Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Passion for Blue and White

Bleu Willow, 5" x 7"
More on and white...
Things are not moving along swiftly on my redecoration/transition from IKEA
To Frenchie toile-ness.
My living room is looking decidedly bedroomish...after all that is a bedspread thrown on my couch :(
I wish I'd gotten this lamp at Le musée de la toile...
Or better yet, for contrast, all of this china at Chateau Vaux de Vicomte gift shop.

These ginger pots would be a nice addition from a Parisien shop seen at night...

I love Susanne's Blue strawberry plates = perfect addition!

This Blue Willow teapot at Pearl River Department store on Broadway isn't too bad, a bit schlocky...ahem

I'd much rather have Carolyne Roehm picking out items for me.

Or next best have her gorgeous book for reference...
A Passion for Blue and White
Cheryl Maclachlan's Bringing it Home - France, tells me I should go for "mettre en relief".
A melange of contrasted of textures and patterns to "create depth of field by layering the foreground, center and background of a space - an interplay of textures on every plane and surface".
Now THAT'S French style!

If only I had something big, blue and impressive like this in my living room all my problems would be solved.
Your decorating tips are most welcome!


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Blue and white always wins the day!
    Can't go wrong with it.
    Just keep truckin'

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Ironic that you are talking about redecorating today. The other night I bought 14 yards of the attached Scalamandre fabric from a firm in Texas--regular price: $172/yd. I paid $31/yd. It's called Petit Trianon--cheery, n'est-ce pas? Now I have to decide if it is going on the bed as a duvet and shams or on the windows.


  3. Does Scalamandre come in blue and white???

  4. The combination of blue and white always has a calming effect on me. Also, it is so appropriate for any room in one's home.

  5. Absolutely! I have a blue and white addiction. Occaisional accent in yellow.

  6. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Beautiful pattern on the cup watercolor!!!

  7. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I love blue and white china especially Spode.

  8. I would accent it with natural linen pieces and natural stone accessories. Though I have to say it is looking amazing.

  9. I think you have a good start. It just takes time to have things come together. You need to get a room journal together. put in what you have and go searching for things you would like in there. Find things you like and then find a way of doing it cheaper if it is to expensive. I have a twin floral comforter over my large floral couch because of all the animals in the house and I can wash it easier. It matches pretty good and I dont think it looks bedroomy at all. I also have plaid curtains with florals and other patterns that I think makes it feel cozy. Happy decorating. You have a good eye for things I am sure it will come out great.

  10. Blue and white are lovely together. Susan Blue plates? Is that a store or a designer/brand or both ? I love those strawberry plates aussi!

  11. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Carol you should paint the pretty Royal Copenhagen teasets sometime! I had scones at the Royal Copenhagen cafe 2 days ago and everything was a picture of dainty blue and white gorgeousness.

  12. Clara that's quite a jaunt to get to the Royal Copenhagen cafe...ahem
    I need to get to Copenhagen..not a bad idea at all come to think of it...
    I need to get to the FLEA PDQ and the repo caste place nearby for some stone arcitectural details...hmmmm

  13. I would gladly drink from that cup you painted my cafe creme and of course I will gladly eat that macaron!
    A large Eiffel Tower in your livingroom like that and no one would notice anything else!
    It will all come together!
    BTW... NEVER pay full price on fabric... there are deals ALL over of BIG name designers!

  14. I'm a big fan of this blue Eiffel Tower!

  15. Oh BTW. I forgot to mention how much I love your painting here. Your cups yesterday were wonderful too.

  16. Anonymous7:16 PM

    How about a blue and white checked drape with blue fringed trim, and painting your table white? I love the ideas you have and always prefer a room pulled together over time anyhow. I keep magazine clippings of my favorite rooms in clear sheet protectors and in black marker write on the page and circle the details of why I like the room. You like the plates, the teapot, french details...second hand shopping might do the trick. At least you can fill your place with GORGEOUS art.

    BTW The chair watercolor you sent is for the house we will buy when we sell this one. It will help inspire the living room. LOVE it.

  17. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I see no problem at all! Your living room is looking tres chic! I especially love it when people open books to pretty pages like yours. As for the things you passed up in WILL be returning, n'est ce pas?

  18. Oh My I adore your living room! It's Paris chic and beautiful. Blue and white, lace and comfiness....swoon.

  19. Anonymous11:46 PM

    i do love that water colour!

  20. Anonymous4:58 AM

    I have Cheryl MacLachlan's book - but it must be an earlier edition because the cover is very different. Or did she come out with a newer edition? The word "texture" is what I remember most, too.
    Love this post - I have a collection of all blue and white on my sideboard in the dining room.

  21. This is terrific!
    Just what I need..
    More inprogress posts to come.
    Big Merci!

  22. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Je viens de trouver votre blog et vos aquarelles de gateaux et tasses : un vrai régal !


  23. Oscar Wilde said, "I try to live up to my blue and white china."

    I like your light and airy living room.

  24. Anonymous11:00 AM

    La toile de Jouy... C'est Superbe !!! J'aaadooore !!!

  25. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I have the Roehm's gorgeous! Your living room is looking lovely. Maybe balance the blue and white with darker print pillows (more blue than white, tiny print)just like you balance a painting. I agree with Meredith on painting the table white, but I happen to love blue & white with black furniture, too. Love the Oscar Wilde quote from pieplate!

  26. Cute Carol. Good luck with your decorating.
    I have Bringing It Home France, I am going to go look at it again tonight.

  27. I'm anxiously awaiting Caroline's book..
    Can't wait and yes some darker patterns are a very good idea!
    Contrast is EVERYTHING

  28. Lovely - I just discovered your blog. Your cups are wonderful!

  29. LOVE blue and white...delph dishes, I used these old blue and white dishes that I bought at a garage sell until they were absolutely crumbling. I still miss those. I have old blue and white plates and tiles from Netherlands, along with blue and white ceramic coffee spoons. Blue and white all over the place as furniture, blue and white dishtowels, and the piece de resistance? I had a blue and white themed wedding.


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