Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MesVitrines NYC

Tea at Petrossian, original watercolor
Not many admit to 'doing windows', but that's exactly what Parisian Anne Conners does. Anne goes around NYC, analyzing, shooting the fashion windows for her blog, MesVitrinesNYC and for a French online fashion publication, Fashion- Addict

 Anne visited PB. After several blog visits back and forth we agreed to meet for tea. I suggested Petrossian Boutique, one of New York's Frenchiest cafs - 911 7th Avenue. We did not get Petrossian's caviar proudly displayed in the windows - it's sitting on faux diamonds not ice.Nor did I buy these lovely Petrossian cups for a still life. Quelle triste. Instead we go to their tiny tea salon and get tea for two. The staff sends us down to the front window to pick out desserts. Anne chose the gateau coulant au chocolat right.Miam miam! I'm passionate for anything passion fruit since gobbling Pierre Herme's divine passion fruit macarons so I get the passion tarte on the right.Competing desserts - an apple tarte.
A black berry thing.
Anne, ever the discerning Parisien, inspects her dessert.
Ah ha! Success!
Anne is happy.
She explains what a 'coulant' is with sloopy hand gestures.
I guess wildly - a ski slope? a hill? a valley?
Getting nowhere fast.
I found out today a gateau coulant au chocolat means MOLTEN CHOCOLATE!
You can find a nice recipe for it at La Tartines
The 'demise' of our desserts.
Anne, in true French fashion leaves 1/2 uneaten on her plate. I as usual leave my crust and scoop out the tart's innards...hmmm
Anne said when her Parisien friends come to NYC, they HAVE to go to Magnolia Bakery! They're just as in love with Cary and Sex in The City as we are. *Please visit Anne Corrons' blog, MesVitrines NYC  to see how Anne makes NYC windows look just like Paris windows. You'll never get lost in tranlation at chez Anne.


a toi rose society said...

Thank God you are back!!! I was in withdrawal and it was very painful.
Another beautiful post. I will be sure to visit your friend's blog.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I am drooling over that chocolate molten what ever Anne is eating. How could she leave even one bite behind on her plate?!!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Ohhh La LA...which to choose which to choose....I am partial the the creme brulee, no the blackberries, no the apples, no the coulant>...Mon dieu, see what you have done??!!!! I AM lost in translation...need to say YUMMMMMMM in a zillion global languages. :)
All best, Jan

A Brush with Color said...

Great photos of those desserts, Carol! You'll be able to paint up a storm with those one day. They looked very rich. I always like those molten chocolate desserts, but I like 'em with ice cream, too.

Parisbreakfasts said...

The French translation for YUM = MIAM!
Thanks for reminding me.
I made myself so hungry doing this post I've been decimating my chocolate friture stash :(

Anonymous said...

Even though I had just finished a bag of Cadbury mini eggs for breakfast, you made my mouth water! ?
Lovely! ?
Mille Fois!

Anonymous said...


I´m mexican, and i love your blog. It´s really like been in Paris. I has over a year watching your Paris... but finally i´m going to France... well, i´m going to Spain but also to Paris 3 days.
And i want to ask you were can i buy the best macaron? and i want to buy antique close... i don´t know...
What do you recommend to me?

thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!

I've been having a wonderful time each morning watching your colourful adventures!
I absolutely love your art & commentary and it makes me feel like I'm not trapped at my desk working all day on Long Island.

Anne Corrons said...

Thanks Carol, it was nice to meet you. You do an amazing job with your paintings about French desserts.

cd&m said...

I don't know how the French mamge to do that, only eat half, I'm far too Anglo Saxon and always have to gobble the lot!

Anonymous said...

Luscious desserts - irresistable just looking at them...
Really a touch of Paris in New York.
I'll visit next trip.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...if I left 1/2 of everything on my plate...There's be just /2 of me!
NOt a snowball's chance in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Pierre Herme's passion fruit macarons are maybe one of the best things in the world!
Are you going to paint them any time soon?
I'm waiting with bated breath..

Anonymous said...

Dessert for breakfast again
Merci beaucoup!
I was missing my sugar attack

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I ate fondant cake my friend made for me right before we left France (2 weeks ago)...ate until I got ill. I was soooo sick. But this photo of yours has revived my craving and I'm gonna get a recipe and make my own! (Oh how I wish we had a shop that made them though.)

Anonymous said...

Petrossian Boutique is my new favorite cafe in NYC? I'm sure I said it before.
I've told everyone else.
I love, love, love, their Ceylan tea and I'm mad for their pear tart.
Anne is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Once again I'll sing your your site!!
A daily joy!!

Anonymous said...

I've never told you this before, but I'm really not much of a Francophile. It's true! I'm sure they are lovely and stylish but my true leanings are much more toward the British....probably the gardening, the understated humor, the bad weather, the cozy mysteries. I took 3 years of French, in another lifetime, when I was young, but still... French things don't naturally make my heart beat faster. In fact, I have often wondered why I am so besotted by your posts. Anyway, today's post has finally enlightened me: I cannot be a Francophile because I would no more leave a crumb on my plate than I would dine naked in a restaurant! Quelle horreur!
However, I intend to keep enjoying your posts because you curate the French in such a way as to make all things French irresistable!

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot: we are on the same page about passionfruit. I got started when I had my European style drinking chocolate (read: melted cnady bar!) with home made passion fruit marshmallows---MIAM!!

Mama Mia said...

All of those cakes look amazing. Im jealous!

Di Overton said...

I want each and every cake in these pictures.

Lori Lynn said...

Darling post!

I am lusting after those Petrossian striped cups...

Anonymous said...

awww, i saw the pictures of the pastries and remind me so bad of Paris...
well, if you want to get a new different tea with the most amazing pastries in nez york,you should try Tavalon teas which is all over new york, bloomindale for example..