buy my husband talked me out of it). It reminds me of JFK's funeral, only joyous!


Anne Corrons said...

I wish I were there with all these people!

Anonymous said...

These and this was wonderful!!!!!
And, of course, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

If you read the international section of the French news today, you might learn a new word: investiture (inauguration). Though the word inauguration exists in French, it's not used for people, but rather for a monument, road, or show. When talking about the first day of Barack Obama's presidency, you say le jour de l'investiture du président (inauguration day).

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day for our country! I know of over a dozen restaurants and pubs, in addition to Hotel de Ville's 800 spaces, filled with celebrant's of this historical occassion.
We went to Carr's Pub near rue di Rivolit.
Around our table of 4 from the U.S., others from Turkey, Bosnia, Australia, Great Britain, France and Germany...
ALL cheering!

Anonymous said...

I received my watercolor. It is lovely! Thank you!

Di Overton said...

Did you have a fabulous day. I did, curled up on the Sofa watching this amazing moment in history. You as an American must be so proud. I mean have you ever studied Gordon Brown - YUK!