Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boxed in...

One macaron box, original watercolor 5" x 7"

Have you been feeling "Boxed in" by the cold weather?

Two macaron boxes, original watercolor, sold 5" x 7"

Well I have...

It is blankety-blank&*%$ COLD here!!!!

Like 18 degrees + the dastardly wind chill factor?

In my little 10' x 12' Boxy studio, it's fairly toasty... But if I go out of the room,
My Friend in San Francisco, Annie, says all her windows ARE wide open!
It's like 80 degrees there! What?
Oh and don't you know we got SNOW today!
Another reason to stay inside my little Box...ahem
Speaking of Boxes...since the apartment was painted, you know how you get these urges to throw out a ton of stuff? Well the thousand or so Boxes of miniatures...quite a few Boxes have landed on the street, making some finder very happy I hope... Bye bye little Boxes! Course I did keep a few...
Oh and yesterday I finally ventured out of my box to mail a bunch of watercolors
(THANK YOU PB readers!!) at the post office.
Don't you know I left them home sitting on my chair!?
Naturally I only realized while on the subway that my bag was rather light.

Here's a couple of chocolate Parisien Boxes I wouldn't mind getting delivered..



  1. Some mornings you just make my day!
    These little boxed really warmed me up today..I wish I was there to rummage through the outcasts.

  2. a chilly thursday morning to you

    it isn't quite as cold here ...24 with a stiff breeze.

    the artichoke sounds yummy. i love them and used to indulge all the time in california. the ones we get here in virginia are usually dried out and not edible. though...i do attempt to try them yearly.

    have a wonderful thursday.

    I am so looking forward to my water colour:)

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Gawd I hear it's freezing in Paris and snowing there too!
    What is the world coming to?
    Just because it's winter...Hmmm

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    You think it's cold in NY? It is minus 9 in Chicago! The cold temperatures are combining with northwest winds to produce windchills of 25 degrees below zero to more than 40 below this morning.

    Tribune headline: Chicago Held Frostage 9 hours 52 minutes and 58 seconds since the temperature dropped to 0--and it will continue through Friday.



  5. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Hope it's just your macarons and not your state of mind :)
    You do boxes perfectly!

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    vous me donnez la nostalgie de NYC!!!
    j'adore les pizzas de chez artichoke

    vos boites sont magnifiques

  7. I love all these boxes of yours. And isn't that a great widget? It fits better on your sidebar than it does on mine. I'll have to fiddle with it.

  8. Did I mention that it is in the 80's here in L.A.?

  9. I saw on GMA how cold it is back there this morning. to cold for Moi. It's in the 30ies here. a vertual heat wave compared to there, but those red boxes with the red roses on them sure warmed me up. I hope you dont have to go out in it till it warms up more, or do you still have to mail out those paintings? I cant tell you how many times I have had to turn around and go back home for something I wanted to take with me. I would be hopeless in NY and the subway.

  10. Anonymous1:46 PM

    freezing here in toronto your blog and your paintings....want to order one soon.

  11. Anonymous2:34 PM

    It's 70 and sunny here in Houston. You're lucky though! You get snow--I would die for snow!--We might get like 1/4 inch ever few years---just lame!

  12. Anonymous3:31 PM

    You do a great job.

    I am constantly in awe of your creativity and range.

  13. I had to head in to work today and so I'm just seeing these, Carol. Love your "boxed in" post. You threw out all those little boxes? Incroyable. Sacre Bleu. It's supposed to get down to very low temps here too, tonight, but no snow, I suspect. We may have a toasty fire in the fireplace to feel warm. That's pretty funny you forgot your mail. Sounds like something I'd do. It might be old age, but I like to think it's just my brain is just juggling so much information, you know...I assume it's the same for you.

  14. Anonymous1:00 AM

    A lovely reading. Love all the boxes.

  15. Could those giant boxes delivered to your apartment have contained a Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth-like house? If so, please send that kind UPS man over to my address, should he attempt to deliver again! :-)

  16. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Today is very cold here. Icy, I should say... The kind of weather that keeps you home with all sorts of mugs and cups filled with hot beverages...

  17. I've been reading your gorgeous inspirational blog for a few weeks ~ I think your watercolours are beautiful and I aspire to owning one! Just this week my hubbie returned from Paris with a coveted little box from Laduree with a selection of mini macarons ~ what bliss and a perfect winter warmer with some tea in our freezing weather (UK. I know it's not as cold as some of you have, but the winter wonderland mornings here are a bit of a novelty! Happy painting...

  18. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Trop joli ce florilége de boites...

  19. Anonymous6:24 PM

    We have flown from 9 degrees F to 45! Overnight! With snow and ice! I, too, have been pitching "stuff" since I acquired a flat file and have been fitting it into my lair.
    Your dream means that you will meet a handsome stranger and he will be bearing big boxes....or you ate something that disagreed with you before bedtime. Take your pick.


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